The ghost town of Drawbridge. California, located on an island in the San Francisco Bay, was founded to service the railroad, and soon experienced a boom in tourist-traffic and population based on its abundant hunting and fishing, as well as the speakeasies that flourished in its remote location. Several factors contributed to its decline, until the final resident left in 1979. Today it remains the only ghost town in the Bay Area.

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Haunted homesteads? Check out these abandoned homestead properties, ruins, and spooky ghost towns you will find on public lands in New Mexico. View the entire photo collection with descriptions on BLM New Mexico’s Flickr. #BLMhistory

BLM Photos Courtesy of Loran Meares. 

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When you drive the new expressway to the airport in the Chinese city of Luliang, you are as likely to come across a stray dog as another vehicle. When I recently drove it, a farmer was riding in a 3-wheel flatbed truck and heading in the wrong direction. But it didn’t matter. There was no oncoming traffic.

That’s because the city’s $160 million airport, which opened in 2014, gets at most five flights a day and as few as three. Officials began building the airport when this coal town was still booming. Since then, though, global commodity prices have plunged as China’s old industrial economy has sputtered. The airport has become a white elephant.

China’s White Elephants: Ghost Cities, Lonely Airports, Desolate Factories

Photo: Frank Langfitt/NPR


Images of an abandoned fishing village slowly being reclaimed by nature on Shengshan Island, which is part of Shengsi 嵊泗列島, an archipelago of nearly 400 islands at the mouth of the Yangtze River. Taken by Shanghai-based amateur photographer Qing Jian during a recent trip. 

This seaside ghost town, enveloped by creeping vines and other flora, was abandoned after its residents, mostly fishermen left in the 1990s, as it was more economical for them to move and work on the mainland. The Shengsi Islands are a popular tourist destination and is still an important fishery area that attracts more than 100 000 fishermen every winter. 

Sources: 青简, Bored Panda, Amusing Planet


Hike among Ghosts at the Headwaters Forest Reserve! 

Deep in the redwoods of northern California hides the ghost town of Falk. Once a busy mill town of four-hundred lumber workers and their families, Falk now haunts in the Headwaters Forest Reserve, a part of the BLM’s National Conservation Lands.

The 7,400 acre reserve is located 6 miles southeast of Eureka, California. It was set aside to protect and preserve the ecological and wildlife values in the area. Only remnants remain from the historic mill town of Falk, but rangers lead interpretive hikes and story reenactments. 

Landscape photos by Bob Wick; historic photos courtesy BLM California

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