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A Day in Salem, MA 🔮

As many of you might know, my mom and I have been going to Salem, MA every year for the past seven years! We usually spend our trips going to the Witch Museum, having lunch at Turner’s Seafood, and stopping by a haunted house for a good spook. This year however, we decided to mix things up a bit.

Upon arriving in Salem, we headed straight for Turner’s Seafood for lunch. It was cold out and when the wind blew, it became that much colder. We hid away in Turner’s Seafood for hot chocolates and lunch. Afterwards we walked in the direction of Gallows Hill. We bought combo tickets for the museum and the show and joined a group in line. The Lost Museum of Gallows Hill was underground and dark. We followed after our guide into a dark room filled with moving portraits that scolded us for being down there and ancient artifacts. We entered several different rooms with extremely amazing effects: a room full of so much fog it was as though we were swimming in it, a green portal that we needed to run through when the bridge began to shake, a humongous lion that roared and ran out as us, and much more. When we were out of the Lost Museum, laughing from how hard we had been screaming as the walls shook and monsters clothed in black and white chased after us, we headed for the theater portion of Gallows Hill. There we took part in a live witch trial, listened to ghost stories, and learned of even more about witches and those who were accused. The show was also filled with amazing effects that jumped out at us in the dark and fell from the ceiling. My mom and I left Gallows Hill then to head to the busier part of town. We went in and out of stores that were filled with pretty crystals and wands and rings. We stumbled upon Salem Mall then and stopped for a cup of tea. The day was coming to a close as we watched an amazing street performance before heading to the park for kettle corn and hot chocolate.

Per usual, our day spent in Witch City was spooky at best and I can’t wait for our next trip to the ominous city of Salem, Ma! 👻🔮🎃

— theautumndarling 🍂💌


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