ghost is the stalls

Olan Rogers:

I’ve posted about this amazing man once or twice but I wanted to make an official textpost as a shoutout to him. He’s a comedian with videos on YouTube of stories and sketches. His stories are what hooked me, though. They’re hilarious and fun and amazing! His videos are like Pringles. Once one pops, one just can’t stop. When you watch one, you binge! “Just one more” is a lie. And he’s not too difficult to look at, if you know what I mean.

His most popular video is called Ghost In The Stalls. This gif is from the video…

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I suggest these stories: 

Ghost In The Stalls, Echoes Through The Wall, Christmas Time Boy (live story), The Comeback Kid, The Package Delivery, The Bad Apple, A Thief In The Night, The Popcorn King, The Snack Thief, It’s In The Genes, Eyes For You, The Fear Awakened, The Batman Birthday, An Odd Day To Die, Death Is A Quiet Wave, Midnight Claw, Chuck E. Cheese, Stand By Me, and last but certainly not least, The Crumb That Fell.

His Channel Link: [x]

I was researching information to stop the apocalypse, but didn’t succeed fast enough. I found myself running from this big, ominous and unseen entity and I ended up in a Walmart dressing room hiding with a couple of small kids. Out of the blue, a horde of ghost children began pushing their way over the top of the stall and under the door and we were all cowering in fear. One of the little kids I was hiding with, suddenly started singing Hall & Oats and the ghost children just stopped and were like, “I love Hall & Oats.” The leader shook the kid’s hand and then all the ghost children disappeared.

trans danny fenton/phantom talk - episode 16

so this is the episode where it starts off at the water park- where, DANNY IS IN A TANK TOP. he’s wearing a shirt to a water park, where all the other men are shirtless. now, it is could have been that he’s just uncomfortable with his body so he just wears a shirt. which that’s a thing, but not common. plus, he notes how it’s hot. typically you would not wear clothes when you’re overheated. you’d take off as much as you can.

plus then there’s the fact that when danny needs to go ghost, HE RUNS INTO THE WOMEN’S RESTROOM NO HESITATION. he’s then brought out by paulina and her friend, to which paulina makes the comment of “i’d tell you to use the men’s room, but i don’t think you’d qualify”.

now, tell me WHY would someone make that comment? WHY would a woman tell him that he’s too womanly? ( i cannot explain this correctly but it’s more or less why would a woman purposely try to degrade him by saying he’s feminine for a dude or too much a woman to go into the men’s restroom/to be a man )

then when danny comes back to complain to sam and tucker about how paulina saw him go ghost, to which sam said “i just had a nasty run in with her in the bathroom, she’s rudest little-” and paulina interrupts and acts all flirty but sam goes protective and throws herself in front of danny, putting herself between paulina and him, and then sam glares at paulina and says “listen you-! i don’t know what you think you saw, but if you do or say anything to hurt danny–” to then she’s cut off by paulina who starts flirting with danny, AGAIN..

but take out the ghost catching by paulina. now, danny ran into the girls restroom, where paulina was. it was a good bit after danny went ghost and fought and changed back. sam just said she had a rude run in with her in the bathroom. now what could have paulina have said with her friend in the bathroom that would have made sam so upset and so protective/defensive, and of all, of danny?

first of all, paulina made the transphobic comment to danny of “i dont think you’d qualify’, then probably talks to her friend in the bathroom about, probably, how gross danny is/was and how weird that was for danny to just run in there. also, then look closely at sam’s comment. “i don’t know what you think you saw… but if you do anything to hurt danny-” the only thing i can assume from this is that sam’s commenting on how it’s possible that danny’s chest/non-man-parts/something akin to that might have been seen by paulina, and how she doesn’t want paulina to go talking about it, or spilling danny’s “secret”(assuming that most people know about his, hence why he’s part of the outsiders group/is so hated by the general population)[but for this instance, what if the general populous didn’t know?], cause she knows that paulina isn’t exactly the best person, or the best to keep her mouth shut. she thinks it’s fishy that paulina all of the sudden is acting so smitten with danny and so randomly open with him.

