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I watched Whip It the other day and I really wanted to draw a badass roller derby girl, somehow it turned into Ghostbusters fanart?

I tried to come up with derby names for each of them but I’m bad at puns so if you have any suggestions send them my way! I was thinking Abby’s should have something to do with soup, but that’s as far as I got.

YouTuber Inspired Outfit Week!

Hello! This week I’m inspiring my outfits on YouTubers! Here’s my plan.
Monday:Wiishu (Black sweater,Grey Beanie,Braided hair and Jeans)
Tuesday:Mark (Any shirt,Red Plaid Sweater,Any Pants)
Wednesday:Amy (Grey sweatpants,grey button up sweater*unbuttoned* and Ghostbusters shirt) Thursday:Jack (will update Later)
Friday:Myself. (Fridays are Me times XD)

((Mun Fact: When I wear my Ghostbusters shirt, I become invincible. Nothing can stop me, not rain or snow or dark of night, or even writer’s block.

I got this shirt on sale when my itty bitty 18 year-old self was obsessed with The Real Ghostbusters. Since there wasn’t merchandise of that available, I got the next best thing. It’s a men’s shirt and it’s hella comfortable.))

Why can’t I stop drawing these dorks?

I have this little headcannon that Harry has a tendency to not listen to Draco carefully when its early morning and the git is both naked and bloody gorgeous. Unfortunately this is the time Draco chooses to bring up family dinner arrangements and elite social events. Harry just nods, blushes and carries on his lustful way. Much to his surprise three weeks later, a portkey lands on his Auror desk with a single note from Draco and he’s whisked to the fanciest dinner this side of Diagon Alley dressed still in his uniform robes and a Ghostbuster T-shirt. Confounded and embarrassed at the sight of his fiancée, dressed head to toe in embroidered black velvet, he hastily makes his escape. Draco runs and catches him before he can apparate and takes him aside.

“Harry it’s OK; no one will judge you, they’re not the fashion police. You can borrow one of mine.” Draco offers holding him firmly.
“But you said nothing about formal robes!! Look at you! And don’t you dare call that casual to persuade me otherwise!” Harry hissed angrily pointing at his partner’s clothes.
“It is- alright fine! I’ve had this outfit planned for months - the beadwork alone took weeks - but that’s not the point! Harry, you’re handsome as you are and it’s plain as day to see. You look hot and rugged.” Draco purred pressing a kiss to Harry’s brow.
“And that’s totally appropriate for a Pureblood dinner party?” He asked dubiously.
“It is for our Engagement Celebration. Just… Listen carefully next time OK?” Draco cringed taking hold of his significant other’s hand. Harry smiled finally and smirked, “OK. Now let’s make this REALLY awkward and memorable! Dibs on using the wrong fork during the fish course.”
“Lord Merlin help me…” Draco cursed quietly before leading the escapee guest of honour back into the manor.

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