ghost of christmas present

David Tennant’s Crowley Is...

Probably going to be a mixture of these three in the looks department not so much in the attitude department. Okay maybe a little in the attitude department. I mean according to the book Crowley isn’t your typical demon; he has a bit of a conscious.  Anyway he will have:

The Attitude of Peter Vincent- That “I don’t give a fuck at what you say or do as long as I don’t have to do anything” attitude. But deep down he really does want to help out.

The Fashion Sense of the Ghost of Christmas Present- Crowley likes to be up with the times, especially when it comes to the 21st Century. But he does have a bit of heart for nostalgia when it comes to certain things. 

The Hairstyle of Kilgrave-Crowley isn’t as evil as Kilgrave, although he is a demon, get that. But his hair will probably be styled similarly with the added fact that he is a ginger too.


Finished my book cover design for my agent’s Christmas campaign centered  on Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol.”  Even though they asked us to not all go for a ghost centered design, I just couldn’t help myself.   But at least I have them all on the back cover.  Besides they’re not that scary.


Continuing the catch-up, from Christmas, I took  a little time to work on a personal interpretation of The Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present, and Yet To Come smiley I love the story of A Christmas Carol so much…I’d really like to keep developing a version of my own! I’ve always loved the Victorian Christmas where warmth, joy and firelight aren’t so far from the fear of winter’s chill. In this take on the spirits- Christmas Past is the little firelight of Scrooge’s own candle, the bell that rings to signify the haunting, as flickering and insubstantial as memory. I imagine her fading and passing her lights on to Christmas Present who wears them as cowl of an advent wreath (the five candles traditionally symbolizing love, joy, peace, hope and the central flame of Christ). Present is a personified horn of plenty mixed with Saint Nicholas, a moving feast that paradoxically cannot be eaten by the starving child hidden in his robes (who will grow into the gaunt form of Christmas Yet To Come). And he is designed to evoke a decaying Christmas tree, under starlight.

Dinomas Day 10: Dinosaurs from the Triassic, Jurassic, and Cretaceous as the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present, and Future respectively.

I wanted to show the emergence of birds in the Mesozoic through Coelophysis, Archaeopteryx, and Confuciusornis.


RWBY Volume 5 NYCC Panel Recap

Girls come on stage first, to the song ‘Sabotage’, rockin’ some awesome dance moves

Product stuff: new Volume 4 Ruby McFarlan figure, Volume 5 poster by the amazing Ein Lee, manga hardcover coming in January 2018, Twitch RWBY marathon, Blazeblue (Miles and Kerry: “Bleblu” and “Bluby”)

Gray shooting a video from MSG for Japanese audiences, where the Volume 4 dub is premiering this weekend

Volume 5 talk:

  • Barb is excited to see what happens to Yang; Volume 5 is a completely different level for RWBY
  • Arryn is excited for the character growth
  • Kara can’t believe that they’re in Madison Square Garden; is excited to see Team RWBY growing as a team
  • Lindsay’s excited to explore new areas of Remnant and meet new characters

Linsday takes a second to poke fun at the idea of Roman still being alive.

Volume 5 clip. Stream cut. Group is teary-eyed when they return.

Yang Short. Stream cut. Kerry promises it’ll be up soon.

Miles announces that there’ll be fourteen episodes this Volume.

Q&A Highlights:

1. First guy (now dubbed “Fanfiction” because of a weird tangent he went off on until the team stopped him): Any regrets from the last Volume?

  • Kerry: Of course. As soon as an episode’s over, you always think ‘aw, I could’ve done this’.
  • Miles: Hindsight’s 20/20. 
  • Gray: Art is never done, it’s just published.

2. Question about the Volume 3 2v2 (Pyrrha and Nora vs. Sun and Neptune) round cut:

  • Kerry says they could put it on a DVD as a special feature or something like that.

3. Is there a fairytale character you’d like to see adapted?

  • Barb: Rapunzel
  • Lindsay: Same. Fight with her hair. Get Willow Smith to voice it.
  • Kara: Sleeping Beauty and the fairy godmothers
  • Arryn: Little Mermaid
  • Kerry: Mine I can’t talk about!
  • Gray: International mythology. Norse mythology, Kitsune
  • Miles: Ghosts of Christmas past, present and future

4. Is Ruby going to be the only RWBY character in BlazeBlue?

  • Kerry: Only ArcSystems can announce that, but keep telling them who you want to see.

5. Does Shitley get punched?

  • Miles: No spoilers!

5.1. How important is Oscar gonna be?

  • Miles: That’s a spoiler question! But he’s best boy…

6. How do you get into characters heads when you write for them?

  • Miles and Kerry: Music. (Ex. Weiss - classical piano; Branwen twins - Bloodborne)
  • Ambient sounds

6.1. Favorite anime soundtrack?

  • Kerry: Fate Stay Night, Kill la Kill
  • Miles: Kill la Kill
  • Barbara: Your Name (Kimi No Na Wa)
  • Arryn: Akira

7. What has been the most challenging thing with the spike in RWBY’s popularity?

  • Miles: Not freaking out?
  • Gray: The juggling act of collaborating with everyone who wants to be a part of RWBY
  • Lindsay: Surreal and intimidating, voice acting opposite recognized people
  • Barbara: It’s hard knowing that they can’t meet everyone who loves and supports the show
  • Miles: Focusing on the writing, having fun and telling the story and trying not to think about how much is riding on them
  • Kerry: Self-esteem, personal demons etc. Knowing they won’t make everyone happy

8. What’s your favorite superhero?

  • Miles: Batman
  • Kara: Supergirl
  • Arryn: Wonder Woman
  • Barbara: Batgirl
  • Linsday: Black Canary
  • Kerry: Deku!
  • Gray: Batman (90s DC animated stuff; Ninja Batman)

9. Any new software for Volume 5?

  • Kerry: Used 3D Pencil for character, RedShift for backgrounds in Volume 4. Love to use Pencil in Maya instead of 3DS Max

10. What would happen if your characters personalities were to switch/you were to switch personalities with your character?

