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Spice-Ghoul's first unmasked meeting

Hahaha, y’all…I’m so long winded, I’m sorry in advance. Back in April was the first time I met them. I had yet to see any photos of them unmasked or anything, which was neat because I got to fully enjoy the mystery of the concert, which is wonderful. But anyway, my friends and I were in a group of about 40 other people waiting outside the tourbus. It had been at least an hour and a half and then Omega came out first and everyone started getting excited but he told us all that one of his friends from Sweden was like IN TOWN that night so he was sorry, but he wasn’t going to stick around to sign stuff with us. We were totally understanding and we watched him walk off never to be seen again.

And then Water came out and, like I said I didn’t know what any of them looked like under the masks before this, so after watching him on stage all night he seemed so cute and sweet and I was expecting a little adorable smile-y guy. But he got off the bus…and he looked PISSED. Like. Guys, he looked so angry! I was kinda scared that he was angry at us for hanging around the bus, but he started going down the line, signing and hugging. He was sweet, but definitely had a problem with Resting Bitch Face that night, and so I just kinda wanted to leave him alone and didn’t really ask him any questions or anything! Q_Q

Then Papa came out and I just kinda broke. I had been the one to get the Monstrance Clock speech that night, so I’m like, internally like “…thaaaat’s the guy that was just talking to me about orgasms…I…I can’t tALK TO HIM ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?!?” And while I’m having an existential crisis, a homeless man (that had actually already been hanging around asking for money before the boys got off the bus) literally walked up to Papa, grabbed his hand and started singing gospel songs to him. All of us were just so…stunned but at the same time soooo entertained!!! Like, “Wooohohohooah buddy, you don’t even know who you’re singing to!” And Papa was so kind to him the whole time, patiently smiling and just…waiting for him to stop. Sadly when he DID stop he asked Papa for money and Papa was like “…I literally don’t have anything” it was horrible. One of the fans in line just ended up giving the guy a few bucks to leave us alone. Sooooo, Papa made his way down the line, I got him to sign my badge and my friend got him to sign her autograph book (Her- ”Can you write ‘Ghuleh’ in my notebook?” Papa- “…..I’m sorry?” Her- “G-Ghuleh?!?”) And Papa made it to the end of the line and just hung out and was talking to everyone. And like I said. I broke. My brain was not working properly. So I and a couple of my friends literally just stood by the door of the bus. For the entire time Papa was talking to everyone like 100 feet away.

And honestly I’m kinda happy we did, because while we were just awkwardly standing there the bus door began to open. We didn’t really think anything of it because several people had been getting on and off all night, but the door just was open and no one was getting off so that was kinda odd. And all of the sudden a hand and a beanie clad head started to appear from behind the edge of the door. I swear to all that is unholy Air started veeeery slowly coming out from behind the bus door. And like….in such an over the top way too! He was like, trying to stay as close to the door as humanly possible, it was hysterical, but also baffling. He almost seemed scared of us! (And we’re all like…tiny 5 foot tall girls, so that’s just silly Air) I just kinda blinked at him in disbelief for a few seconds until he said “Hello.” So my friends and I started talking to him. He was really sweet but he seemed so tired so I asked him when they usually get done with this sort of thing (meeting people by the bus) and get to rest. And he just answered “We don’t get to rest until we go home” and I almost started crying, hahahaaaaaw!! I started thanking him and was like “We really appreciate everything you guys do, we love you so much!” and he said something along the lines of how happy it makes them all to see us happy and enjoying what they do. Q___Q We told him to get some rest, but he wondered off to go hang out with Water and the Opening band Tribulation, so I guess he must not have been as tired as I was afraid he was. <3

Sooooo, then we return awkwardly standing by the door with my friends again. Just…not going anywhere near Papa, because I’m an idiot and I make bad life decisions. I was kinda thinking “Well, I don’t want to crowd him, and he’ll have to get back on the bus EVENTUALLY so he’ll HAVE to walk by me to do that” but it was mostly because he is intimidatingly attractive. But I was right, he did eventually come back towards the bus door and my friends pushed me encouraged me to ask him for a hug, so I did, and he gave me just THE EBST SMIILE and was like “Of course!” and gave me a huuuuug! Internally I was like “Okay, don’t be weird, don’t hug him too long don’t, don’t do something stupid, DON’T think about orgASMS WHATEVER YOU DO, DONT’ EVEN BREAT-” and that jerk like, RIGHT IN MY EAR in the middle of our hug said “Good first show, huh?” and I died. I just died right there. I’ve been dead ever since that moment. He knew what he was doing…just such a life ruining jerk.

