Introducing my first bnha oc WATER WEIGHT!!! here is the blurb I wrote about her:

“villain oc! her name is water weight. her quirk involves manipulation of water in people’s bodies, including her own. she can take water out or put water in, either dehydrating them or overloading them. she can cause death either way but generally refuses to do so. she sticks to petty theft and some mugging. she mostly just loves to dress up. behind her villainy she’s a trans femme genderqueer drag queen who wanted more attention than she was getting at her shows, and who is huge into social justice and the media hasnt put it together yet but most of the people she attacks have committed hate crimes, endorsed hate speech and homophobic/transphobic/etc policies and shit like that. shes not actually THAT evil but heroes piss her off because while they fight for peace in general theyre usually complacent and not active in the issues she feels are important. she self-identifies as a villain because she’s sick of being outed for various aspects of her identity when really its more vigilante justice. im considering that maybe she falls deeper into villainy the longer she does it.”

today a boy in my anatomy class was wearing a valentine shirt and i went to comment on it but it’s our first period so i wasn’t full awake yet & only processed that it was skullgirls and went to say “oh youre wearing a skullgirls shirt” but i got it halfway thru and it came out more like “oh youre wearing a shut the fuck up” and he started laughing @ me. happy valentines day kids