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If you were a Pokemon Gym Leader, what type would you be and what Pokemon would you like to use?

I don’t think there are any Ghost type gym leaders, but if there are, then I’d be one of them. If not, I’d be first one :p. I would use my favorite, Chandelure, as well as, Drifloon, Frillish, Cofagrigus, Froslass, and Mimikyu!!!


Gym Leader/E4 Tag GO! You may pick one Pokemon that is not of the same type  (tagged by @barachoman )

I love my ghosties too much. Honestly I would totally have a shiny Gourgeist just to keep the color scheme the same. Gardevoir because obviously I need to include my fave in the team.

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A long time ago, I made a cheap HG/SS Gym Leader Morty cosplay. I’m still weirdly proud of it and oddly enough, I think I pull it off better now than I did before.

It was really fun making the scarf, but I was lucky I had all the stuff I needed to do it without spending ALOT of money on it.