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Oreo Outfit/Cosplay Collection! 

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What tv shows do the girls enjoy watching?

Major League Baseball, that cartoon with the three bears, Peppa Pig (River), and so many other cartoon shows I don’t remember. Amanda also recently introduced the twins to Paranormal Ice Road Ghost Truckers, and they’ve been obsessed with it since!

My 3rd Semester Animation Intro Project

We had to make a 20 to 30 seconds opening of something and I made this

Lots of sweats and tears, and being up for 36 hours is certainly fml, but worth it

Screaming Beauty

Fandom: Miraculous Ladybug
Characters/Relationships: Adrien Agreste, Marinette Dupain-Cheng, Alya Cesaire, Nino; light Adrienette/Ladynoir, light DJWifi
Word Count: 3888

This is me doing The Thing™ for a prompt that @catch-the-ghost sent to @imagine-miraculousladybug!


“Tired of not having time to do the things that you want to? Annoyed with all of the school work and extracurriculars that keep you awake at night?”

Hawkmoth smirked, feeling the newest victim nodding.

“I can help you with that. All I ask in return is that you bring me the Miraculous of Ladybug and Chat Noir!”

The faint whisper, “I accept, Hawkmoth,” ghosted across his senses and he grinned.

“Then go, and bring me their Miraculous, Sleeping Beauty!”

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I hate it when I actually like a band ALOT and someone comes and asks me all of the band members names.
Like forreal, I like the band I don’t need to know all of their names to prove it.

anonymous asked:

Hello! I have a request! What if the guardian had to leave for a mission, but didn't expect how long it would take to complete. (It can be weeks or months) and Cayde-6 isn't well, being worried for their well being and if they're sick or hurt or worse. He can't keep still, tends to pace back and forth, his jokes don't have his usual humor. But when the guardian finally returns, he's all over them and he swears to the traveler that they have gotten more beautiful and mature and he's a m e s s

Poor Caydie! Quickly, fix him up! Give him a ramen soup! Kittens and cards! 

You drop everything and run towards him. You didn’t expect the mission to be damn long. You were used to short missions and because Cayde would whined like a puppy who haven’t seen its owner for the entire day. The mission was supposedly to be a one week not, five weeks. It was a hit and run type of mission, not an assassination type! 

When you went back to your ship, you plan to take a long nap. Your Ghost was worried about you and your health. Your eyes had bags and you almost think to yourself that you look like a raccoon or a panda. Ghost quickly make a call to the Tower, saying that the mission is over and you are heading back for a meeting with the Vanguard. 

Until Cayde’s Ghost spoke up, telling how miserable Cayde are when you didn’t check in. It’s kinda a way on how the both of check up with each other. It seems the mission had made you to forget about it. 

“I’m going to drive fast.” You said, checking the fuel if it was sufficient for a warp drive. Your Ghost stared at you. 

“You need to rest.” 

“Rest later,” You activated the warp drive, the engine gave a low hum. “I’m more worried about Cayde than myself.” 

“Right, don’t want him to cause troubles in the Tower.” 

The moment you land your ship in the Tower Hangar, you got out from the ship and make a straight dash where Cayde was. The EXO was sitting on the ground, mumbling a few words and he was holding a bottle of whiskey. His Ghost was hovering around him and Amanda was kneeling right in front of him. 

She heard your footsteps and looked up. The mechanic gave a sigh of a relief. “Thank goodness, you’re back. Caydie is a mess.” 

“I know,” You huffed. She stood up and pat your shoulder, heading back to her workplace.  

Amanda and his Ghost wasn’t joking, even his Hunters and the Vanguard too. Cayde was a mess, a big slober mess. “Dammit, Cayde.” You got right in front of him and sit down. “I leave you for a few weeks and this is what you’re up to?” 

“Hon-ey…. you… you… you’re baaaacckk? Woooooooo….” His optics was dim and his voice, it lost its cheeriness. The light of his mouth was dim. His entire posture was screaming; I must have drink this to drown my sorrows of your long disappearance. 

“Cayde.” You went to his side and place your arm around his shoulder, pulling him close to your side. “I’m here. I’m alive. “I’m not leaving you, ever.” 

The Vanguard let out some sounds that almost resemble a groan. “C’mon, let’s go to my room. You need some resting.” 