  • Kara: Ruby and Weiss would be fun to switch
  • Arryn: I’m a mix of Yang and Blake. I’m either super introverted or super extroverted and there’s no in between
  • Barbara: I am Yang and Yang is me!

11. How much are you drawing from Avatar?

  • Kerry: It’s one of our biggest inspirations.
  • Miles: It’s, like, my favorite story ever! Avatar: The Last Airbender!
  • Barbara: There was a Zuko-looking character in the Volume 5 clip

12. Is Neo able to speak?

  • Miles: Spoiler question!

12.1. Is Penny the same?

  • Miles: Still a spoiler question! You wasted it!

13. What do you guys think the biggest influence the fans have had on you guys?

  • Gray: The art team thinks about the cosplayers, always; conventions provide massive motivation
  • Kerry: Biggest thing is motivation; thinking about how much people are going to like what he’s doing
  • Miles: His mom, a former teacher, sent him a drawing of Ruby a little girl drew for him in her class and wanted him to have. It’s on his desk.
  • Barbara: The fans; Tweets, theories, saying thank you to the cast and crew
  • Kara: Confidence the fans give them
  • Lindsay: Family of fans alongside CRWBY

Quick interruption from Gray: behind the scenes segments for FIRST members after the episodes; announces RWBY Rewind

Gray thanks everyone; last video is the first teaser for Gen:Lock.


Maddie didn’t know that ghosts could looked so panicked. And Phantom looked so fearful.

Maddie never thought that she would feel regret for having a ghost beautifully strapped up on her steel experimentation table like a Christmas present. And yet, despite it all she did.

The strangest part about all of this was that before, Phantom looked like it’s usual determined self. Ready to fight for its own existence. Defeat only settled on his features when she delicately tore away the first part of the HAZMAT suit only to find, not skin, not ectoplasm. But a binder.

She dropped the knife. And Jack’s eyes followed it. Jack didn’t even give a response when it clattered against the hard floor.

This was too unsettlingly human.

Why would a ghost care about the appearance of gender? Or, have the need to define what one was? That… that was a human trait. To care how one looked to others. Boy, girl, neither, both or somewhere in between and to be called according to such.

What ghosts cared about was how to get what they wanted. To create chaos.

And yet, Phantom having a binder defied that. It showed that the ghost boy simply wanted to be that, a ghost boy. And that he didn’t want others to doubt that.

Phantom must’ve figured a way out while Maddie was distracted, because he was sitting upright and was using torn bits of the HAZMAT suit to cover his chest.

Phantom swallowed and began drifting upward. Slowly he started to back away, his legs smearing into the air like black mist  “well, this is awkward.”

”Everything you ever said” Jack said slowly, It was true, wasn’t it?”

There was a long pause.

Phantom was still backing away from them, “Yeah, yeah it was.”

Maddie felt sick, if Phantom could feel her experiments, then so did the other ghosts that she had succeeded in cutting up.

She felt dizzy as she used on hand to balance on the table and the other hand rapped around her stomach. As if that would stop her from feeling queasy. As if that stopped the screams in her head from the too many ghosts before Phantom.

Ghosts weren’t monsters anymore and Maddie’s hands never felt more like sharp claws.

Maddie’s legs were shaking, and her face felt drained.

Phantom reached out for a split second then he withdrawn. His eyes flickered to her knees and face, “Hey, uh mo- Maddie, maybe you should sit down.”

Jack took a step towards Phantom, but stopped when Phantom wheeled back. Phantom was now pressed against the wall and eyes were cautiously on Jack and Maddie.

As much as it hurt, Maddie couldn’t blame him.

And with a blink of an eye, Phantom was gone.

My dad's reaction to ddadds characters
  • Me: Hey, dad. There's this video game going around that's pretty popular, and I wanna know what you think of the characters cuz they're all dads.
  • Dad: Oh no, is this that Dad dating simulator??
  • Dad: He's stupid!
  • Me: *offended* No he's not!
  • Dad: He could probably beat me up.
  • Me: ... yeah that's probably true. What do you think his name is?
  • Dad: Dave.
  • DAMIEN: *i forgot what name dad gave him*
  • Dad: He looks like he's into arts. Like theatre. Musical theatre.
  • CRAIG:
  • Dad: He likes sports.
  • Me: Haha yeah.
  • Dad: His name's Mike.
  • JOSEPH: *i forgot the name Dad gave him too*
  • Dad: He's really feminine.
  • Me: *laughter*
  • MAT: *guess who forgot the name again*
  • Dad: He likes music. He's a musician.
  • Me: *sorta proud*
  • HUGO:
  • Dad: He's Curt. He's a professor.
  • Me: *actually proud*
  • BRIAN:
  • Dad: He looks like, what was it? The ghost of Christmas present!
  • Me: *laughing* That's it he's just the ghost of Christmas present. That's his entire thing.
  • Dad: *starts pulling up videos of the ghost of Christmas present to prove his point*