i actually asked for requests because if i just drew my own faves sakura would be first and i was scared to mess her up but then she was the first two suggestions so I TRIED. i haven’t touched my tablet in two weeks oh man

HEY!!! WE NEED YOUR HELP (or we’d appreciate it, at least)

my partner dama @damedanbo is in a pretty common situation to hear about on tumblr–young adult with unhealthy home dynamics, mental illness and trauma, just a tad bit of student debt. you know, all that terrible relatable millennial stuff.

but we want to change that! they currently live in montana but we’d both like for them to move down to florida near me. i already have a student housing contract in place that my uncle is taking care of while im in school, so we need to get dama a separate place, and theres some cheap, nicelooking apartments near my apartment complex. but student debt makes that kind of hard! they have a job where they are now and we’re looking to get a job secured for them down here when they move, but any little bit is awesome.


my paypal email is and i’ll be collecting funds for this move. you’re free to donate any amount you want and if you send me an email/message i can offer you at least a doodle (MY ART), but also, i have a STORE with prints, buttons, stickers, and plushies, and 50% of all of my profits there for the next several months will go towards dama’s cause. i offer COMMISSIONS and MATH TUTORING and 75% of those profits will go towards dama’s cause as well. i’d do 100% but i need to make money to keep my business going, too!

OUR MOVE-IN GOAL IS SUMMER 2016, probably sometime in late may or june.

naturally money will still be TOTALLY accepted after this point, but thats the point at which we aim to have dama down here, so the big thing right now is getting money to put down for the rent, pay for the plane ticket and other moving expenses, etc!

please consider donating, buying or at least passing this post along. thank you!