ghost louis

I was just listening to the radio and they started playing two ghosts and the radio hosts were like ‘this song’s is apparently rumoured to be about Louis Tomlinson’ and then another host was like ‘some say that it’s about Taylor Swift’ and the first radio host just screamed 'NOOO’ like firstly yes girl I agree 100% and secondly this song has brought out people talking about Larry, like the radio hosts were literally like 'if you’re in the Larry fandom this is one for you’, by picking two ghosts as a single they’ve opened up a huge can of worms because majority of people do think that it’s about Louis which is just going to make the general public go wtf why? what’s Larry?? Like my mom legit turned to me and was like 'why do they think it’s about Louis??’, basically Larry is probably going to be getting a lot more exposure so good luck to anyone that looks it up

like????? like im sad and ecstatic at the same time rn????? im rooting for him so much he had to endure so much shit and lost the most important person in his life he’s had to literally re-learn to get confident and believe in himself again and he’s just???? despite all stayed true to himself, to his roots and always so appreciative humble and selfless and sees the best in life, he just /LOVES/??? im so so so so so so proud of him!!!! gOD!!!!