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Have you checked One Of a Kind? I believe that’s the episode where the Box Ghost launches a box of stuff at Danny that’s from somewhere like that.

YES!!! Arlington Heights. That’s what it was. Thank you and bless your soul. This has been driving me nuts all day.

So yeah, the fact that there are boxes that belonged to a man from Illinois at the docks near Amity Park could be a point for Amity Park being in Illinois. It could also just mean this confirms they’re by the Great Lakes, though. These belongings could’ve been stored here by the docks after he moved from Arlington Heights to Amity Park. Either explanation works. I’m just so glad I finally laid this mystery to rest.

Ghost Adventures Starters
  • "I hate the basement. I'm just putting that out there."
  • "I've come a long way to talk to you because I think you're a piece of crap."
  • "Is this spirit being a smartass?"
  • "You look great for being... not alive."
  • "Ghosts don't even like me."
  • "It's cold, it's dark, and it's exciting as hell!"
  • "Are you banging your head on the wall?"
  • "Something is up here, gathering all the power it can."
  • "If this is the portal of hell, why don't you come up out of that ground and get us?"
  • "Here I am in the sugar shack!"
  • "I hope you can hear me up there in the damned attic!"
  • "I can't wait to get locked in here."
  • "Dude, he's kinda creeping me out. No joke."
  • "Have you ever heard of those guys who wear jackets when it's really, really hot out?"
  • "I can't believe they left me out here, all by myself, with this music playing."
  • "Wait, am I standing on his grave?"
  • "I have respect for all spirits... except for you."
  • "I just wanna see where the massacre took place."
  • "This right here is like putting holy water on a demon."
  • "I'm just pumped! Are you guys pumped?"
  • "I smell beautiful."
  • "Do you see that? Because I can't, either."
  • "You have reached your final desination. Hell."
  • "This is tougher than it looks on tv, trust me."
  • "This is beyond dangerous. I don't recommend anybody do this."
  • "It was probably the most dangerous, craziest thing we've ever done."
  • "Hey, we're just lost. We need a place to stay."
  • "Thank you for knocking."
  • "I've got a teddy bear for you!"
  • "Were you stabbed in this room, Sir?"

eat shit khadgar

  1. goroth // shooting stars - bag raiders
    let’s play the game, “how many bosses have abilites whose names are interchangeable and will inevitably get mixed up, destroying the raid
  2. harjatan // booty under the sea - TDRloid
    why the queen was fond of him I’ll never know ;)
  3. mistress sassz'ine // jellyfish jam - Mark Governor & Glenn Nishida
    feed the hungie boy
  4. demonic inquisition // S&M Remix feat. Britney Spears - Rihanna
  5. sisters of the moon // sailor moon theme - Brynne & Nicole Price
    [healers screaming in the distance]
  6. desolate host // ghosts n stuff - deadmaus
    blizzard don’t do this to me
  7. maiden of vigilance // hot n cold - katy perry
    blizzard please
  8. fallen avatar // all star - smash mouth
    lemme smash
  9. kil'jaeden // tunak tunak tun - daler mehndi
    only the most prestigious Classic Memes for big red
  10. argus // the final countdown (kazookeylele cover) - pockets
    god damn it illidan

listen to it here:
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Shiny alternative 

I am playing the game at the moment and i am loving how unique this one is. its so much fun and its a super nice change to the usual recipe of the pokemon games.

I personally chose popplio as my pokemon starter. His name is capella.

so i’ve been thinking about Waluigi and how he’s never appeared in a main Mario title.

And i think the reason it’s so hilarious is all other side characters have a reason for their absence. Daisy is all the way in Sarasaland, Yoshi is probably back at his island. Wario has his business Warioware Inc. to run in some far away city. The rare time Luigi isn’t there he’s probably doing ghost stuff or taking care of the home front.

So what the hell is Waluigi doing?? Its heavily implied he lives in the mushroom kingdom, so where is he when shit goes down? Where is he when the toads are screaming and bowser’s maniacal laughter fills the air all while buildings are getting smashed up?

Is he just like- 

  • gintoki's likes: sweets, alcohol
  • gintoki's dislikes: ghosts, horror stuff
  • gintoki: procrastinates on his jobs
  • gintoki: makes dirty jokes
  • gintoki: loves to nap
  • gintoki: has perpetually messy hair
  • me: wth gintoki is literally me
  • gintoki: is unrelenting in protecting what's important to him, drawing people to him with his natural light and compassion and treating them like family he never had
  • me: — and someone I aspire to be

Some small refs for Esther! Before death, as a ghost, and what the Abyssal did with her body after it claimed it for itself. Also Abyssal’s true form. 

The Abyssal hasn’t walked the mortal plane for millennia, and is thoroughly enjoying all the silly things humans do. It’s especially fond of fashion and basically every other “unnecessary-for-survival” thing humans do for fun and pleasure. High heels make it feel powerful.

Esther is horrified by what it’s done to her body.

some Jack headcanons:
  • he’s afraid of ghosts/supernatural stuff, especially after the haunted house incident. if he hears a ghost story he won’t be able to sleep that night
  • more than half the time he really doesn’t understand all the futuristic lingo and slang, but makes 0 effort to figure it out. he’ll just nod and smile, pretending to understand
  • he tried coffee once but it made him shake way too much and he thought it was overly bitter. he doesn’t understand why people drink it
  • he can’t eat chicken after becoming one. he also gets a bit unsettled when he sees others eat it
  • he hardly ever gets sick, but if he does it’s pretty bad and he’s incapacitated for a bit
  • bugs give him the creeps, if a bug crawls on his hand he’ll lose it
  • he loves hello kitty, which is somehow still around so far in the future. the design is super cute to him and thinks it’s great that it’s practically everywhere