then also, why DIDN’T danny just go into the men’s restroom to go ghost? there’s stalls in both restrooms. why did he NOT just go into one? why would he be so uncomfortable to enter his own genders bathroom, and with no doubts or second guesses, waltz into the women’s to go ghost? cause we know he’s not a pervert, and we know he didn’t know that paulina was in there even if he was one, which he’s not—-  back to the point, instead of going into the correct restroom after going into the wrong one by mistake, he instead just goes behind the water park’s directory board and goes ghost.


Holy shit, it never gets old

The NHL’s Gosh Dang Team of Children

Meet the Philadelphia Flyers. Okay, sure, they’re known as the Broad Street Bullies. And that they are. But off the ice? Honestly they’re just all children.

Bam. Exhibit A. Michael del Zotto and Ryan White (We’ll miss you, Whitey. Have fun in ‘Zona). The third episode of Stall Talk with MDZ involved a giant panda, a carousel, and a whole lot of laughing. Honestly. Try to watch them and not smile.

Y’all I don’t even care that Danny B isn’t on the team anymore. Because technically he’s always going to be a Flyer. But anyway look at this dork. Simmer there too being a dork. Gosh. Why are they so adorable. Someone help.

This is the best defensemen (fight me) in the league. With his dog, Cooper, on his head. Wow. Shayne Gostisbehere, we love you (mainly because you single handedly basically saved our sorry rear ends and also wear your dog as a hat).

Did we honestly expect anything else from these two? Michael del Zotto and Michael Raffl. Honestly. Team Picture Day. I’m just wow. They have more hair products than I, a female, do. And orange towels. I can’t handle them. Dorks.

These pictures are a tribute to most childish of all, our beloved captain, Claude Giroux. Alright, come on. If you don’t love him, you’re wrong. Guys. Look. Honestly. He’s carrying his dog in a backpack. He’s playing cards with Michael Waffle on an airplane, it looks like. Everyone loves him, tbh. Don’t deny it.

Okay, so, yeah, this is on the ice. But guys. Look at Laughts being all adorable. Who gave him permission to do this? I’m telling y’all, we’re just a bunch of kids.

Here’s one of our star goalies. With his dog, who’s name is George. Guys, I’m absolutely screaming. I’d like to thank Mase’s wife/girlfriend for this. Wow. Dork.

Here’s my tribute to Austrian child Michael Raffl. I love him so much. He can’t wrap presents for beans. I would pay money to get a gift wrapped by him, tbh.

Here’s Matt Read. And Claude Giroux, which you could barely see because he’s so well camouflaged. Matt has that face “he’s back there doing it again, isn’t he? Gosh dang it, G, we’ve talked about this. I can’t believe you.” I love these people

Where do I even begin with these two. Honestly. I don’t know where to start. Jake, what does this even mean? Wayne, how do you put up with him? I love you both so much. I’m not sure it’s healthy, but I do anyway. Gosh dang kids.

Here’s more Jake Voracek. You guys. I can’t even with him. Look at that cheeser. I’m absolutely crying. You can see he just loves to laugh. I love him.

Again, Whitey being a dork. He’s going to be missed so much. There aren’t many other guys with this much heart. Wow. He just went out there and had fun.

Anyway, that’s just part of the NHL’s Gosh Dang Team of Children. Thank you for listening.

204. We are not allowed to send fake anonymous love letters.

A/N: Dedicated to Anon. Without you, we wouldn’t know how bad James are Remus are at writing love notes. Well done.

James startled in his place when a giant book bounced on his bed directly in front of his view before tumbling off the side of the bed and landing on the ground with a resounding THWAK.

He looked up quickly to see Remus standing at the edge of his bed, his arms folded tight, and a deep frown etched on his face.

“Are you,” James paused, his eyes glancing at the fallen book on the floor before continuing hesitantly, “okay?”