Cayde didn’t protest when you force him to stand up. His legs must have been sleeping which cause him to stumble next to you. You caught him before he fall down. You place his arm around your shoulder while yours went to his waist. 

Guardians gave the both of you space as the both of you walk to your room. Since you’re dating Cayde, you have learn a few things about the EXO from Banshee and Guardians. His Ghost have taught a few quirks and tips which it transfer the data to your Ghost. 

You and Cayde enter your room, the lights automatically lite up when you step foot first. The door close itself as you brought Cayde to your bed. “Straight up from the mess city.” You sighed as you search for Andal, that kitten who never leaves Cayde’s side and sometimes, your side. 

“There you are,” The kitten meowed at you. You gently pick it up and brought it to Cayde. “Cheer your pa, he needs it.” The kitten hop from your arms and land onto his chest. 

“Heeeyy buddyy…” Cayde greets the kitten. The kitten purred loudly, it gave you enough time to scan Cayde’s database. It was the old usual mopey Cayde-self. Nothing you can handle it, besides, this wasn’t your first time encounter this side of him.  

You put away your guns before taking your place on the bed. Andal the kitten meows at you when you sat next to Cayde. “Feeling better?” You slowly place his head next to your shoulder, putting your chin on top of his forehead, be mindful of his horn. 

“Beautiful… you…” His voice was getting low. He didn’t recharge himself? Okay, now you are worried, the same level of worry of his Ghost. 

“Take a long nap, Cayde.” And he did. It gave his Ghost a sense of relief when he fall asleep. Andal has jump off from Cayde and jump away from the bed, probably joining the other kittens. Probably playing with them. 

It was a long and pleasant sleep for Cayde. He never felt so much energy, rushing back and forth. The first thing he notice that he was in your room and you were by his side, sleeping. 

“They’re back…” He mumbled softly. “And… alive.”

His Ghost then appeared. “And thanks to them, you’re back to your usual self.” 

Cayde chose not to return to his duties, he chose to stay next to you. “Tell Ikora that I’m taking a day off. Need to recuperate myself for a few hours before going back.” 

“Done,” His Ghost disappeared with a blink. 

‘Hamtaro Abridged - Episode 1 ‘ Starters

From the video of the same name, perfect for crack and not-so-crack threads.

  • Curtains are against my religion! 
  • Don’t eat those we just moved here!
  •  Alright time to go exploring! Let’s find some new friends! 
  • Hey, that guy looks desperate. 
  • Maybe if i shout from this tree!! *tree snaps* OH FUCK  
  • I lost my sunflower seed! it was my only friend…! 
  • Don’t worry I have low standards! 
  • Great lets kiss! ❞
  • Do you think i could get a colonoscopy as a tax right up!? 
  • Sometimes I lose things that are two feet in front of me.  
  • My weight is finally dragging me down into the earth! My mom always said this would happen! 
  • Oh oh oh! Hey kids, i’m a man who lives in a hole.  
  • Golly! a mole man! 
  • Hey, hey, hey! Kids it’s me, Drunk Boss. 
  • You know, back in the day I was a human. 
  • It’s not the time to be weird and creepy! ❞
  • Here, come into my bungalow! This is where I liiive! 
  • Golly it sure is small and empty. 
  • It’ll be a team effort….Yup…Leave it to me.  
  • Did you say Haaamsters? I know where we can find some hamsters. 
  • So that’s the girl you like huh mister? ❞
  • Yeah! I come here to watch her sleep. ❞
  • Great looks like i left another body in here. Get out of here body you’re ruining my first impressions!! 
  • Please don’t leave me with him. ❞
  • One time two lesbians took me into a dumpster and fed me a hamburger. 
  • Don’t go outside again or else mom’s gonna put you into a sock and throw you into the river! ❞
  • Hey there champ! You’re faster than a starting line coming out of a horse! ❞
  • I just woke up at the club house and boss was there and i DONT know what’s going on! ❞
  • Shut up scarf! 
  • You have no other characteristics besides that scarf so until further notice your name is scarf! 
  • Your name is a noun just like all the others. Hat, Fat, Book, Book2, Girl, Corpse, Pacman ghosts, and panda. ❞
  • Ooooh I just drank a whole bathtub of absence  ❞