“A Christmas Carol” poster for my illustration class. I wanted to take an entirely different spin on it! I’ve grown so attached to Ebe; he’s so small and adorable but also fluent in trash-talk. I’ve grown to love the Ghosts as well. Past is unapologetic and will say what needs to be said to Ebe’s face, which is why he hates her the most. Present is super fun and cheerful and only wants what’s best for Ebe… doesn’t want him to waste his life, and it makes him sad when Ebe doesn’t listen. Future (my fav out of the three) scares Ebe the most (understandably). Future has witnessed death after death, so naturally he is extremely objective and has no problem telling Ebe flat out what’ll happen to him if he doesn’t straighten up.

Perhaps… I’ll do more with these four in the future…

nervouspearl  asked:

top 3 alternative endings to BSG?

3.  Baltar wakes up in a cold sweat.  The Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present, and Future (who all look strangely like his ex-girlfriend) have all vanished, and he is back in his own bed.  There is no apocalypse, no Cylons, no future farm.  He is almost…disappointed.  

He picks up the phone.  (It’s five am on Christmas morning, but baby steps, people.)  “Felix, I’ve changed my mind,” he tells his sleepy assistant.  “You can have the holiday off after all.  I’m going to go bring a turkey to my father in the nursing home.”

And maybe…maybe a groveling apology to Caprica is in order.  (His subconscious did name an entire fictional planet after her, after all.)

2.  They land on Earth II.  “We can give them the best of us,” Lee says, except they can’t seem to communicate with the people there.  They look right through them…it’s like they’re not even there…

It takes Bill and Laura the longest to accept that by the time the war started, they were already dead.

1.  Earth II has no humans, but is entirely populated by puppies.  All of this has happened before and all of it will happen again except it won’t, because why would puppies build robots?  Why would the Cylons rise up against puppies?  They wouldn’t.   

Just a random 'Mickey's Christmas Carol' post

To wish you all HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

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What is your favorite David Tennant role?

[ Ghostbusters theme plays in the background ]