ghost trick parody

Guildy / Adrienne

I beg your pardon, but…
I’ve got to take you to school, darling.

Your adlibs are sad libs
And before you say that I’m glib
I’m going to rock your little baby crib
I’ll grill you like a rack of ribs
So slide up to the table, dear
And listen here:

If you can’t pun on the run
You’re done before you’ve begun, son
A little cheese will do you fine
But careful not to whine
Do remember, show some etiquette
And always toe the line

The masses crave a one-liner
Like I crave Shiraz
Flaunt your quips like a designer
And deliver like a rhinoceros

You might think this spurious
And wholly without cause
But like Diesel in the Furious  
I’m turning up the NOS

There is no muse that will help see you through it
If your memes and your jokes all blew it  
Work a little harder, dear
Or you’ll be bringing up the rear
I’m spitting fire, hope it’s clear
That humor gets the biggest cheers

BGM: Night on Bald Mountain, Modest Mussorgsky (1865),  Arr. Leopold Stokowski (1940).Performed by Arthur Rubinstein School of Music Symphony Orchestra , Henryk Wierzchoń, conductor.
I hope that’s all the correct attribution.