- -  Sissel take #2 - -

New wig new wig! Ahh it was so nice and easy to style too! Can’t wait to actually start working on the cosplay itself uwu

Startin’ from the top left:

> Smiley neko
> Not sure what to think neko
> Gettin’ real tired of ur shit Yomiel 
> These look better on me anyway

Ok and under the read more I’ve attached pics of the wig when I first got it and what it looks like on a stand if you’re interested! Gomen the images are dif sizes I screwed up.

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I found this in the gallerie of the “Le Métro” journal by the photographe Yves Provencher.
You can see other photos of the con here:

I had so much fun on Sunday, I wanted to share IMMEDIATELY a photo (and I had promised it too XP)
So this is my Ghost Trick cosplay group. We were overwhelmingly popular. I love love love the result too, I’m so glad I finally permitted myself to do this.
And also doing it with such awesome cosplayers!

On my left is my friend Andrew Boudreault and on my right, great cosplayer and my wig teacher CelticSakura. (


- - Sissel - Full Test + Bonus dumb expressions - -

(Click on the pics to see captions) So yeah Expo is in a couple of weeks and I decided to make the jacket (minus buttons) in one day. I dunno man I just got all motivated and then yeah. DOES IT LOOK OK THOUGH I MEAN??? Opinions would be nice (if ur mean i’ll kick u) The expressions were just me trying to mimic game sissel (…and then Yomiel IDK where he came from) for fun, and for practice for the shoot at expo we’re doing!