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the Louisville ritual//talking to aether

When we were waiting outside for the ghouls to come out, T was already there talking to fans. I saw aether come up and stand by some of the security behind T. I raised my head and squinted my eyes at him like I see you boy 🌚 then I gave him a little wave.
He raised his head at me and did one of those winks where you make a click sound from the side of your mouth at the same time ?? Idk how to explain it. BUT U KNOW WHAT I MEAN. It was hella charming. 😉

I motioned for him to come over and he was like aaah alright, hehe. He did a little sprint over and I was like heeey! I wanna hug. So he opened his arms all wide, “Bring it in!” He said. I latched on so fast 😂😂 Then he wrapped his arms around me and kissed my fuckin head!!! Ugh swwoonnn.

I was telling him about how I saw them in ATL a couple nights before and he said he recognized me, aw. I said I was a little worried he wasn’t coming (because usually T comes out last). Aether said, “Oh, yeah I needed a shave, haha” while rubbing his chin. 😍

After @the-human-stain-k and @misslavender were finished talking to T, they came over and we had the best conversation with aether. He was just being a duuuude, so fuckin rad and chill. We talked to him about random stuff and asked him questions. The conversation just snowballed. (Those are the best kind) I really can’t believe how much time he spent with us, just like an old friend.

He seems to really enjoy being a part of Ghost and he said he doesn’t plan on leaving anytime soon. (Which is good bc I love him)
We had been talking to him so long that at one point I looked over and there was maybe 10 people left. 😅 He didn’t seem bothered by us at all though. At one point he even said, “Well I better not hold you up. I know you’re really here to see __” (talking about fire).
I asked him, “You’re really great friends, you and ___ aren’t you?” He said, “Oh yes! We’ve known each other for 12 years. You know you really develop a bond when you’ve been bandmates for years too. He’s a great guy. Plus, we know the same people and all that. Hard to not stay in touch.”
“I bet that happens a lot in the industry, just having a bunch of mutual friends.”
“Mhm, oh yeah. It’s a small world really, when you realize how everyone’s connected.”

I told him we could see that on stage, him and fire have a real chemistry together. He gave me such a genuine smile when I was talking about it too. Ugh I just love their friendship. I wanna cry lol. I’m glad they are having a great time with Ghost. 🖤🖤

(I’ll probably make more posts bc I could talk about that night for hours lol)

Ghost Story Time

So we had to leave town at like 3 to get to Lincoln at 430 for dinner to make it to the venue by 530.  Mike wasn’t very excited, he generally doesn’t like going to shows, especially since it was like 982° outside.  We got to the restaurant and Mike was *dramatically* STARVING and couldn’t wait to eat.  So he ate so fast and ended up feeling like garbage, and had to take a whore’s bath bc there was all sorts of food in his beard 🙄 

Once we were done eating we had like 15 minutes to get to the venue like 5 blocks away.  We ran into @fanthem and @papasdeathblossom  Which is hilarious bc no matter what city we see Ghost,  I always manage to see them randomly.  Only this time Kim shouted my name instead of my url, so it wasn’t as funny, but less awkward for the person I was with 🤣

We chatted for a minute and they had to pee, and we had to get to the ticketbooth to check in.  I was freaking out,  and it was just so hot I felt gross.  Obviously I was wearing h2t black, which is super smart.  The ticketbooth lady was a gigantic cunt and said they didn’t have any Ghost stuff yet and I’d have to wait.  So about 15 minutes later the guy came out and checked us in and such.  We brought our stuff back to the car, like 8 blocks away and it was just so hot out.  I’m gonna say that a lot, so get uses to it now 👌

We still had tons of time to kill before we had to be back at the venue so we went to this soda shop thing across the street. It was weird, Mike googled hobby stores hoping for a nerd shop near by and it showed up.  There were like cardboard cutouts and some pop culture nerdy things in the window, but it was a ruse.  It was all soda and like weird candy.  Mike got this cherry soda that resembled cloraseptic spray and I almost puked when I tasted it.  He loved it though, so he’s gross. I really just wanted water bc it was fucking gross outside, but this soda shop literally own sold pop, no water in sight

