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Beartooth//I Have A Problem

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So I was going through my Ghost folder when I found this old gem that I made. Don’t remember if I ever posted it here or not, so… Voila.

I call it: “Hail satan (glub glub)”.

If I remember correctly, Omega is the cuttlefish, Water the pufferfish, Alpha the lionfish, Earth the turtle and Air the mantis shrimp. Even though now that I think about it, it would be more apt to make Air the turtle and Earth the mantis shrimp.

(Papa is a vampire squid.)



so I have a fc on twitter and like I never thought headers of Coldplay here on tumblr in good quality and current measures from twitter, and I decided to make some and now I’m posting, if you want to get, feel free.

1/ ∞
not need to credit.
Hope you like it.

PS: to stay in good quality, you need to put the header on twitter by PC, put by cell it loses quality

Signs as Bands

Aries: Neck Deep
Taurus: Twenty One Pilots
Gemini: La Dispute
Cancer: The Amity Affliction
Leo: The Story So Far
Virgo: Parkway Drive
Libra: Pierce The Veil
Scorpio: The Ghost Inside
Sagittarius: Memphis May Fire
Capricorn: Stick To You Guns
Pisces: Real Friends

Neck Deep//Citizens Of Earth

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I’m sick of this place
But I’m also scared for things to change
Where stars will fall off your walls
—  Sad News In A Quite Room; Keyes

A day to remember//Sometimes You’re The Hammer, Sometimes You’re The Nail

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sleepover weekend (i wanna do this all weekend)
  • confess shit to me
  • i’ll give you some advice
  • fmk
  • first impressions of me
  • what/who you associate with me
  • we can become friENDS???
  • funny stories
  • you can tell ghost stories??
  • band/music recs
  • fluffy fic recs
  • not so fluffy fic recs B)
  • or scary shit about scary places i love that shit
  • ok please i aM SO LONELY
  • headcannons?? (honestly brownie point for this)
  • pls!!! harry potter!! marauders!! next gen!!
  • the raven cycle!! pynch!! sarchengsy!! 

Defeater//No Savior

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