GFK Camay/Daytona 500 single. Not only are the instrumentals ill on this, but the radio edits for WU-Tang records are sick because RZA used Kung fu sound effects instead of just bleeping out foul language. #ghostfacekilla #morning_music

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Killa lipstick my femme fatale with the biscuits
A hit chick , now I’m number one on her hitlist
She killin the game, cause she’s the business
Type of chick that you love to death, then leave no witness
Killa, I call you killa cause you slay me
Killa you drive me crazy, let’s go half on this baby
Killa lipstick k-k-killa


old edit i made from summer 2011 and kept on a private link.. this footage b so old that i can leak it now doe