{If that’s the case you should use my voice!}

{“How annoying to the ear…”}                           {“How cruel the voice is…”}

                                             {They may say.}

{It can surely become your strength…}                     {So try making me sing!}

                       {With your words and your words alone.}

—> ghostboydio

–> rinny-02

–> ia-vocaloid-3

{ღ}~“Hi there!” Miku smiled.

ghostboydio has started following you


Garry cast his gaze around. He was surrounded by trees at the left. A vast, grassy plain stretched out at his right. In front of him, the path forked and winded and led to a place that who knows where.

It was almost evening, and he was utterly and completely lost.

I just want to go home…

This was another silly prank for sure. Who was it that told him there was a coffee shop which sold really tasty macaroons over at this area? And why was he dumb enough to believe it? This place, for all he knew (according to the rumors, at least), was formerly the property of some rich young physician named Drever or Drevis or something to that effect, and a tragedy occurred, causing the entire manor along with its residents to burn down to ashes.

The thought of fire made him shiver. It triggered some unwanted memories to play back inside his head. He lowered his eyes and sighed.

Something glimmered in front of him. He looked up and saw something faded, but it was clear enough to make out the image of feet wearing a pair of tattered shoes, and short legs, like that of a child. He thought it was some sort of mirage, or that he was imagining things, but upon closer examination, it was actually…

A boy. A human boy.

And Garry’s gaze could pass right through him as if he was something immaterial. As if he was made of air.

Too stunned to say anything, he stared at the boy in disbelief. He suppressed a bloodcurling scream.