We had so much time to kill, still,  so we went to the Pinnacle and just kind of people watched for 30 minutes.  We saw this old dude flip out (in a good way) bc he saw some little kid, prob like 7, wearing one of his dad’s old Maiden shirts.  Like this dude was almost in tears because he was so stoked that this little kid was wearing a vintage shirt.  The kid was so happy and the dad was happy, and I was like almost crying bc feelings and such.  It was nice, and one of my favorite parts of the whole night 

I’m gonna backtrack, so after we got our vip merch I wanted to stop by the merch stand to get the Popera shirt to bring back to the car with the other stuff.  While in that line we encountered *that guy.  You know, the guy at every event ever that has no concept of personal boundries,  loves the sound of his own voice more than breathing, and just hates when people are content without talking.  So TG (that guy), grabbed my arm and was looking at my tattoo, which isn’t anything new…people think it’s okay to do that for some reason.  But he asked if I had any other Ghost tattoos, so I showed him my Ghoul elbow and he lost his mind.  Then he was asking if I’ve heard of any of their other bands, so I said yeah,  bc I do?  Idk why I was even engaging in the convo bc I def shouldn’t have. I opened up a goddamn can of worms 😒🔫   

So he’s talking about all the previous ghouls and I was barely stringing along any sort of response.  He started talking about Mauro, but kept saying Mario.  I didn’t want to be a cunt, so I didn’t correct him.   In hindsight I wish I would have bc he was just lingering around for the entirety of the m&g and the annoyingness continued to escalate.  

So we went back to the car, did the soda shop thing, people watched for a bit, and then it was about 5 minutes after we were suppose to meet where we were already standing.  TG shows up and I was just like 😬 so he was like saying who was competition and who wasn’t, like that’s a normal thing to do

They took us to where we were doing the m&g, and I ended up stuck in line behind TG, which was a fucking bummer.  Luckily it was cold down there bc I was so swampy and gross from being outside, wearing all black 🖤  so I’m quietly talking to my husband, and everybody is doing the same with whoever they came with or met in line.  *sidenote: there was a guy with skeleton paint on that was  just mowing down on pizza and beer prior to us being taken to the m&g area and I was somehow fascinated with it…as if he was an actual skeleton eating pizza and drinking beer*

Sooo..TG decides it’s just way to quiet for him to be left alone with his thoughts and in a whole room of people just NOT hearing his voice.  So he starts asking those annoying Ghost questions and literally mentions everything that makes me roll my eyes.  He mentions Dave Grohl, Blue Öyster Cult, where is Ghost going, how Meliora is a masterpiece, and all sorts of other shit…and to top it off, he kept saying Opius instead of Opus, and I wanted to die. I mean he pulled his pants down and took a shit on my favorite Ghost album 😠 His friend could see how annoying he was being and how irritated the entire room was so he kind reeled in the crazy.  Then TG made a sad, quiet statement that the room was just too quiet.  Idk man, he was awful and I couldn’t get away bc it was a line and just ugh.  Once Papa came out and went in the little tent thing, TG started taking more.  He turned around and spotted my rosary and asked where I got it.  So I told him I made it and he did one if those hand gestures where his head explodes and just kept saying wow???  It was fucking weird, and Mike looked like he was about to just Mortal Kombat *finish him* bc he hates people like TG,  which we all do so it’s whatever.  Oh my god, then it was FINALLY MY TURN!  I pulled a baggie out of my back pocket with the guitar picks I made for the ghouls, and my heart was beating out of my chest.  I asked George if he could give them to the other guys.  Realizing that it was a rolled up baggie, and it was quite sketchy, I told him that it was guitar picks for each of the Ghouls, and asked if I could give Papa his in the tent.  He said, very unimpressed with the rolled up baggie, “sure I guess so” and I felt like an idiot.  But here’s the thing,  everybody is like just find Billy Vanilla, he’s like the Rafiki of Ghost.  So he’s clearly not a real person bc I’ve been to 4 different shows and I’ve never once seen him.  It’s some sort of elaborate scheme that some of y'all are in on 😂 but whatever, keep the lie alive.  

