The Dark Truth About The Scooby Doo Universe

Yes this is a serious thought that I want to share.
I think I figured out something pretty cool about the scooby doo universe.

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a soft place to land - a mix of gentle showtunes to chill out and relax to

i can’t wait - bright star // i don’t need a roof - big fish // all about her - lift // another part of me - lizard boy: a new musical // hero and leander - myths and hymns // what about love? - the color purple // on the willows - godspell // love song - pippin // portrait of a girl - bare: a pop opera // the next ten minutes - the last five years // give way - dogfight // the secret of happiness - daddy long legs // another life - the bridges of madison county // the human heart - once on this island // prayer - ghost quartet // the crying scene - murder ballad // you’ve got a friend - beautiful: the carole king musical // the guilty ones - spring awakening // gold (a capella) - once: a new musical // a soft place to land - waitress //



And now for the stuff that *really* matters. We had some of your favorite musicians tell us all about the issues that are super-important to them. Don’t miss this.

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Spirit .


The Courtyard of Ghosts is a secret place on Vasilievsky Island. The city legends say that somebody from the Roerich family lived here. His name was buried in oblivion because he was an alchemist. They say that this courtyard has become the prison for the restless souls of the people whom the Black Magician stole in his sacred experiments.

The decision to spend a night at this place came into my mind just on the eve of Halloween. I haven’t become a ghost but just let my spirit fly a little bit and then the body and the soul became unite again. 

The place itself is amazing, there are the cabala signs and verses of Brodskiy on the walls. The time has stopped at this place. The 19th, the 20th and the 21st centuries made a strange mixture and construct the sacred atmosphere. The best way to keep your rational mind and your soul is to take with you a bottle of wine and some irony. 

I adore this city for the chance to make a discoveries like that. 

Happy Halloween!!

With all my heart i wish you love and peace. 

the right girl - the men of broadway singing about the women they’ve fallen in and out of love with

shiksa goddess - the last five years // what do i need with love - thoroughly modern millie // someone is waiting - company // bonnie - bonnie and clyde // the right girl - follies // what is it about her? - the wild party // how it ends - big fish // il mondo era vuoto - the light in the piazza // easy to love anything goes // some girls - once on this island // her voice - the little mermaid // your eyes - rent // i’ve been - next to normal // thank god she’s blind - the toxic avenger // unchained melody - ghost the musical // it all fades away - the bridges of madison county 


❛You take draws to sort your head facedown.❜
❛Don’t call it a fight when you know it’s a war. ❜
❛You’ve got pretty eyes, but I know you’re wrong.❜
❛If you wanna find love then you know where the city is.❜
❛Community service was the best job he ever had.❜
❛I swear there’s a ghost on this island.❜
❛How can I relate to somebody who doesn’t speak?❜  
❛I love you all too much.❜
❛As she mistakes my name I see the light come around.❜
❛Strange as it seems I’m bursting at the seams.❜
❛All we seem to do is talk about sex.❜
❛Does he take care of you or could I easily fill his shoes?❜  
❛You’re alive, at least as far as I can tell you are.❜
❛Now I call it a split ‘cause I know that you will.❜
❛We go where nobody knows, we got guns hidden under our petticoats.❜  
❛No, we’re never gonna quit it.❜
❛I nearly killed somebody.❜
❛I’m sorry that your dad’s dead.❜
❛I think I’ve lost a lot of my friends.❜
❛I can’t exist within my own head.❜
❛Why don’t you take your heart out, instead of living in your head?❜
❛God only knows but you’ll never leave her.❜
❛Now if you never shoot, you’ll never know.❜
❛I’ll shoot him if it’s what you ask.❜  
❛Oh stop being an arsehole and counting my eye rolls.❜
❛Speaking like I’m bigger than my body.❜
❛My irregular heart beat is starting to compact itself.❜
❛Would that make it stop if I told you I need you?❜
❛You’re intertwining your soul with somebody else.❜
❛This ain’t the last time that I’ll see your face.❜
❛I know when you’re around cause I know the sound of your heart.❜


Ghost Island, abandoned since 1974

During the industrial revolution in Japan, the Mitsubishi company built this remote island civilization around large coal deposits in theNagasaki islands. The island is home to some of Japan’s first high rise concrete buildings, and for almost a century, mining thrived on the island.

Today, a post-apocalyptic vibe haunts the abandoned island and the dilapidated towers and empty streets exist in a creepy industrial silence. In 2009, the island opened to tourists, so now you can take a trip to explore the Ghost Island’s abandoned movie theaters, apartment towers, and shops.