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so I have a fc on twitter and like I never thought headers of Coldplay here on tumblr in good quality and current measures from twitter, and I decided to make some and now I’m posting, if you want to get, feel free.

1/ ∞
not need to credit.
Hope you like it.

PS: to stay in good quality, you need to put the header on twitter by PC, put by cell it loses quality

Signs as Bands

Aries: Neck Deep
Taurus: Twenty One Pilots
Gemini: La Dispute
Cancer: The Amity Affliction
Leo: The Story So Far
Virgo: Parkway Drive
Libra: Pierce The Veil
Scorpio: The Ghost Inside
Sagittarius: Memphis May Fire
Capricorn: Stick To You Guns
Pisces: Real Friends
Thank you, that guy! • r/Ghostbc
Hello fellow Ghouls! If it's okay I'd like to tell you about an amazing experience I had at my ritual in Copenhagen. I went with two friends...

“Hello fellow Ghouls!

If it’s okay I’d like to tell you about an amazing experience I had at my ritual in Copenhagen.

I went with two friends who is also huge Ghost fans, but didn’t want to queue for the show as I wanted because they have seen them several times before, and this was my second ritual. They found a place front row but it was really on the side of the stage, even though front row seemed tempting I wanted to be more in the center and get a better view. So, I managed to get myself to the second row not so far from the center. The annoying thing was I had this really drunk guy in front of me. Like, pissed. He could barely stand up during the show, and several times he almost fell over me. I’m not super small, but I’m not big either (girl, 170cm).

When Kvelertak started to play, I had these three guys beside me screaming at the top of their lungs of joy when they played. I haven’t listened to their music a lot, but it was a good show. But I enjoyed it more when I saw these guys enjoying themselves. When the band went of stage, I started to talk with them. Super friendly people. We talked about music, Ghost, if we have seen them before etc.

Anyway, just before Ghost went on, one of the guys asked me if I wanted to change place with him. He stood closer to the stage and said “You looked pretty angry” and pointed at the drunk guy in front of me who still kept falling on me and pushed me around a lot (I’ve been to concerts before so I know these people exist). He also said he had seen Ghost couple of times before so it wasn’t much of a deal for him if we changed place. I got so happy! I thanked him several times and had a fantastic time at the show. And because we changed place, I managed to catch a pick from Water Ghoul.

After the show I wanted to say goodbye and maybe ask him how the show was. He showed me he managed to caught one of the Papa Money confetti. And I said I was glad for him. He then asked “Do you want it? I mean it’s just a piece of paper and it doesn’t have that much value for me, I know you will appreciate it more than me.” It’s just a piece of paper, but I really wanted one. I didn’t know how to react because it was such a nice offering of him. And at first I wasn’t sure if he ment it, but he did. So he gave it to me, and I told him thank you a millions of times and even got down on my knee as a proposal (joke).

So a big shout out to that guy who made my night millions of times better! It was amazing already, but actually he made that show a bit special. Even if it seems to be small gestures, it means a lot to a huge fan.

Sidenote: I’m going through radiation theraphy at the moment, and honestly I’m going through a rough time. But thanks to the concert, and him. I will live for this for a long time. And I will fall asleep with a huge smile on my face tonight.”

“let the ocean take me”
TAA - Don’t Lean On Me // my spray painting in a tunnel my friends and i found.

So I was going through my Ghost folder when I found this old gem that I made. Don’t remember if I ever posted it here or not, so… Voila.

I call it: “Hail satan (glub glub)”.

If I remember correctly, Omega is the cuttlefish, Water the pufferfish, Alpha the lionfish, Earth the turtle and Air the mantis shrimp. Even though now that I think about it, it would be more apt to make Air the turtle and Earth the mantis shrimp.

(Papa is a vampire squid.)
Reviewing my first ritual [Berlin 25.04.2017] • r/Ghostbc
I'm finally at home and thought I’d share my experienced from yesterday with you, because I really loved to read other reviews here on this sub!...