“If I have to write one more word about why werewolves are dangerous,” he started, his eyes going darker with every word, “I’m going to find Professor Creed and show him just how dangerous werewolves can be.”

James flinched slightly, putting his own book away as he said, “Yeah, this assignment is bloody ridiculous. It won’t be a surprise when Creed isn’t invited to stay to teach Defense Against the Dark Arts next year.”

“He better not be,” Remus answered with a huff, sitting down against the edge of James’ bed.

“What do you want to do?” James asked, willing to put aside anything he needed to get done to spend time with his friend, “Sirius is at detention for back-talking and Peter is being tutored, but you and I could pull a prank on someone without them.”

“I think that any prank I’d come up with now would be too violent,” Remus admitted, “And likely have dire consequences that get us into loads of trouble.”

“Well,” James shrugged, “I’d stop you from doing anything too violent, and you know me. Loads of trouble isn’t something that’s likely to deter me from doing something I want to do.”

Remus smiled softly, letting out a brief chuckle, “I suppose that’s true.”

James lifted his fingers as he started counting off the list of ideas for pranks they could pull, “We could find Snivellus and charm his robes to be a different color again. Or we could reorganize all of the books in Creed’s office so he has to re-do them in the order he wants them in. Or we could pretend to be ghosts and hide in the bathroom stalls and freak people out when they’re trying to go.”

Remus shrugged, tilting his head as he thought about the merits of each different idea. He opened his mouth to comment when a bright pink slip of paper caught his eyes on the edge of James’ nightstand.

His mind diverted from their previous conversation, he pointed to the paper and asked, “What’s that?”

“Oh,” James rolled his eyes after looking to see what Remus was pointing to, “Just some dumb secret admirer note someone sent me this week.”

Remus raised an eyebrow, “A secret admirer note?”

James nodded, “Yeah, I guess someone saw me playing last week and decided they wanted to send me a note to tell me I was good and stuff.”

“Why is that dumb?” Remus asked confused.

James snorted, reaching over to grab the paper and handed it to Remus for him to read.

My Dearest James,
You’re swift on a broom, as fast as can be.
I wish there was some room, so you could fly with me.
When I see you on the field, you make my heart soar.
I can’t wait until the next game, where I can watch you more.
Your Secret Admirer

“That’s,” Remus paused as he tried to think of the right words.

James suggested, “Creepy? Slightly stalkerish?”

“I was going to say terrible and a little over the top, but your words work too,” Remus admitted with a laugh.

He handed the note back, watching as James threw it on his nightstand, not wanting to deal with it at the moment, when the idea popped in his head.

“We should write secret admirer notes.”

James scrunched his nose skeptically, “Okay? Who do you want to write a note to?”

“No,” Remus corrected him with an eye roll, “Not serious secret admirer notes. We should write some as pranks.”

James eyes lit up as he jumped up from his spot on his bed, “That’s a fantastic idea! I think that I have some parchment in my nightstand if you want to grab some.”

Remus crawled to the edge of James bed and looked through his nightstand to find the spare parchment, “What are you grabbing?”

“I think Sirius has some ink I want to use,” James mumbled, looking through Sirius’ chest.

It was long before he let out an “Ah-ha!” and turned around, holding a small bottle of ink triumphantly.

Remus reached out, grabbing the bottle from James and looked at the label on the side, “Glitter Ink. Why on earth does Sirius have this?”

James shrugged unconcerned, “Why does Sirius have anything he has? I try not to question it too much.”

Remus snorted, handing the bottle of ink back to James along with the parchment.

“You should write the note,” James decided.

“Why?” Remus asked.

“Your handwriting is better than mine.”


“So, we want them to be able to read the note.”

“If you write slowly, people can read your handwriting too,” Remus paused before adding, “Besides, if you write in cursive your handwriting looks like a girl’s.”

James scoffed, “No it does not.”

“It does a little.”

“Ugh, fine, I’ll write the notes. Give me that,” he took the quill from Remus’ hand, ignoring his smug smile and dipped the quill in the ink.

