MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE OR WHATEVER IN THE WORLD YOU CELEBRATE!! HAPPY HANUKKAH, RAMADAN, YULE OR NOTHING. I just hope you all have a great day and spread happiness and joy to others around you.

Alright, I guess I should get started on this. This whole year was a big one for me. A complete 180 for me– most of you don’t know but I’ve been in day treatment for my anxiety and depression back in late 2012 and all the way to September of ‘13. I had to struggle with going through my last year of high school to graduate and try not to go back down where I was the year before. This whole year of 2014 could not have gone better in my opinion. I’ve accomplished so much that I’ve never thought of in the whole year by myself. I don’t want to talk too much about this but I’ll talk if anyone is curious. Anyways, onto the blogs of the year that I look at and go aye, u cool B) 

*in no specific order*  yoloconswagmy-cat-is-emocutelucassexual-gerard-wayrockandrollhighschooollikeyouredimaggioxkaittdamnpanicatthediscocyanideskyesmilliondaisesyakuoujicantstopdemilittlecheechbussykillerwanderinq-teencompleteflummerythorthousand1ondulacoesstalking-band-memberstoxicdemiztylerjosephinekilljoypewdsmaster-ofthewickethtml-wingsvodkacupcakesbitchbotkaijuszugerardwayjacketslutbrendonandthediamondsbullshit-timethepartyurlsinispersistentbrendonsmirkedatmesweatypatrickstumpfolieafuckoffunsingleboldbruiseskeep-thr0wing-paintdumbkawaiijesusershveringlonelyheartsclubxcxghostbucketellemightyionlyfollowbadblogsbiblesluthighinmiamispacebagelschipotusyukihirab-leachedscum-souldraftypunkyaoiaddictedpizzaswagbenadictwhatsacanadarecoverykittyloserslolyouphoriascatcusqueenvodka-blursdefend-punk-rocktaecutieferalblondebrenodnurietatehorrorannemarinaunlesstheylistentonickelback2badchromatic-happinessparalinguisticthisisnotryanrossradicalteenmegannailsdoeyedstylesjack-barabangmepenile-euphoriaa-dream-of-a-dreamfalling–heartklefableaudreylaundrysweetcursemyscriptisahorcruxversalllespotato-totsallhalelucybeingmexicanlikeyeahkawaii-muthafuqqarockonbabyvodkaisnicemorggasm •  and if i missed anyone, check out my blogroll

i wanted to post a picture of me and the poem “6-28-13” because it’s been almost 7 months and people are still giving me shit about it not being mine. i hate seeming like a self-centered douche for this but it’s annoying as fuck when people tell me this isn’t my poem. do some research before you assume anything. thank you to the hundreds of messages of support and praise i really appreciate all of you for taking the time to read my material. i love each and every one of my followers and those who have been helped by this poem.