ghost label

(*Since i have 2 sets of humans/ghosts atm, i made this chart awhile ago just to lay out some basic info for them.)
(*The ghosts are labeled as “demons” since it’s what chara calls themself and they dont quite fit the mold of a normal human or ghost anyway.)
(*The red writing is some after details i added haha)


Wally wiped the sweat from his brow as he put down the last box in the living room. The move from Palo Alto all the way to Bludhaven was a hell of a job, but by pure miracle, he and Dick had managed to find the time to make it work. He looked around their new apartment in awe. For the location they were in (Bludhaven was a crime hotspot), their new home was pretty cozy. And it was their first home together. 

Wally would have never thought this would be possible years ago, yet, here they were. His finger ghosted over the box labeled ‘Kitchen’ in black sharpie. Unloading was the easiest part, now they actually had to put everything where it belonged. 

The jingle of a collar could be heard bounding into the apartment, causing Wally to turn around. Their puppy, Lucky, looked even happier than they did. She barked loudly, hopping onto the sofa, wagging her small tail. “Hey, hey, off the couch,” he scolded softly. “We gotta break that thing in before you do.”