Anyway, it’s finally out turn to go in and I’m just trying not to throw up.  It was much more intimidating with Papa in his papal robes and not that stupid suit.  I shook his hand for what seemed like an uncomfortable about of time, but like his black leather gloves are just everything and I didn’t want to let go.  Now y'all know I have a thing for those gloves and it was fucking unreal to touch them irl😵 Then I finally gave him the guitar pick.  I told him I made it and 5 matching ones with corresponding symbols.  So I looked around and realized how dark it was and said “ugh, it’s probably too fucking dark to see it in here though”…so he grabbed it and then sort of held it up and shook his head, then he leaned down to look at it in the purple spot light thing and said “rats” and that’s when I almost died because he’s fucking cute and so adorably dorky.  So if it weren’t for Mike I would have just stood there for the photo.  I was super frozen and had no idea what to do.  Mike then said to Papa “we were wondering if you could bless our baby and he put his hand on my belly and Papa’s eyes lit up and his voice changed from his hokey accent to a more genuine tone and said “of course, congratulations”.  It was so incredible,  I mean he was so genuine and he said congratulations like 9 times.  HE PUT HIS HAND ON MY BELLY and we took the photos.  I almost lost my mind, I mean… Papa’s black, leather gloved hand was touching my belly and I just 😱😱😱 

So the did the two photos and asked if we wanted two more since there were to two of us, and we said no these are fine.  Papa shook our hands again and when he shook mine I did the thing where I out my other hand on top of his and he looked me in the eyes and said in his real voice congratulations again, and then he said “this is fantastic”.  I started to tear up, but I kept my shit together 🙃 

After that we watched the show and it was amazing.  I was one of the only people in my section standing up for their set, and I was sort of bummed bc it wasn’t as fun as it usually is surrounded by people having as much fun as you are.  Anyway, Fire and Air both pointed at me at a few different parts.  It was pretty cool. My crush on Fire intensified the second the show started.  He’s fucking wild y'all.  He’s so fun to watch.  Him and the other two of the trinity have such a connection and stage presence.  They are so good!  It was so amazing and ended far too soon. When the show was over they were bowing and waving bye, Fire kept pointing to this one guy in the audience and doing the smoking a joint gesture at the dude, and then the dude realized he was the guy, Fire did a big cheesey 👍👍 which was adorable, and then I said “have mercy” 100% out loud and I blame @infernalghuleh for that 

Maiden was so good.  I’ve been wanting to see them since I was like 12, which is longer than some of you have been alive, so it was quite the evening.  Bruce is a fucking maniac, and he’s so fun to watch live.  We left after Fear of the Dark, which was a mutual agreement before the show.  That’s our fav song, and I just couldn’t stand anymore.  My feet were swollen and I was so tired.  Which is nuts bc prepregnancy me was never tired at a concert.  I also had to work Monday morning and it was already 11, and we had over an hour long drive home.

Mike talked the entire 1 hour and 20 minutes it took to get home about how much fun he had.  He asked how Olive was doing and I told him she was kicking and moving the entire time, especially when we met Papa and then again when Cirice was playing.  He said it was our first concert as a family and squeezed my hand, and I cried bc I’m a hormonal maniac these days.  

The next morning he texted me at work and said “Thank you so much for challenging my inhibitions and anxieties about going to stuff like that. I will never forget last night. I love you so much!” (Literally just copy & pasted that)😭😻💚

So, I wrote an essay…which is weird bc I’m usually not long winded at all 😎 

If you’ve read this far, thanks for sticking around for my Ghost story, and I hope it entertained you in one way or another 💜



so I have a fc on twitter and like I never thought headers of Coldplay here on tumblr in good quality and current measures from twitter, and I decided to make some and now I’m posting, if you want to get, feel free.

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not need to credit.
Hope you like it.

PS: to stay in good quality, you need to put the header on twitter by PC, put by cell it loses quality

Spice-Ghoul's first unmasked meeting

Hahaha, y’all…I’m so long winded, I’m sorry in advance. Back in April was the first time I met them. I had yet to see any photos of them unmasked or anything, which was neat because I got to fully enjoy the mystery of the concert, which is wonderful. But anyway, my friends and I were in a group of about 40 other people waiting outside the tourbus. It had been at least an hour and a half and then Omega came out first and everyone started getting excited but he told us all that one of his friends from Sweden was like IN TOWN that night so he was sorry, but he wasn’t going to stick around to sign stuff with us. We were totally understanding and we watched him walk off never to be seen again.