“Who should we write the note to?” James asked.

They sat silent for a moment before they both answered simultaneously, “Snivellus.”

James started.

My dearest Snive-

Remus grabbed the parchment out from under James and crumpled it up before throwing it away.


“You can’t write Snivellus,” Remus scolded him, “That makes it obvious that it’s us.”

James nodded, “Sorry, you’re right. Force of habit. Let’s try that again.”

My Dearest Severus,
Your large sulking figure reminds me of a bat,

“This is supposed to be a love note,” Remus reminded him.

“Just wait and see,” James promised him.

When I wake up in the morning, I wonder where you’re at.

“Oh-kay,” Remus said slowly.

“You’re turn,” James prompted him.

“My turn?” Remus asked incredulously.

“Well,” James sighed, “I’m not writing this on my own. That would be weird.”

“Yes, that’s what’s weird about this whole situation,” he answered sarcastically.

“This was your idea!” James reminded him.

“Fine, fine, just let me think for a moment.”

Remus was silent, his lips moving slightly as he muttered to himself before saying, “Alright, write this down.”

I wonder if my fingers in your hair could go through,

“That doesn’t even make sense,” James complained.

“You hush and write,” Remus ordered him.

Would you let me touch it and maybe use shampoo?

“That’s gross,” James declared, “I feel dirty now.”

“That sounded a lot less sexual in my head,” Remus admitted.

Laughing James said, “You’re terrible at this!”

Remus argued, “You are too!”

They both laughed together, looking at the terrible note they’d written, unsure what to do with it.

“Should we finish it and send it?” James asked.

“It feels…wrong,” Remus said.

James nodded, crumpling the paper up and throwing it into the waste basket, “Let’s start from the top.”

Remus put his hand on James’ arm, stopping him from starting and suggested, “What if we write love notes to Sirius and Peter instead? I think we’d feel less creepy and we could see their reactions better.”

James nodded, “That is a great idea. To My Dearest Sirius it is.”

“Hey,” Remus added as James began to write, “When we’re done with this, let’s go reorganize Professor’s Creeds books in his office.”

James smiled widely, looking like a Cheshire cat that got the cream, “There’s nothing that would delight me more.”



“C’mon Sirius, we’re waiting for you,” James reminded him, leaning against his four poster bed.

“I’m almost ready,” Sirius grumbled, rifling through his trunk to find his money pouch to throw in his bag.

The four were about to leave the castle grounds to head to Hogsmeade and were waiting on Sirius to finish grabbing his stuff before they left.

Remus hummed disapprovingly and lectured, “If you would organize and clean out that trunk every once in a while, you’d actually be able to find your stuff when you looked.”

“My organization system is fine, thank you very much,” Sirius clipped out, sniffing a pair of socks he pulled out before making a disgusted face and throwing the socks in the corner where his hamper was.

James rolled his eyes and glanced over at the head of Sirius’ bed, where a slip of parchment caught his eye.

His heart pounded as he recognized the writing and he eagerly jumped forward to pull it out from under Sirius’ pillow.

“What’s this?” he asked teasingly, waving the letter in the air.

Sirius looked up to see what James was holding and froze in his spot. His eyes went wide briefly before he shrugged casually, “It’s just something I’ve been meaning to throw away.”

“Oh yeah?” James challenged, “Is that why you keep it under your pillow? Do you sleep with it every night? Read the words before you fall asleep?”

“What is it?” Peter asked eagerly, stretching his neck out to try and see what it was.

“It’s nothing,” Sirius said, “Now give it back.”

James opened the parchment, turning to Remus and winking before he read:

“My Dearest Sirius,”

“Stop it,” Sirius said, “It’s stupid, I know. I’ve been meaning to throw it away, but just haven’t. You don’t have to –,”

“When I see you swagger into the Great Hall in the morning,”

“Oh, is that what they call it? Swaggering?” James teased.

