ghost sightings at the white house


I have heterochromia.

My mom has it too, only hers is sectoral heterochromia. A part of her left eye is brown while most of it is blue. Mine’s complete. My right eye is brown, the left is blue. As a kid I’d get the most excited reaction out of the adults-

“His eyes are so beautiful!”

“Wow, they’re different colors!”

“How stunning!”

I’d like to say that my eyes are only one part of myself, that it’s just a slice of the pie that makes up me. But really, the only fascinating part of myself is the heterochromia. I’m average in grades. Height. Strength. IQ. Not much stunning charisma either- I tend to stick to myself.

But in the end, it’s my eyes that saved my life. And maybe the lives of a few others.

The killings started my sophomore year. A young couple going out to smooch in their car was found dead, mangled by some wild beast. Their faces had been eaten off, their tongues ripped out, and their eyes completely gone.

I didn’t know them, they went to the private school. All the same, the stories started up about the Gosbecks Knoll Beast.

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If you’re bilingual and you have a compelling urge to talk in Spanish about others who happen to be in your proximity, maybe think twice about about reevaluating your surroundings. Because, shockingly, my vernacular is completely unrelated to my skin tone. My having a complexion to rival Casper the friendly ghost (I’m so damn white I’m nearly see-through) doesn’t actually preclude me from speaking Spanish.

After listening to 15 minutes of the two guys making rude, disrespectful and derogatory remarks about every female within eye sight, I turned around and said, (in Spanish), “those who live in glass houses should not throw stones.” Based on their reactions and facial expressions, I spooked them. Guess it never occurred to them that a little white girl would be fluent. Mister douche bags/team chatter suddenly became very quiet.

Seventh Year

As Time Goes By: Chapter One | Chapter Two | Chapter Three | Chapter Four

Paring: Sirius Black/Reader

Tags: female reader, Hogwarts houses, set in the Marauders’ Era, fluff, angst, Reader is friends with Lupin.

Summary: The reader isn’t taken at first sight by Sirius Black. Honest.

Word Count: 1,949

Posting Date:  2016-05-19

Current Date: 2017-06-01

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For sixpenceee

Sanatorio Durán, in Cartago, Costa Rica.

Located in the outskirts of the province of Cartago, this former tuberculosis hospital is the country’s most well known haunted place. Founded by Dr. Carlos Durán Cartín in 1918, the hospital once treated around 300 tuberculosis and leprosy patients who were mostly cared for by nuns. After the tuberculosis crisis subsided, the hospital went on to become a women and children’s hospital, an orphanage, an insane asylum, and finally a prison. The sanatorium closed its doors for good in 1973 after a volcanic eruption of the nearby Irazú volcano, which rendered the hospital unsafe for inhabitants. Yet local lore and many witnesses are sure a few former residents may have stayed behind after all.

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Treat the ghosts in your house.
Frank, the new ghost said he’s tired of wearing the stereotypical white sheet over himself all the time.
The others nodded and sighed.
You where obligated to oblidge.
You let them raid all the closets in the house. They all looked stunning. So stunning you couldn’t stop staring. My, my, what a sight. You even have a drag queen ghost.
You comply to their every whim.
You couldn’t stand losing another family member again.
They always expect their standards met.
When they’re not met the first time…
You’ve lost enough.

The Woman in White

aishadiandra submitted: 

  My parents’ home in Indonesia is a little bit spooky. For a while, many people in the house had seen the figure of a young woman with long black hair and a floor length white dress. I know the description sounds awfully cliche when it comes to ghosts that this will seem like bullshit, but considering the amount of sightings of this woman, I still hold belief that she was definitely real.

At least two people who have stayed in this house have had dreams where they see the woman in white. The description is always exactly the same.

One of my cousins once saw the woman looking down at him from one of the 2nd floor windows - no female was in the house at the time.

Another cousin was walking back to the house with a friend who is quite aware of spirits, they were having a chat, and as they walked past the then-vacant lot next to the house, her friend suddenly went quiet and said “stay calm, don’t say or think anything negative…”. When they got into the house, the friend said, “I didn’t want to scare you too much or bring attention to it, but there was a girl in white with long black hair sitting on a tree branch looking at us.”

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Avatar Week - Rebirth

Kya read the invitation again to double check the time.  When she turned around, her mother was pinning her long hair up into a bun, the dark hair just giving way to gray.  Kya grabbed a few hair pins and waved her mother’s hands away so she could finish the bun for her.

“Mom,” Kya ventured, slipping a pin among the strands, “are you sure this is a good idea?”

“It’s a celebration!  Plus, it’s an excuse to have the family all together again.  That doesn’t happen very often nowadays.  So why wouldn’t it be a good idea?”