And then Water came out and, like I said I didn’t know what any of them looked like under the masks before this, so after watching him on stage all night he seemed so cute and sweet and I was expecting a little adorable smile-y guy. But he got off the bus…and he looked PISSED. Like. Guys, he looked so angry! I was kinda scared that he was angry at us for hanging around the bus, but he started going down the line, signing and hugging. He was sweet, but definitely had a problem with Resting Bitch Face that night, and so I just kinda wanted to leave him alone and didn’t really ask him any questions or anything! Q_Q

Then Papa came out and I just kinda broke. I had been the one to get the Monstrance Clock speech that night, so I’m like, internally like “…thaaaat’s the guy that was just talking to me about orgasms…I…I can’t tALK TO HIM ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?!?” And while I’m having an existential crisis, a homeless man (that had actually already been hanging around asking for money before the boys got off the bus) literally walked up to Papa, grabbed his hand and started singing gospel songs to him. All of us were just so…stunned but at the same time soooo entertained!!! Like, “Wooohohohooah buddy, you don’t even know who you’re singing to!” And Papa was so kind to him the whole time, patiently smiling and just…waiting for him to stop. Sadly when he DID stop he asked Papa for money and Papa was like “…I literally don’t have anything” it was horrible. One of the fans in line just ended up giving the guy a few bucks to leave us alone. Sooooo, Papa made his way down the line, I got him to sign my badge and my friend got him to sign her autograph book (Her- ”Can you write ‘Ghuleh’ in my notebook?” Papa- “…..I’m sorry?” Her- “G-Ghuleh?!?”) And Papa made it to the end of the line and just hung out and was talking to everyone. And like I said. I broke. My brain was not working properly. So I and a couple of my friends literally just stood by the door of the bus. For the entire time Papa was talking to everyone like 100 feet away.

And honestly I’m kinda happy we did, because while we were just awkwardly standing there the bus door began to open. We didn’t really think anything of it because several people had been getting on and off all night, but the door just was open and no one was getting off so that was kinda odd. And all of the sudden a hand and a beanie clad head started to appear from behind the edge of the door. I swear to all that is unholy Air started veeeery slowly coming out from behind the bus door. And like….in such an over the top way too! He was like, trying to stay as close to the door as humanly possible, it was hysterical, but also baffling. He almost seemed scared of us! (And we’re all like…tiny 5 foot tall girls, so that’s just silly Air) I just kinda blinked at him in disbelief for a few seconds until he said “Hello.” So my friends and I started talking to him. He was really sweet but he seemed so tired so I asked him when they usually get done with this sort of thing (meeting people by the bus) and get to rest. And he just answered “We don’t get to rest until we go home” and I almost started crying, hahahaaaaaw!! I started thanking him and was like “We really appreciate everything you guys do, we love you so much!” and he said something along the lines of how happy it makes them all to see us happy and enjoying what they do. Q___Q We told him to get some rest, but he wondered off to go hang out with Water and the Opening band Tribulation, so I guess he must not have been as tired as I was afraid he was. <3

Sooooo, then we return awkwardly standing by the door with my friends again. Just…not going anywhere near Papa, because I’m an idiot and I make bad life decisions. I was kinda thinking “Well, I don’t want to crowd him, and he’ll have to get back on the bus EVENTUALLY so he’ll HAVE to walk by me to do that” but it was mostly because he is intimidatingly attractive. But I was right, he did eventually come back towards the bus door and my friends pushed me encouraged me to ask him for a hug, so I did, and he gave me just THE EBST SMIILE and was like “Of course!” and gave me a huuuuug! Internally I was like “Okay, don’t be weird, don’t hug him too long don’t, don’t do something stupid, DON’T think about orgASMS WHATEVER YOU DO, DONT’ EVEN BREAT-” and that jerk like, RIGHT IN MY EAR in the middle of our hug said “Good first show, huh?” and I died. I just died right there. I’ve been dead ever since that moment. He knew what he was doing…just such a life ruining jerk.

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“let the ocean take me”
TAA - Don’t Lean On Me // my spray painting in a tunnel my friends and i found.

Signs as Bands

Aries: Neck Deep
Taurus: Twenty One Pilots
Gemini: La Dispute
Cancer: The Amity Affliction
Leo: The Story So Far
Virgo: Parkway Drive
Libra: Pierce The Veil
Scorpio: The Ghost Inside
Sagittarius: Memphis May Fire
Capricorn: Stick To You Guns
Pisces: Real Friends

I’m sick of this place
But I’m also scared for things to change
Where stars will fall off your walls
—  Sad News In A Quite Room; Keyes
My dash is dead

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