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anonymous asked:

Is Night In The Woods scary? I'm interested in buying it but im not really into games that are super scary

it has some spoopy ghost stuff here n there but it’s not rlly tht scary?? it’s not rlly centered around the ghost stuff :0 it’s more just creepy than scary ig?? there’s also a bit of a jumpscare near the end but it’s very very predictable

astronautgeckos  asked:

in YUTS, what if after the class kind of finds out abt ghosts n stuff, they don't really know how to deal with the wild amount of haunting in the dorms cause of izuku, so they like set up a shrine to win Rei's favor to please God just stop MESSING WITH OUR STUFF STOP SCARING BAKUGOU REI

Oh man Rei would get a kick out of that. She would not stop laughing. Izuku would have to gently coax the others to stop doing that because seriously guys, she’s getting insufferable.

the title is a work in progress…

let me introduce you to ryans next terrible idea; WEBCOMIC!

it’s based on the au i had a while back abt ghosts n stuff so - here you go!

i have a few ideas as of now pertaining to characters, plot, etc. but, here’s a quick little thing!


It’s been so long, I’ve been out of my body with you
I feel alone, feel at home, feel like nothing is true
You took me to a place where my senses gave way
Turn it round, shut it down, what the people say
Climbing up, killin’ time, let ‘em give you some
Take my hand and let it come, let it come, let it

© Deadmau5 - Ghosts 'n’ Stuff

The Signs As Electronic Music

ARIES - Kill Everybody | Skrillex

TAURUS - Animals | Martin Garrix

GEMINI - Ghosts N’ Stuff | Deadmau5

CANCER - NRG (Skrillex, Kill The Noise, Milo & Otis Remix) | Duck Sauce

LEO - Try It Out | Skrillex & Alvin Risk

VIRGO - Don’t You Worry Child | Swedish House Mafia

LIBRA - Febreze (feat. 2 Chainz) | Skrillex & Diplo

SCORPIO - Centipede | Knife Party

SAGITTARIUS - I Can’t Take It | Dillon Francis

CAPRICORN - Wake Me Up | Avicii

AQUARIUS - Levels | Avicii

PISCES - EDM Death Machine | Knife Party


Song Of The Week #8 - Ghosts ‘n’ Stuff by deadmau5, featuring Rob Swire

Classic deadmau5 song. Admittedly I like Joel’s newer stuff more, but this catchy electro house track holds a special place in my heart. It has a punchy kick and snare along with juicy bass sounds that, while dated, are still cool in a nostalgic kind of way. The chord progression accompanied by the synthwork is unforgettable, including that generic string sound playing on top. Of course, Rob’s unmistakable vocals shine along with the instrumental, and the harmonies are especially fun.

“After all, keeping secrets under wraps isn’t healthy, you know.”

DPOC Week, Day 1: Daily Life

ughhhh, the colours are just bad bad, but I can’t be bothered to try and figure it out so here.

Gonna try and do the DPOC event with my self-insert character the Ghost Whisperer :I More info under the cut!!

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