ghost scout

(Thanks @impatiensthesordidshmuck ! This was was a fun ask! ^_^)
Scout: He loves Halloween, more sugar obviously, but he doesn’t like to put in more effort than is necessary. He’ll probably go as himself, just for easy sugar score.
Soldier: Lady Liberty, duh.
Demoman: Pirate, because he lost a bet with Heavy. Maybe he shouldn’t have worn TWO eye patches, because he trips every few minutes.
Heavy: He somehow lucked out of wearing a costume this year (thank god) but now he has to play exhausted chaperone for these knuckleheads (oh god). He hasn’t lost any so far, but Sniper almost ran into the street, Soldier stole two candy bags and may have started a gang war a block over, and Engie won’t stop fiddling with people’s Halloween decorations. It’s gonna be a LOOOOONG night.
Engineer: He was supposed to be Snipers ghost twin, but since Snipers costume got ruined by Scout (To be explained…) He decided to go as a cyborg, scaring everyone half to death while lunging out of bushes with his metal hand, and taking the opportunity to mess with people’s decorations as they run away screaming. Ah, good times.
Medic: So, Medic decided to recreate Dr.Jekyll and Mr. Hyde… and made a real life recreation of the potion before everyone else headed out. No one has seen him all night, but their are ongoing news reports on the radio, that are both unsettling, and VERY familiar. The team finds Medic in the dumpster the next morning, hair half burned off, covered in a odd mixture of mayonnaise and parrot feathers, a huge grin on his face even as he stumbles back into bed, promising a very interesting tale of the night before… The front page in the newspaper beats him to it.
Sniper: Exactly an hour before heading out, Sniper made the mistake of asking Scout to help him with his simple, white sheet ghost costume. First, Scout proceeded to cover it in pitch black dye, then he cut the eye holes about two meters apart. So, fast forward to trick-or-treating, and Sniper is now blindly following the group under a black sheet, praying he doesn’t stumble into the street as he follows the sound of Scout on a sugar high, Heavy ready to kill everyone, and pedestrians running away in terror… God he hopes that he didn’t stumble into the wrong group of psychopaths.
Pyro: Of course, they change costumes every few minutes, unable to decide if they want to be the sunflower, or the fire truck. Everyone else protest whenever they stops to change, but they quickly remember that Pyro kept their flamethrower with them for a reason. No one will forget, the Halloween of ‘60… *shudder* So much burnt candy corn…
Spy: Same as every year,  the Invisible Man. And, same as every year, he insists that he’s ‘staying at home’. Same as every flipping year, they can hear his stupid laugh as one of the mercs trip, someone’s candy is stolen, or a startled yelp as something tries to maneuver Sniper into the street. Spy literally has nothing else to do but mess with the others as they try to trick or treat without getting banned out of another neighborhood.

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Hi! Could I request what kind of ghost Tomura would be if he haunted the s/o's house oh what it'd be like in general ~

Hi lovely! I hope you don’t mind me changing the s/o to “roommate” since it was a rather general request. Aside from that, I very much hope I could write it well enough and that you’re going to like it!

- kind of written here.

- Aside from being a rather creepy ghost without even having to try, he tends to be on the quieter side. He doesn’t knock things around; he isn’t yelling or causing every electronic device to go off like mad.

- When he’s bored or feels like he’s being ignored though, he does knock one or two things over or lets the keys and cell phone disappear.

- He isn’t fond of other ghosts living in the same house as him, even just having neighbors can cause him to become prickly and he’ll try to drive the other spirits away. If they persist however and don’t annoy the living daylights out of him, Tomura gets used to the other ghosts.

- While other people would say he doesn’t have a single, funny bone in his body, Tomura ends up making one or another really macabre or dark joke. It can be rather funny as long as one doesn’t think too much about it or that a dead person is joking over death and dying.

- Tomura doesn’t talk about how he died or why or who was responsible for it. And there are also days when he disappears to meet up with other ghosts or to scout along the neighborhood and see if some other dead soul popped up.

- If he likes someone, he has a bit of an awkward and odd way of showing it. He doesn’t let things disappear, there are never connection problems with the internet and he sometimes subtly nudges things closer, so the person he lives with doesn’t have to search or reach too far for it.

- He does not like strangers. Every living stranger that gets brought into the house is someone he lurks after and just generally keeps a very, very close eye on.

- Tomura personally likes the easy, rather calm and quiet evenings where he sits on the table with his roommate and they converse, talking about everything and nothing, or while sitting on the couch with them and watching TV.

- He doesn’t know how to handle it if his roommate is sad or feels down. Anger and joy is something he can handle and he’s never afraid to poke at them until they spill what’s bothering them, but sadness? He’s out of his depths here and often ends up silently sitting with them or switching on the TV with their favorite movie, in hopes it can distract them.

Finished sewing myself a new little buddy during my crit role watch today! To replace the buddy lost to the bedbugs! He is a dark blue-grey to be Scout, Auburn’s Ghost. New nighttime cuddle pal acquired! I didn’t expect to feel so empty without sleeping with something so small, I think I just missed having something to worry over at night.