“I’m finally at home and thought I’d share my experienced from yesterday with you, because I really loved to read other reviews here on this sub! Sorry already for the wall of text, but I’m really bad at cutting storys short. I hope my English is understandable, hopefully I haven’t used any weird words :D

But nevermind: Just let’s get started:I was yesterday in Berlin for my very first Ritual and i’m totally destroyed since then! :D 

My Boyfriend and I went to the venue like at 17:00 and met some nice people. 2 guys from berlin and one girl from Romania. We had a really nice chat and enjoyed an homeless dude singing weird crappy songs next to us until we could entry the hall. I was standing in the 2nd row right in the middle in front of Papa and Water and had a really cool view. To that point my legs did hurt so bad, my boyfriend and me had to travel from Hannover to Berlin and were on the road since 10:00 and when Zombi started to play I really was thinking “How do I survive with this pain in my legs?”. Zombi were pretty cool in the beginning, they sound really unique and I liked that retro-feeling. But it really got boring very quick, it was just like a 45minutes long drum solo with some synths in the back. People complained very quickly, a girl next to me shouted every now and then “When are you finally done?” and did some really annoyed heavy breathing. I thought it was a bit mean to them, they seemed to be really nice guys and they really didn’t deserved this mean behaviour.

Everything until then was really nice and people were nice (except for complaining all the time) and I thought it would be an awesome evening. But suddenly, when Ghost entered the stage, behind us were some dudes which really just wanted to make trouble. They were pushing us really really hard, and also they were some very penetrant fans which tried to jump the queue with elbows in our backs and heads and kicked their knees in our backsides of our knees and really wanted us to fell on the ground. I was really crushed and I couldn’t even manage to get my arms up in the air sometimes. It really was very violent and people got so unbelievable selfish for example when Water throw a pick in the crowd they were just jumping on you and hitting you so that they get the pick whatever it would cost them. Everything was so crazy at that point and Ghost just flashed me still I was got hurt permanently so that I really forgot how my legs were hurting :D After a while it got fortunately a bit less aggressive. I lost my boyfriend in the meantime and later after the gig he said, he has seen that they were some guys who really wanted to challenge everyone to get in a fight with them and one time one of them nearly wanted punching a girl when she said they just have to calm down a bit. Like I said, it was really-really violent.

The show was great, personally I couldn’t hear any mistakes, Fire and Aether were shredding like hell and Papas performance was awesome too. After the gig I met the girl from Romania again and she was really disappointed. She said compared to the ritual in London this was a really bad gig, the crowd were horrible and Ghost weren’t on point. Well, I really haven’t heard anything and thought the sound was very cool, but maybe I couldn’t concentrate completely because of the crazy anarchy going on in the crowd, so it’s possible i’ve just missed it… Whatever. When the gig was over I bought me the both tourshirts and was a bit shocked, because they cost like 30€ each and I’ve heard that on other gigs it was 25€ each but hey, it was Berlin and Berlin is expensive anyway.

Since weeks I decided to wait for the Band outside on the tourbus after the ritual. The girl from romania also stayed with me and my boyfriend. We were round about 20 people outside and waited for like 2 hours or so, when Fire first came out of the venue. He was like “Yeah I’m from the band” and was so chatty. He signed our stuff and he really was so unbelievable nice. When he came to me, he wanted to write my name down on the piece of paper I wanted him to sign and when I had to spell my name (because it’s a Croatian name) he said like “Oh that’s a cool name! You could be like one of the elves from lord of the rings” and pronounced it like it really was an elvish name :D I was laughing and told him that this was an awesome idea. 

Then Aether came out next and he also was a super nice, very open and funny guy. One of the fans had some “Zardoz” and Aether asked “Hey man, who is smoking weed here?” and was grinning. All of us fans were freezing so hard, it was very cold outside and some of us were shaking really bad. And he was just like “Yeah I’m from [city in the north], this is like summer!”. And when I asked, where his mankini was, he was laughing but then suddenly he stopped and just said “now you’re crossing the line” or something like that. I laughed too and said “Maybe I’m the one who is smoking here” and we were both laughing. 