“Ha ha. Okay, you got me. Give it back now,” Sirius said humorlessly.

James continued:

“I can’t help but to think that your body needs a warning.”

“A warning for what?” Remus asked, his eyes sparkling more than normal, “for the days that you decide to have an impromptu breakfast chili with extra beans and spice?”

“I stand by that breakfast,” Sirius answered firmly, placing his hands on his hips.

“Your rock-hard abs are something I desperately want to see,”

“Rock hard abs?” Peter squeaked out with a guffaw, “What rock-hard abs?”

“Har har. You’re all hilarious,” Sirius said as the other three laughed.

“Wait,” James said, holding his finger up, “It gets better.”

“If only you knew what you do to me.”

“I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing,” James said. 

Remus laughed as he walked over to Sirius and thrrew his arm over the other man’s shoulders, “It think it’s sweet. You do something to them.”

Sirius scoffed, ducking under Remus’ arm and taking purposeful strides over to James.

Seeing that Sirius was coming his way, James quickly jumped away, walking around the room to get away as he read faster:

“Everything about you is supremely divine,
My only wish in life is that you could be mine.”

Sirius caught up to James and snatched the parchment out of his hands.

James jumped onto his bed, taking a bow to Peter and Remus who began to applaud and finished, “With lots of love, your secret admirer.”

“Bravo!” Remus called out, “A true work of art!”

Sirius barked at the others, “Alright, alright. You all had your fun! Now get out of here.”

“You still haven’t found your money pouch yet,” Peter reminded him.

Sirius waved them away, “I’ll find it and catch up to you guys in a bit.”

“Works for me,” James said with a shrug, jumping down from his make-shift platform and nodded to the others to follow him.

“We’ll see you and your rock hard abs soon,” he said with a wink, bouncing out the door.

Remus laughed and added, “Don’t take too long swaggering to where we are.”

Peter laughed, waving good-bye not bothering to try and add anything.

As soon as the three were gone, Sirius let out a deep sigh.

He walked over to his trunk, glancing at the letter briefly before folding it nicely and placing it in a small compartment at the bottom of his messy trunk.

No one had to know.

Because fake Claudia is causing Lydia so much pain directly or indirectly, here is some post-6a stydia ;)

“Oh, I almost forgot, I got you something…”

Lydia whined at the loss of body contact as Stiles rolled off from where he was hovering over her. Most people got distracted by the prospect of making out. Stiles Stilinski, however, could distract himself from making out.

The boy in question was now rummaging noisily through his bedside drawer, as if he hadn’t had his tongue down her throat a few moments ago, and Lydia was still catching her breath as she rolled onto her side to watch him.

She didn’t get too much time to oogle, because Stiles was rolling back as suddenly as he had pulled away, a small, flat box in his hands. He pushed himself up to be sitting back against his pillows and Lydia followed suit, curios.

“So, uh, I kinda wanted to give this to you for a while,” Stiles began, shaking the box lightly. He paused to give himself a self-depreciating chuckle, as if they were in first grade and it was embarrassing to even be thinking of girls. He swallowed and continued, “But now I guess you could say it’s a bit of an apology… Not that I think I can get your forgiveness just with apology gifts, I swear if I ever mess up to say sorry sincerely in person and take action to fix my mistakes but, well, what I’m saying is -”


He startled a little when she said his name. Lydia supposed she was a tad too harsh in interrupting him, but she was waiting to find out what was in the box. Judging from his behaviour, he had put a lot of thought into it, which meant Lydia was likely to be overcome with emotion and kiss him. And she wanted to kiss him. Especially since he interrupted their make out session to give her this.

One of Stiles’ hand found hers, and his thumb started rubbing circles over the back of her hand as he spoke.

“So, I heard about what my mum, or well, the summoned back to life image of my mum, what she did to you, and I’m sorry that you had to meet her that way. You shouldn’t have to feel crazy for using your powers, you know? So this is in part to say I’m terribly sorry that someone who looks like -”

“Stiles you don’t have to.” She choked on a heartfelt sob as she interrupted him a second time because only Stiles Stilinski would try to apologise for an undead spirit.

