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Finished my book cover design for my agent’s Christmas campaign centered  on Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol.”  Even though they asked us to not all go for a ghost centered design, I just couldn’t help myself.   But at least I have them all on the back cover.  Besides they’re not that scary.

My Christmas Episode Theory

OK GUYS. I may  be (probably am) completely wrong here but I think that I have an idea on what exactly may be going on in this Christmas Episode.

(Keep in mind this is only a theory meaning that it may or may not be true)

From looking at the spoilers and the pictures, I think I’ve cracked how Alison fits into this, (even if this is just a small part of the episode, or a minor story line).

In the book, A Christmas Carol written by Charles Dickens, Ebenezer Scrooge is a mean man who is visited by his dead coworker, Jacob Marley. Marley tells him he will be visited by three spirits, the Ghost of Christmas Past, Present, and Future to prevent him from going down a bad path that he is already on.

Alison DiLaurentis = Ebenezer Scrooge

Mona Vanderwaal = Jacob Marley/ Ghosts of Christmas

In this Pretty Little Liar Spoiler, Mona is supposed to be the Ghost of Christmas Past, Present, and Future.

Mona, as the different Ghost, comes back to haunt Alison’s dreams to show her what will happen if she continues down this path of destruction.

Like the book, Mona first shows Alison her Christmas Pasts, (this is where Little Alison comes in)

Alison will pity her younger self and see how bad of a life she had when she was younger. Just like how in the book, Ebenezer sees his younger self and sees how lonely he was back then.

Mona will take Alison further into her Christmas pasts and come to Alison’s most memorable Christmas, one where she wasn’t alone.

This is why I believe that Santa is Emily. 

This would be flashback Emily though, the one hopelessly in love with Alison, making it seem logical because the current Emily would want NO part of kissing Alison.

Alison and Emily will kiss under the mistletoe in a flashback set the Christmas before Alison disappeared. (The writers would do this to please all the canon ships this Christmas) The drawing below is not my drawing and is the most amazing Emison drawing I have ever seen.

In the book, Scrooge falls in love with a woman but then that relationship ends after he becomes cruel and obsessed with the conservation of money. Scrooge sees how in love he was with this woman and is upset by how he let her slip away.

After Alison sees her Christmas from years past, Mona will then take her to see what her current Christmas will be like if she doesn’t change her ways.

From this Pretty Little Liars Spoiler:

Alison will probably see all her (ex)friends having dinner with their significant other. Meaning she’ll see Emily with Paige since Lindsay Shaw is going to be in the episode.

In the book, Scrooge sees his assistant having dinner and feels bad that he doesn’t treat his assistant the right way.

When Mona takes Alison to see her future Christmas’s Alison doesn’t like what she sees, giving her the biggest wake up call ever. When Alison awakes, she decides to seriously change her ways and become a better person.

The above relates to Alison because everyone knows she is the queen. “Newborn queen” refers to Alison’s wakeup call, and she changes her ways almost as if she was “reborn”.

In the book, Scrooge wakes up almost as a new person and makes it his job to fix everything and everyone he hurt in the past.

So, that’s my Christmas Episode Theory.

You can tell me your feedback either in a message or whatever. I’d be happy to hear.


December 19th 1843: A Christmas Carol published

On this day in 1843, Charles Dickens’s A Christmas Carol first went on sale, published by Chapman & Hall. Dickens began writing the novella in September 1843, and finished it remarkably quickly, with the book ready for publication by December. A Christmas Carol centres around the cantankerous Ebenezer Scrooge, who is visited by the ghosts of his former business partner Jacob Marley and the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present, and Yet to Come. These spectral visits reform Scrooge, convincing him to cease his cruelty towards his workers, and to embrace the spirit of Christmas. A Christmas Carol is indicative of general themes of Dickens’s work, namely his sincere sympathy for the poor and destitute. This Christmas story is a much-loved book, standing alongside Dickens’s other works like Bleak House, Oliver Twist, Great Expectations, and A Tale of Two Cities as some of the most celebrated pieces of British literature. A Christmas Carol has since become a quintessential Christmas story, and its message of kindness and compassion remains poignant.


An interview with Mark Gatiss to tie in with his narration of a set of ghost stories by E F Benson. He explores the topics of his favourite ghost stories, literary inspirations and more.