Kya looked at their reflections in the mirror.  Her mother’s dress was new, a shiny dark blue fringed with white fur.  Kya could only hope that she aged as well as her mother – even now, she was beautiful. Her wrinkles only highlighted the smiles that she wore throughout her life, and her eyes still blazed with a sharp strength.  Kya just hoped that strength would bear her through today.

“Just … you know.  It’s the first time you’re going to meet the new Avatar.”

There was a roar of laughter in the other room – Bumi and Sokka, Kya realized.  Her brothers and uncle waited in the other room for them to finish dressing before they walked together to the royal palace.  She chuckled at the sight they would make – a goofy commander of the United Forces, the serious Airbending Master, two Master Waterbenders, and the Chief of the Southern Water Tribe.  With a sigh, Kya secured her mother’s hair with one more pin and patted her on the shoulders.

Katara rose from her seat, ghosted her hands over the hair loopies hanging in front of her face, and then turned towards the door. “I’m not nervous about meeting Korra. Let’s go collect our brothers before they destroy the house.”

Kya checked her own appearance in the mirror: new earrings and a blue silk ribbon in her hair for the White Lotus’s ceremony to celebrate the newly identified Avatar, Korra.  She took a deep breath and followed her mother.

                                                         * * * 

The palace sparkled with lanterns, garlands, and icicles. Banners with the emblems of the Southern Water Tribe and the White Lotus hung from the ceiling.  Long tables were laid out, overflowing with food and packed with people laughing and celebrating.  Her uncle kept stopping to shake hands and chat with people, and her mother occasionally joined the conversation, so their progress to their table was slow and halting.

Bumi regaled Tenzin with a marvelous tale of surviving three typhoons during a mission in the south seas.  Tenzin’s scowl deepened, and Kya rolled her eyes. It was as bad as his story about beating an earthbender in a rock-throwing contest.

Far away, Kya could make out a table at the head of the room.  The table of honor, where they would sit.  Members of the White Lotus in their white cowls flanked both sides, and in the middle, a tiny girl in a blue and white dress. Her mother and father sat on either side of her, and they leaned down to talk to her.

As her family slowly approached the table, Kya kept her eyes trained on the little girl.  She seemed upset, wriggling in her chair, and her mother tried to get her to sit still.  She whispered something to the little girl, who slumped and pouted, but finally stopped wiggling.

Kya closed her eyes, tried to block out all the noise of the crowd, and searched for the girl’s aura.  Long ago, her father sat with her in the meditation pavilion on Air Temple Island and taught her to reach out her mind and feel the energy of people.  She remembered her awe when she first detected her father’s energy, as yellow as his robes with a shining white light underneath it like sunlight breaking through the clouds.

When she found the girl’s energy, it blazed as blue and as deep as the ocean.  It swirled and crackled with potential and power, but underneath, the same white light illuminated everything and struck Kya like light scattered across water.

She opened her eyes and blinked a couple of times. The colors were different, but the underlying sensation was the same that she first felt in the meditation pavilion all those years ago.  This girl was her father’s reincarnation.

Her mother looped her arm through hers.  “Come on, let’s go and meet Korra.”

The two waterbenders broke away from the rest of their family and weaved their way through the crowd and the tables to approach the family of honor.  When they reached table, the White Lotus members intercepted them and bowed.

“Thank you for coming, Master Katara, Master Kya.” They angled themselves toward her mother.  “We hope you will consider teaching the new Avatar waterbending.”

Kya turned to Katara in surprise.  The White Lotus had talked to her about training the Avatar? The worry twisted in Kya’s stomach, and thoughts raced through her mind: Mom is getting older, we’re all still grieving, it has only been four years—

 “I’d be happy to help train Korra,” Katara answered calmly.

“Mom, are you sure?” Kyra whispered.  Katara just patted her daughter’s arm.

“Wonderful!” the White Lotus member exclaimed.  “Let’s introduce you to your pupil.”

They led the women to the center of the table. Tonraq and Senna greeted them warmly. Senna looked behind her and waved her daughter forward.

“Korra,” she said gently.  “This is Katara and her daughter Kya.  Katara is going to be your waterbending master.”

The little girl looked up at them with wide blue eyes. Katara crouched down so she was closer to the girl’s height and smiled kindly.

Kya watched the girl as she considered her mother. After a moment, the girl’s face broke out in a broad grin.

“Will you go penguin sledding with me?  Mom says I’m too small to go by myself, but if you’re there, then we can have lots of fun!”

 Her mother’s eyes slid shut heavily, and for a moment, she was a world away.

“I’d love to, sweetie.”