‘The Island of Madness’

Poveglia Island is one of many island in the lagoons of Venice, Italy but instead of being a place of beauty, the island is a festering blemish in the shimmering sea and is not only regarded as one of the most haunted locations on the planet, but also one of the most evil places in the world.  Today no one visits save to harvest the vineyards. Fishermen even steer clear of the island for fear that they will catch human bones in their nets.

As the plague tightened its grip, the population began to panic and those residents showing the slightest sign of sickness were taken from their homes and to the island of Poveglia kicking and screaming and pleading. They were thrown onto piles of rotting corpses and set ablaze.  Men, women, children… all left to die in agony. It’s estimated that the tiny island saw as many as 160,000 bodies during this time.

As if the story was not disturbing enough, it gets worse. In 1922 the island became home to a psychiatric hospital complete with a large and very impressive bell tower. The patients of this hospital immediately began to report that they would see ghosts of plague victims on the island and that they would be kept up at night hearing the tortured wails of the suffering spirits. Because they were already considered mad by the hospital staff, these complaints were largely ignored.

To add to the anguish of the poor souls populating this island hospital, one doctor there decided to make a name for himself by experimenting on his subjects all to find a cure for insanity. Lobotomies were performed on his pitiable patients using crude tools like hand drills, chisels, and hammers. Those patients and even the ones who were not privy to the doctor’s special attentions were taken to the bell tower where they were tortured and subjected to a number of inhumane horrors. 


The Dark Truth About The Scooby Doo Universe

Yes this is a serious thought that I want to share.
I think I figured out something pretty cool about the scooby doo universe.

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I work on Bald Head Island and have heard countless stories of our store being haunted by a ghost named Theodosia. I was asking around today and Walt told me the story of the woman that was taken captive by pirates and escaped only to eventually die on our island, and had a bed & breakfast, which is no longer open, named for her. When I listened to Hamilton the first time and did more research on Theodosia Burr, I jokingly said it would be crazy if our Theodosia was the daughter of Aaron Burr that was lost at sea and never seen again. However, it’s not really a joke anymore. Our Theodosia is probably the ghost of Theodosia Burr. I’m screaming, both in fear and excitement.


Check out this awesome Cardboard Ghost Ship! Three crafty friends named Josh, Mikey and Joel created this haunted vessel for a Treasure Island-themed Halloween party. It was constructed over the course of only 5 days using nothing but box cutters, hot glue, and lot and lots of cardboard boxes that they’d been collecting for ages. The life-size cardboard ship features a fantastically frightful skeletal figurehead, torches, windows, and portholes.

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Hashima ‘Ghost’ Island - Leaving it all behind…

- Abandoned Places

“At one time Hashima Island was described as the most densely populated place in the world. Now it is completely empty, the buildings starting to tumble as nature takes the island back for her own…”

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Images of an abandoned fishing village slowly being reclaimed by nature on Shengshan Island, which is part of Shengsi 嵊泗列島, an archipelago of nearly 400 islands at the mouth of the Yangtze River. Taken by Shanghai-based amateur photographer Qing Jian during a recent trip. 

This seaside ghost town, enveloped by creeping vines and other flora, was abandoned after its residents, mostly fishermen left in the 1990s, as it was more economical for them to move and work on the mainland. The Shengsi Islands are a popular tourist destination and is still an important fishery area that attracts more than 100 000 fishermen every winter. 

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