ghostfields666  asked:

Do you know any good vegan Mac and cheese brands or recipes? I have the worst of luck every time I've gotten them.

Everyone is going crazy over Earth Balance’s boxed mac n cheese, I wanna try it so bad. It’s really new and I guess its just at Whole Foods? You can get it online too. Amy’s makes microwavable mac n cheese thats super good (which is soy and gluten free). She uses daiya, so you can easily make your own, here’s a video. You can also completely avoid vegan cheeses and make your own, just google homemade vegan mac n cheese, usually nut based. c: good luck.

ghostfields666  asked:

Your blog is fab. If it wasn't for you I wouldn't have made so many pastries for Xmas this year, I also made such an amazing birthday cake for myself today. So thanks, I always have a hard time finding good vegan recipes online. Your great and I hope your holiday is awesome <3 :)

Aw i’m so glad it helps c: Hope your holiday is lovely too. :3