After letting Aether signing our stuff we saw Earth standing a bit more far away. We went to him and again: Super nice guy. He asked us where we are from and was really happy that we waited for them. He was really thankful and when I said, I hope we don’t annoy them, he said he really wished he could talk to all of us if this were possible. I was asking how much he can see through the mask and he said it was really hard for the first 2 gigs he played, but now he can literally play the drums blind. Then he wanted to hug me and yeah, you just can’t say no to such sweet and lovely guys :D

Suddenly Water popped up and he also was super nice (I’m feeling like I just could copy & paste everything :D) and when everyone had the autographs, he pulled some picks out of his jacked and said “There were some picks laying around, do you want them?” and then he gave 3 or 4 of us his picks, and I’m one of the happy ones. He was giving hugs as well and then also Papa showed up. Everyone was surrounding him and I think we made some chaos and totally confused him, because they were so many people standing next to him on the left side and when I and the girl from Romania wanted to join the Papa-party and went to his right side, where at this moment just were a very few others standing, he was like “Oh, maybe when you stand right there (pointed totally papa like to his left were the other ones were standing) I can get all of you” or something like that, or maybe I just got it wrong I don’t know… But then we went to the other side and then he totally got confused and was like “Oh no, now you are moving again!” xD I was really sorry, I was confused as well and I had no idea what to do. But then everyone freezed on their positions and he was moving around and came to us and was really nice but I think was still a bit confused. 

At this point I really have to admit that I also was so confused, that I nearly forgot what we were talking about. I just know, that I wanted him so sign my Meliora Redux and I wasn’t sure where he should sign it and I let him decide, so he was signing the picture in the middle of the booklet. I remember that I was asking if there is a chance for an acoustic tour and he was answering “Oh I really don’t know”. After that I really can’t remember what we were talking about. But he was really calm and had a very soothing voice and was super friendly and signed everyones stuff. So at the end of him signing all things, everyone was happy and some of us still waited some time and hoped that maybe Air was coming around. But he just went straight to the tourbus and really was not that interested in our presence. Well but that’s ok. Maybe he just isn’t so talkative than the other guys or whatever. He will surely have his reasons. But still it’s kinda sad that there is missing the symbol of Air on our signed stuff. 

So that was my experience with my very first ritual and when you made it to the end of my wall of text than thank you for reading and hopefully you enjoyed it! :]

TLDR; Went to my first ritual and met some new friends, but nearly died because of some violent dudes, but when I waited for the Band after the gig I had a very great time and found out they were incredible nice guys!”

I’m sick of this place
But I’m also scared for things to change
Where stars will fall off your walls
—  Sad News In A Quite Room; Keyes
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Oslo Norway Ritual (27.04), Impressions from doubtful fan (Mild spoilers) • r/Ghostbc
I'll keep it short Absolutely fantastic. I was doubtful due to lineup changes, but they pulled it of so greatly. Only complaints are the...

“I’ll keep it short

Absolutely fantastic.

I was doubtful due to lineup changes, but they pulled it of so greatly.

Only complaints are the relatively short and predictable setlist (although it is good), and the too noticable choreographed moves.

Otherwise, the show exceeded my expectations.

Papa was on point as always, and the new Ghouls are terrific.

And the best part; I got to meet them.

I met Fire first. I never expected him to be as humble as he was, and it shocked me how overly British he was.

Due to my red “russ-suit” (norwegian graduation tradition) he said I looked like a Ghostbuster.

I don’t know if he saw the irony in that statement himself.

He thanked me for coming to the show, and signed whatever we wanted.

Earth came next. Again, incredibly humble and kind.

We talked a bit about the upcoming Maiden tour, and how he was very excited to meet Iron Maiden.

I barely met Aether as well, as he was in a hurry.

He did sign my stuff though, which was nice of him..

Then, the nights best part, Papa Emeritus III.

I was in awe as he stood before me.

He signed my stuff, we talked a little bit (he was in a hurry as well), and he said they might come back to Norway next year.

We shook hands and I got to hug him, before he left for the bus.

It was short, but he signed a lot and I got to meet him.

I am still starstruck.

The show was fantastic, my friends who had never seen Ghost before were absolutely thrilled.

Overall, I am convinced that the future of Ghost, my favorite band, is in good hands if only the lawsuit is handled well.

Oh, and here’s a picture of the merch I left with!”