ghost town concert

throw back to when my friend was like “hey listen to this cool band” and now I am obsessed with them and dedicate my whole life saving towards merch, albums, tickets, etc.


Christmas In The Graveyard

Chain Reaction. Anaheim, CA
Dec. 20th 2014

Photos by:
Christian Gonzalez

Concert Hangover.

Symptoms may include(but are not limited to):

Physical symptoms:
~ Sore ribs/stomach/or abdomen
~ Sore abdominal muscles
~ Sore arm muscles
~ Sore and/or blistered feet
~ Sore neck muscles
Or inability to hold your head up
~ Partial or total loss of voice
~ Sore throat
~ Ringing in ears
~ Temporary hearing loss or reduced hearing.
~ Headache
~ Excessive fatigue
~ Excessive smiling
~ An actual hangover

Psychological and behavioural symptoms:

~ Wearing the same/or different band shirts for multiple days in a row.
~ Rewatching videos/pictures constantly
~ Endlessly repeating songs
~ Endlessly talking/bragging about concert

If you or a loved one exhibit any of these symptoms please … Keep partying hard!!


My battle with depression is constant. Since my hospitalization almost 8 months ago, my journey sometimes seems like one step forward and two steps back. Some days are harder than others. But boy, am I glad to be alive. Because if I weren’t, I wouldn’t have spent a weekend in the mountains adventuring through ghost towns, concerts, and total bliss. Life is good and I’m glad to be a part of it.