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Ice Heist, a mini comic that I made last year has been published by Uncivilized books and print copies are available on their website.

It’s about some bank robbing ghosts, you know, cool stuff.

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Is kind of funny find the image of the "moái" and people called Easter island heads (all my life I hear like Moái xD), but if you want to know "moái means sculture" in rapanui, the language of the Easter Island :P. Someday I want visit the island, but even if I'm close is not easy travel to there. by the way, you like the paranormal and archeology, something more? :B

I think reason I love the paranormal is because of my love for acheology. My entire life all I wanted to be was an archeologist and dig in the dirt for ancient artifacts. The paranormal in a way is history because it, once was, it delves into the past also. This ask reminds of a dream I had last night. I never remember my dreams, but, this one was so I awesome. Also it really has nothing to do with this ask, but, here goes;

I was at this run down old ghost town, and somehow faithfulwhispers was there too(how you get in my were having a blast digging through old junk in the run down buildings. You know like the dudes from “American Pickers” I really love those guys, anyway, I was having so much fun at this creepy old ghost town that I woke myself up yelling “I WANT TO BUY A GHOST TOWN”. It was so weird and I woke up in the best mood.

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My brain is a strange catacomb of weird thoughts.

An Inventory of the Vriskas

Wait okay so… 

1.) (Vriska) is the vriska who, in the original scourge sisters showdown, flew off to fight jack and was killed by him… 

2.) The vriska who was instead stabbed by Terezi was the one who led the original pirate ghost quest and made the “you don’t have to be a good person” speech… and 

3.) The Vriska who’s currently alive is also that second one, but she never did any of that ghost stuff because she never died? But there’s no separate still-stabbed Vriska 2 still running around out there because she was retconned totally out of existence

DESPIRITED. the writer of the all-new ghost rider/ghost racers reblogged my stuff today. 

         [calls marvel] yes hello its me, i understand ive just been hired, yes? ye sure i’ll hold



Hey guys! I have a headcanon that I’d like to share with you here. For I main a unicorn character, I just love creating more and more headcanons for them. Here’s this one: aura ghosts.

What are aura ghosts? Well, the answer is simple; these ghosts are basically the personification (or materialization) of the unicorn’s magic. Moreover, they are the actual reflection of the unicorn’s soul, or true self (mostly in the case of unicorns whose true selves are hidden deep inside of them). 

Their appearance is very similar to their owners’ one. Other details (e.g. mane, clothing, etc.) depend on how powerful the unicorn’s magic is and they also depend on the unicorn’s kind. 

Here’s an example: Dandelion is Golden Pen’s ghost. Her magic is very powerful so her ghost is goddess-like. Inside, she’s very mild, caring and wise.

The gems are freshly added things, they can be ommitted, though. They are mainly here to represent the unicorn’s magic aura with their colours.

These ghosts hardly ever show up, although unicorns can call out them to help them out, but it happens like… once or twice in their lifetimes. They only show up by themselves when it’s a severe emergency (like they’re about to die in a fight or something like that).

Some unicorns do not know that they’ve got aura ghosts inside of them. They only get known of them when they first see them; also, as soon as they see them they know their names.

Also, their names can be anything, but flower names are preferred. 

About the eyes: aura ghosts have longer eyelashes, huge irises, no pupils, and a very light gradient in the eyes. The colour is optional, it can be the same as the unicorn’s one, but it also can be completely different.

And basically… that’s all. Other details might be added later. Feel free to create your own aura ghost if you want to.

“‘little ball of light’? are you fucking kidding me? please tell me hermione punches him.”
“let me read, buck”

everyone wants to see bucky in soft things and cuddled, and who am i to deny what we are so rightfully owed

kind of a part one

starwytch asked: do steve and bucky in c5 and d1, respectively, or just steve in c5, or just steve at all (of this meme)

what’s going on in this picture??? did bucky get his hair cut???? did he pet a dog???? did he only shoot out someone’s knee when he could’ve gotten a head shot??????? who knows


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Noah Czerny: before //after

I was…more…when I was alive

You’re enough now


Hey everyone, here is some art I’ve made for a game admungdev and I will be releasing this summer. It’s called TossQuest, and is centered around catching stuff and throwing it!

In the image, the first 2 rows are a few of the enemies you can encounter. The 3rd row shows you, the player! There will be a few different skins you can use. Finally, the last 2 rows are a bunch of weapons!


It’s been so long, I’ve been out of my body with you
I feel alone, feel at home, feel like nothing is true
You took me to a place where my senses gave way
Turn it round, shut it down, what the people say
Climbing up, killin’ time, let ‘em give you some
Take my hand and let it come, let it come, let it

© Deadmau5 - Ghosts 'n’ Stuff