ghost punx


In my ongoing money drive, I’m selling some records! I take really good care of them, keeping them in record bags, no scratches or anything. Please contact me if you’re interested in any of these. I’ll probably put them up on eBay next month if they don’t sell here (I’m out of free listings for the month already :x)

Check out my eBay listings there’s lots of stuff listed LINK HERE

Prices include free USPS shipping in the US

Dark Throne: Circle of Wagons - $30

The Pist: Ideas are Bulletproof - $15

One Way System: Writing on the Wall - $15

Ghost: Meliora (Gray Smoke LP) - $35

Flipper: Love - $15

Flipper: Fight LIVE - $15

Liberty: The People Who Care are Angry - $15

Aus-Rotten: The System Works for Them (Brown LP) - $40

punk will never leave you alone // cause when things are rough, when you feel like shit, when you can’t get any worse, punk rock is there for you (listen)

thriller - fall out boy // bamboo bones - against me! // weightless - all time low // move along - the all american rejects // survive - rise against // your heart is a muscle the size of your fist - ramshackle glory // alone together - fall out boy // fuck shit up - wingnut dishwashers union // the great escape - boys like girls // destroy what destroys you - all against authority // color - the maine // last hope - paramore // stay awake - all time low // underdog - you me at six // run - the maine // up the punx - ghost mice // famous last words - my chemical romance