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So less the physical ship being the one haunting them and more a memory of the past. Could be multiple things: a night terror? Bill playing tricks and corrupting Stan’s memory? An actual haunting (maybe they’re someplace like the Bermuda Triangle?) So this is more the showing of that little idea, but after discussing it with @impishnature, she took it a bit further in what could be an actual ending to this story (below the cut!)

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Fic: Ghost Ship (Ao3 link)
Fandom: DC’s Legends of Tomorrow
Pairing: Mick Rory/Leonard Snart

Summary: The Oculus spits Len back out into the world, a little over a year after he sacrifices himself.

He finds things different, and not in a good way.

A/N: For @ice-whisper, who requested Len angst that ripped her heart out. Hope this works for you. Happy birthday!


Len goes to his death with his eyes open, his heart set, and an apology on his lips.

Mick survived without him, after the fire. Thrived, even.

He’ll do fine without Len.

Len’s sure of it.

What happened next, though, Len isn’t expecting.

Len isn’t expecting to come back to life.

He isn’t expecting to find himself back on the Waverider, a little over a year after he died.

He isn’t expecting to find it so very different from what he’d left.

Most of all, though, he isn’t expecting to be right.

Because Mick is.

Doing fine without Len, that is.

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Sooo, rewatching 3.06. I can already hear y’all’s eyes rolling and see y’all’s painful groaning and muttering about not the dumb ghost ship. But forget all that bit. I just want to focus on the Sam and Dean bit at the end of the episode. 

At the beginning of the episode, Dean confronted Sam about having gone after the crossroads demon he sold his soul to. Sam’s still trying to find a way to save Dean from Hell, but Dean of course is still trying to talk him out of it (because if he breaks the deal, Sam dies). At the end, Dean admits he understands why Sam went after her, saying he would’ve done the same thing so he can’t blame Sam for that.

Dean has so far framed his entire reasoning around this in a “parental” way, believing that Sam will be okay after he’s gone, framing all of their discussions on the topic in an “I know what’s best” way even when Sam accuses him explicitly of doing the same thing John did to him (i.e. putting Dean textually into the parental role in the scenario). In a weird reversal of the promise Sam elicits from Dean at the end of s5 to go live a “normal, apple pie life” because that’s the life SAM always wanted, Dean encourages Sam to keep hunting, carrying on the Family Business that DEAN has always wanted.

DEAN: Yeah, you’ll keep hunting, y'know, you live your life. You’re stronger than me. You are! (SAM clears his throat) you are… you’ll get over it. But I want you to know I’m sorry, I’m sorry for… putting you through all this, I am.
SAM: You know what, Dean? Go screw yourself.
DEAN: What?
SAM: I don’t want an apology from you! And by the way, I’m a big boy now, I can take care of myself.

But it’s like Sam doesn’t understand that Dean’s playing the parental role, even while calling him out on the fact. He doesn’t get that Dean’s not just following exactly in John’s footsteps, but that his motivations for doing so were identical to John’s… Watch out for Sammy. Look after your little brother.

At least Sam finally expresses his real concern about Dean:

SAM (voice raising): So would you please quit worrying about me? I mean that’s the whole problem in the first place. I don’t want you to worry about me, Dean, I want you to worry about you! I want you to give a crap that you’re dying!

But in 3.07 Dean proves he still doesn’t give a crap that he’s dying, using himself as bait for the vampire, as bait for Gordon and Kubrick, and casually risking his life over and over again. It’s exactly what the vampire says about his own life:

VAMPIRE: I was desperate! You ever felt desperate? (shot of DEAN’s face) I’ve lost everyone I ever loved. I’m staring down eternity alone. (shot of DEAN’s face) Can you think of a worse hell?
DEAN: Well, there’s Hell.
VAMPIRE: I wasn’t thinking. I just … I didn’t care anymore. Do you know it’s like when you just don’t give a damn? It’s like … it’s like being dead already. So just go ahead. (looks down at DEAN’s knife) Do it.

But it’s also the situation that SAM will be left in after Dean goes to Hell… his entire family gone, all alone. And suddenly Dean understands there might be worse things than actual Hell.

He’s still not ready to drop the act in front of Sam. I mean, Sam uses the exact words:

SAM: I wish you would drop the show and be my brother again.

And the worst part of all of this is it takes nine more years for Dean to really get any sort of resolution to this. Yelling at the dream demon version of himself might be a lil bit cathartic, and he might come to a greater understanding of all the circumstances that led to the Winchester family feeling “cursed,” but it takes him actually confronting Mary with the entire truth in 12.22 to finally let all of this go.

Yes, 12.22 has officially changed everything.


“…Rebel spaceships, striking from a hidden base, have won their first victory against the evil Galactic Empire…”

Types of Ships
  • Ships: the average joe
  • Boats: tiny ships that don't last for too long
  • Submarines: unknown/widely unpopular ships
  • Ghost ships: sunken ships that still sail, where one/both sides of the ship have died
  • Battleships: antis; they sink other ships for their own benefit, and are the cause of many ships wars
  • Water Police: they are the peaceful kind; they ship anything, and are always trying to (unsuccessfully) prevent ship wars
  • The Titanic: huge ships, usually OTPs that everyone knows are going to sink at some point
  • The Ark: end-game OTPs. Like it or not, everyone knows they're going to happen

wade stuck around for manicure night with nat. it shouldnt surprise anyone that the merc with a mouth is excellent for commentary on b-level horror movies, which nat loves. im not always big on talking so its kinda nice to have someone else fill the silence. and red is also his color. he might actually get a return invite. 

though not if he keeps being this handsy. 

I refuse not to be a part of Pocky day

Prompt #152

“How do you ‘accidentally’ become the leader of a creepy ghost army?!”

“You know, it’s a really long story.”


I had resigned myself to everyone being dead by the end but somehow I wasn’t prepared for them to lose her.