“Lydia…” He pulled the hand he was holding onto his lap before releasing it to open the box. Lydia sucked in a small breath when she saw the bracelet inside. It wasn’t anything fancy - a silver chain with five small charms along its length, the kind you’d make for yourself at a fun fair stall or an indie pushcart. Stiles’ fingertips ghosted over her wrist as he put the bracelet on for her.

“It was my mum’s,” Stiles told her, bringing her hand up to his lips. “Lydia, you’re the smartest, strongest, most amazingly beautiful girl I’ve ever known, and I’m really glad to have met you. And, uh, I think my mum - my real mum - she would have been happy to meet you too.”

Lydia gave a watery smile. “Thank you,” she said softly, tugging on Stiles’ hand that was still clasping hers. He got the cue and leaned over, pressing his lips to hers.

scotsdragon  asked:

Best system for the space opera genre, particularly of the old-school style more along the lines of Lensman through to TOS Star Trek?

Depends on what you mean by “old school” - there’s a couple of different major threads to pick up there.

If you’re looking for something gonzo but reasonably character-focused, in the mode of Buck Rogers or the early Lensmen stuff, you could have a look at Danger Patrol. It’s a narratively driven game with a fairly novel approach to character-building: the description of each “race” and “class” is also half of a pre-filled character sheet. You cut them out, and deal each player one template from each pile; each player tapes their two halves together, and that’s their character sheet. So you might end up with a party consisting of, say, an Atomic Professor, a Ghost Detective, and Robot Commando.

The game’s development has unfortunately been stalled in beta for several years, but you can get the complete playtest edition for free at the linked site.

If you’re into the more sober, mystery/investigation-driven side of classic sci-fi, you might give Ashen Stars a spin. It’s a much more conventional game than Danger Patrol, though it’s got its own twist on the mechanical side. In a nutshell, the skills on your character sheet are divided into General and Investigative Skills. General Skills work like you’d expect: roll the dice, add the bonuses, check for success. Investigative Skills, however, aren’t rolled. Instead, they provide pools of points that you spend to ask the GM questions about the scenario. It lets the game put together some really engaging mystery scenarios without having to work around the risk that critical clues will go undiscovered because somebody blew a roll.

It’s a great game for the kind of straight faced old-school sci fi where the primary challenge the protagonists face isn’t shooting things with lasers, but figuring out what the heck is going on.

speak to me (make me shake)

a/n: for anon who requested yoonmin remote controlled vibrator and anon who requested yoonmin praise kink. Public places bingo mark also lol (◎_◎;)

Jimin just wanted to please. But with Yoongi that was easier said than done.

Yoongi wasn’t fussy per say, but compliments didn’t come easy. Maybe that’s why Jimin loved him so much. Because he loved it; he loved arching and showing for him, begging for it, begging for the barest praise and acknowledgement from Yoongi.

Yoongi was hard to please. And Jimin would do anything, if it meant praise.

But this? This was something else.

Jimin sits down as the cameras are switched on, lights focused on them. 

All the other member’s voices, the shuffling of the camera crew, are all dulled to a mess of white noise as Jimin feels the gentle shift of the vibrator inside him, sending slight throbs of pleasure under his skin.

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          [ well, it’s rainer. alessio heard from his ex-fling that this particular gay goth nightclub had a ghost in the last stall in the men’s bathroom that would suck your dick at midnight, so of course he HAS to check this stupid fucking rumor out ]  [ alessio had told him, seen the look on his face, rolled his eyes and said ‘i hope whoever the ghost is kills you’ ]  [ which ?? a) between the warding tattooed into his body and the fact he’s a motherfucking necromancer? he would like to see this ghost try, and b) death would be a blessing, he really would like to see this ghost try ]

          [ so here he is, perched atop the toilet like a fuckin gargoyle, playing on his phone at the stroke of midnight ]