ghost shadows


the grass will disappear during winter, your hair color fades with age. the clouds change colors like your moods, an open thunderstorm left for interpretation. someone left a nail under my tire, i got into a car accident while dreaming. nightmares don’t last very long, but you’re a night terror. cuts turning into scars, the hurt is invisible but i still feel it. a pianist presses the key, the sound is momentarily— it isn’t a sound at all if you’re not paying attention. your blood can pump from your heart to your veins straight into the shower drain, this 4 am silence is the only thing saving me from dead stars that feel like they have a right to write into my pages. a book that has been read once, won’t read the same the second time around. you have a barbed wire soul waiting for shock therapy, the ghost sitting near my shadow is just a means to an end. is this quiet you or me? the porch light is on and the doors are open, no one is home. a detective shows up and you’re praying that he doesn’t knock twice because your body has been hanging there for quite some time. another dream that you can’t wake up from, nightmares are more real than reality. we all have morning rituals, yours is waking up with cold sweat. you always go back to bed with a clenched fist and another reason as to why you want to disappear. they say that we live in strange times, you’ve been living that your whole life. you were born through war with a million brothers and sisters, then why does life feel like struggling not to die? you want to fade away, but the sun in his smile keeps you warm. you want to ghost yourself, but the familiarity inside of your niece’s laughter keeps you sane. you are insane, but at least you’re aware of your own crazy. it’s quite alright, nightmares will save you. you can beat this even if you fall 6 more times, you stand up 7.

You can’t
you can’t just turn it off
you think it’s gone
he’s out
the thought of him with her brings no emotion
but then
you see his face in a dream
you touch him
it’s so real
he’s back
—  you haunt me
👻 Spirits and Entities 👻

The existence of paranormal entities is widely debated. Some people have direct experience with non-human and non-living beings, while some dismiss the idea as ridiculous. No matter what you believe, you have probably heard the following terms in reference to supernatural entities and while some terms seem interchangeable, these refer to specific presence.

Spirit - General term for any non-physical entity.

Ghost - The most common term used to refer to a spirit is “ghost”, but “ghost” refers only to spirits of once-living things, like humans and animals.

Poltergeist - The term  “poltergeist” refers to two kinds of supernatural activity. One involves spirits, human or otherwise, that cause havoc or chaos. These spirits often manipulate electronics and objects to elicit a reaction from the living. The second form of poltergeist haunting has to do with energies emitted from children or adolescents that manifest physically and cause chaos.

Thoughtforms - Thoughtforms are entities created by thought energy. Though they are usually created for a certain purpose, they can often develop a mind of their own and their own agendas.

Residual Hauntings - Residual hauntings are caused by leftover energy or emotions from a specific event that leaves an imprint in the physical world. These hauntings may manifest as a recurring physical events, such as a certain object being moved over and over again or a specific sound being heard with no source.

Shadow People - Shadow People are figures seen on the edge of one’s vision. They are considered to be bad omens

Parasitic Entities (Demons) - Parasitic entities (including what some refer to as Demons) are supernatural beings that feed off of the energy of a living host or victim.

Doppelgangers - Doppelgangers are spirits that appear in the form of a living person. They are known to appear to a person as themselves to warn them of their imminent death.

Guides - These spirits could have once been human, but do that is not always the case. They linger close to certain people in order to watch over them. These spirits are known to communicate with mediums.

More info on Ghosts of the Shadow Market: An Anthology of Tales

“Walker Books will publish a new collection of short stories from American YA author Cassandra Clare featuring characters from the bestselling Shadowhunter world. Ghosts of the Shadow Market will be co-written with Maureen Johnson, Robin Wasserman, Sarah Rees Brennan and Kelly Link and will initially be available digitally.

The first eight stories will be published as e-books from around March 2018 monthly, with the final two available in a print bind-up of all the stories, to be published in 2019. The stories will centre on the Shadow Markets of the Shadowhunter world, with each one focusing on a different character. Jem Carstairs, of The Infernal Devices series, will appear in each.

Winterbotham described Ghosts of the Shadow Market as an “incredibly exciting acquisition”. She said: “There is an insatiable global appetite for Cassandra Clare and the Shadowhunter world, and we’re delighted to be publishing these fantastic additions to the oeuvre, with the brilliant talents of Cassandra and her co-writers.”

As the original UK publisher of The Mortal Instruments series in 2007, Walker will also be publishing a 10th anniversary hardback edition of her Clare’s debut, City of Bones, in November this year. She is the author of the bestselling The Mortal Instruments series and The Infernal Devices trilogy, and the co-author of The Bane Chronicles with Sarah Rees Brennan and Maureen Johnson. She also wrote The Shadowhunter’s Codex with her husband, Joshua Lewis.”

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