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Another Fanfic Scene Thingie

I was gonna work on like a sequel to “Fire And Oxygen: Nothing Else Matters” in the Lifegiver series, and I was finally going to start the 2003 Mikey vs aliens story in the CFR Mind Games series, and then this ridiculously random piece for the Sunshine Child series popped up, so I’m putting it here for later. It’s kind of part one from Donnie’s perspective. Then I’ll do a two and three and four from Leo, Raph, and Mikey, and maybe Ghost Splinter. Because the Sunshine Child fics are supposed to follow Season 5 and I’m tired of waiting, so fuck that, and the Leo And Mikey With Ghost Splinter Spiritual Intuition Team will happen whether canon likes it or not. I entirely blame drunk Splinter, that was the second only good thing about “Tokka vs Earth” (shh, I have Feelings about that wreck of an episode cough Mikey Got Nearly Dissected cough augh ahem shutup).
Hmm. Perhaps I’ll write a Ghost Rat Dad scene where he discusses the appropriate times to intoxicate for Spiritual Purposes, because now I see April and Mikey dragging Leo into woods near the farmhouse to eat pretty mushrooms and get spiritual. Damn it, headcanons. Slow down. Do you want nonsense fic? Because this is how you get nonsense fic.

Gods, I love writing the B-Team and Donnie’s precious loving snark. Mikey may be my love but Donnie is my bro.

Bah. Anyway. Here be the first part of “He Is Quantum”.
Also, the first person who assumes Mikey cannot possibly read that well is getting slapped upside the head by the crankiest Autistic with ADHD this side of the fandom. I need more dopamine boosters. Hello, caffeine.

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misunderstood supervillain Junkyard Heart’s secret identity is Moxie Cheerwine

her sidekick is Glass Rat

he’s the ghost of a dead rat that only manifests as a spectral reflection in broken glass

he can’t talk or do anything useful but she likes knowing he’s there for emotional support


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