12 Classic Books That Will Change Your Life

Reading can become a serious but positive addiction once you indulge into it. Many studies and experiments have proved that books can have a huge impact on your mind. They cause biological changes; researchers have found that a powerful story can create ‘muscle memory’ in the brain in the same way as if the events and facts had actually happened to the reader. It is interesting that a good book is usually universal, it can affect people of all ages, social status, nationality etc.
Below you will find a list of 12 books that have changed lives of many bibliophiles; if you haven’t read them yet, do it now, because reading is one of the best pleasures of human being.

1.To Kill a Mockingbird, by Harper Lee

The book published in 1960 gained popularity and success immediately. It has won the Pulitzer Prize, and has become classic of modern American Literature. The story and characters are based on the author’s observations of her family and neighbors. She also tells about the story that happened to her near her hometown at the age of 10. The novel deserved popularity due to its warmth and humor, even though it touches the serious issues of rape and racial inequality. Atticus Finch, the narrator’s father, has become a moral hero for many readers and a model of integrity for lawyers. One of the critics, describing the novel’s impact says that To Kill a Mockingbird is probably one of the most widely read books about race-related problems in America, and its protagonist, Atticus Finch is the most enduring fictional image of racial heroism.”

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Imagine your OTP reenacting A Christmas Carol. Person A must play as Scrooge while Person B must play the ghost of Jacob Marley. When the two end up on stage together, they try to play the role, but fail miserably as they both suppress the urge to use pet names. (ex. my love, honey, baby…)

OT3 Bonus: Person C is filming this in the audience on their phone and suppresses a vast amount of giggles.


Friday night I couldn’t sleep because I was less than sober and mentally casting a Sailor Moon adaptation of A Christmas Carol because duh that’s totally normal when you’re a 23 year old dude drunk on your friend’s couch. IT JUST SEEMED LIKE SUCH A BEAUTIFUL IDEA, I HAD TO STAY AWAKE AND THINK ABOUT IT.

It still sounds beautiful, but I’m not gonna lose sleep over it again.


Rei as Scrooge. Minako as Jacob Marley, trolling Rei as a ghost. Ami as the Ghost of Christmas Past. Mako as the Ghost of Christmas Present IS THAT NOT BEAUTIFUL????Setsuna as the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come. I was gonna put Hotaru in that role, but she’s busy being the wife of Chibiusa who is Scrooge’s nephew Fred. Artemis is Bob Cratchit and Luna is his wife duh. All for the glorious purpose of:

Diana as Tiny Tim.





And no I haven’t forgotten Usagi, Mamoru, Haruka, and Michiru. I just don’t know where to stick them. I was thinking Usagi and Mamo as the Fezziwigs. But then I thought maybe Usagi should be Belle. I DON’T KNOW. And I have no idea what to do with Haruka and Michiru. The people who steal Scrooge’s shit after he dies??? Fuck I don’t know.

Oh and Chibi-Chibi can be the kid who tells Scrooge that it’s Christmas morning. Except it plays out a bit differently.

“What day is it?”




“Ugh just tell me the goddamn date!”


“Is today Christmas or not?! Just answer yes or no!”




Fuck I forgot about the Starlights. Oh well.

A Hot Bath Can Work Wonders - A Thommy fanfic

A Hot Bath Can Work Wonders

For eatingmoonflowers, who wanted a fic where Jimmy sees Thomas’ bum and can’t stop thinking about it.  This prompt has been bugging me for a few days now, so I sat down and speed wrote this this evening.  I don’t know if anyone else has filled this already – apologies if you have, but I hope you enjoy this one too :)

Also on here:

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I was going to do a bunch of Christmas Carol sketches/maybe even a little comic with

Hans as Ebenezer Scrooge

Kristoff and Anna as the Cratchits

Duke of Weselton as Jacob Marley

Elsa as Belle

Oaken as The Ghost of Christmas Past

Olaf as The Ghost of Christmas Present

and I don’t know who for the ghost of yet to come.

…but I’ve gotten lazy and decided I don’t want to anymore. So here’s a crappy Scrooge!Hans that I did.


Marvel Christmas Carol starring….

  • Iron Man (Tony Stark) as Scrooge
  • Wonder Man (Simon Williams) as Ghost of Jacob Marley
  • Deadpool (Wade Wilson) as The Ghost of Christmas Past, Present and Future
  • The Avengers as Tony Stark’s employees