Figured I’d get around to posting some costume pics from last year. I made a Lynne costume from Ghost Trick, which was the biggest wig project I’ve ever attempted. I followed exeliax’s tutorial on DeviantArt, and tweaked a few things in accordance with what supplies I had.

The whole costume took me about 4 months to put together. I’ll need to take more pictures with it next time I take it to a con (probably DragonCon this year). 

Also the wig surprisingly didn’t give me a headache. It’s heavy, but not very noticeable when wearing it.

Requested by @needlekind! I didn’t really take many progress shots but I took a few, here is the story of my lynne wig: 

I bought a wig and matching wefts in the same colour from Epiccosplay, craft foam from an art store and heaps of pva glue. I also used some sturdy wire and a headband. 

First I cut out 6 pieces of foam and sewed them together to make the 3 pieces of lynne’s ponytail, leaving them open at the bottom. I did this so that I could then slot something inside them to keep the ponytail up. I picked a colour that matched the hair so you wouldn’t see it through the gaps. 

In this pic you can hardly see the stitches due to the vibrant colours. 

I then slowly started gluing hair down onto each piece with PVA glue. Do this slowly and in layers or you’ll end up with clumpy gross hair. Smooth the pva down along the grain of the hair with your fingers, and just do 1 side at a time and wait for everything to dry. 

When that was done I cut off the excess hair at the bottom and finished it with a bit more glue so it wouldn’t fray. I then stitched the pieces together AND hot glued them to make the cock’s comb shape. Then I hot glued on some white craft foam to be the hair clip thing.

To hold it up I built this very haphazard sort of base thing. I took a headband, wrapped some wire around it, wrapped some duct tape around that, and tada. Basically the idea was to create a base that would balance the ponytail a bit and give it something to sit on. Ultimately I wore this frame under the wig with 1 vertical bit of wire poking out between the gaps in the wig cap. Then, I slid the ponytail onto that. (probably not the best way to build the frame, it wasn’t super balanced and I had to keep adjusting it on the day). I tried to make kind of a T shape coming off the headband so there was a bit of a second headband shape at the back of my head. 

This was taken after the fact so enjoy all the bits of hair stuck in the duct tape

Poke the wire through the gap in the wig

Slide the ponytail onto the wire


It pretty much worked!! I hope this helps!


- - Sissel - Full Test + Bonus dumb expressions - -

(Click on the pics to see captions) So yeah Expo is in a couple of weeks and I decided to make the jacket (minus buttons) in one day. I dunno man I just got all motivated and then yeah. DOES IT LOOK OK THOUGH I MEAN??? Opinions would be nice (if ur mean i’ll kick u) The expressions were just me trying to mimic game sissel (…and then Yomiel IDK where he came from) for fun, and for practice for the shoot at expo we’re doing!

- - Sissel Test #1 - -

It’s 4am and I really have no idea what I’m doing any more but I just felt like cosplaying?? Anyway at this October Expo we have a GT group and I’m gonna do gijinka Sissel. This was more to test if the wig I have would style up how I wanted and yes it kinda does, but I’ll get a different one as the ears aren’t quite as thick as I want them to be. Also not the jacket I’m using, I’m making the whole thing from scratch closer to the time. This is my terribly drawn design if you were interested!

Also I pulled some derpy faces because Yomiel!Sissel pulls some hella dumb faces so I figure Cat!Sissel would be the same? Idk ;;