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Nick NEEDS to make a tongue in cheek tell all book about his time on GA (like Greg did w The Room and his book The Disaster Artist) AND THEN James Franco needs to adapt it into a movie…… 

The scariest/funniest parts of our live paranormal investigation:

@amanda-del-ray and I held a ghost box session in the old barber shop in my backyard. Decide for yourself if you also hear what we heard. Despite hearing some terrifying things, the best part in my opinion was the apathetic spirit who “didn’t give a shit” about our conversation😂

Imagine a human AU where you are a paranormal investigator. You go around helping people with ghosts and other supernatural entities (though a lot of the time it turns out to be nothing or a prank).

Thor and Jane contact you because they think their house is being haunted. You go check it out since it’s not too far. When you arrive both Thor and Jane seem perfectly polite but Loki (who doesn’t live there but stops by every now and then) openly laughs when he hears what you’re there for. You ignore him and look through everything. Most of what Thor and Jane bring up are easily explained away except for one: Thor insists on seeing a shadowy figure every night in the hallway at 3am. You stay up to see it, setting up cameras to catch the movement.

When you look back at the photos you can tell that it isn’t a ghost but an actual person. Quite easily you deduce that Loki has been playing a prank on Thor and Jane, who had recently seen a horror film about a haunted house and were terrified.

You confront him about it but while you do he starts acting distracted, saying he can feel something tug his hair. You think Loki’s still kidding around until he is pulled back by some unseen force and slammed into the wall.

Cue saving Loki from a ghost and him having to acknowledge the possibility that ghosts are real.


LIVE Spirit Contact - Spirit Box SESSIONS & EXPERIMENTS (((EPIC)))

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LIVE Spirit Contact - Spirit Box SESSIONS & EXPERIMENTS (((EPIC)))
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Based on my real-life struggle trying to figure out what the quiznaking “L” in P.A.L.A.D.I.N. stands for. 

More of the Voltron Paranormal Investigation Team can be found here!



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how the fuck do you even build an emf meter what kind of brain does it take to make something that advanced? and it works too, shit. it's been 12 years and i still can't get over that fucking meter because without youtube tutorials or whatever it is kids use these days, probably without a computer at all he just figured it out. damn. maybe form books he's never read. probably

I have no fuckin idea dude. I was on the robotics team in high school and we had shitloads of help from a bunch of professional engineers, and that was just making robots with basic sensory cameras that could kick a ball…

I mean, he built it out of a fucking Walkman. You know how many parts and factory functions a Walkman has that can be used for measuring environmental information and outputting that data in a usable fashion? Basically none.

Some people just take to this engineering/programming shit like fish to water. They just get it somehow. I bet Dean is one of them. He just doesn’t happen to really need computers for his life’s work so he isn’t putting it to any disciplined use. You know, the kind of person that’s a genius at shit to the point where they have so many talents that some of them just have to fall by the wayside in terms of developing potential.

I mean. Look at this. Look at this definition of EMF from the official website:

Electromagnetic field meters (also called EMF detectors). Meters that measure the derivative (rate of change) of the surrounding magnetic field; thus, these meters are sensitive to changing magnetic fields (fields with a frequency above 0 hertz). Most EMF meters are most sensitive to frequencies of about 30-10,000 hertz, while some have a wider response. Paranormal investigators and ghost hunters use EMF meters while conducting investigations. Unusual activity in the form of high readings on these meters signifies that there is some type of paranormal activity, such as the presence of a ghost or other supernatural creature.

Forget just the programming and engineering. This is actual, hard science. Dean knows enough about fucking magnetic fields to create devices that not only measure them but that are tuned to tell the difference between regular and supernatural occurrences. He’s clearly created prototypes and gone through testing to figure out what works and what doesn’t. It doesn’t just beep when it hits a certain level, he has a sliding scale that he can use for analysis.

This means that this isn’t just about “Dean being good with his hands” like people dismissively claim, Dean is a regular Science Man™. Dean’s superior ability for pattern recognition isn’t some kind of one-use talent, it’s evident of an analytical mind that can put together abstract data with ease.

Maybe it doesn’t sound like a huge deal at first, but you’re right that Dean had no formal education in this crap. High schools don’t teach this. Average kids don’t just figure this shit out on their own no matter how many books they have at their disposal, and I’m willing to bet Dean didn’t have any kind of mentor in the field. An EMF meter is not a baby’s first. Like… At all.

Hell, the wiki says he’s still using that thing all the way up in S7. Shit wasn’t a cute little science project, it was built to last, not just in how sturdy it’s built but in how accurate it is. You would usually expect things built by characters back in S1 to be completely obsolete by S7, but that’s not the case here. It’s just that good.

It’s also proof that we aren’t blowing smoke. If something happens in the first season and is never mentioned again, it might be dismissible, but when it’s still brought back 7 seasons later what you have is authorial intent.

Why Ghost Hunt Is Great And Everyone Should Watch It: A Summary

It’s basically all of those ghost investigation shows only good.

The writers do their research into parapsychology and occult history and phenomena. They don’t just make shit up like pretty much every other supernatural horror series does.

Multiple religions and cultures are portrayed very earnestly and tastefully, with very little relying on stereotype. The Buddhist Monk, Shinto Preistess, and Catholtic Preist characters are all treated with respect and authority to their beliefs.

The main character gets called out and schooled on having had an Imperalist Japanese education. The tense history between China, Japan and particularly Hong Kong is brought up and not shied away from.

On that note all the main characters are shown to have their flaws and faults and short-comings.

When the main character discovers she has supernatural ability, she is automatically aware of the responsibilities and consequences these powers come with. She is regularly taken to task for using her powers when she doesn’t fully understand them. A character that could have been a ‘sue is instead given depth and development. It’s a lot like Pretear that way.

There are some great twists on old horror tropes– the reasons and explainations that come up for a lot of the hauntings are unique and unexpected (again, because the writers do their research.)

The Nightmare Fuel is counterpointed with some genuinely sweet, funny and heartwarming moments.

The writers are totally cool with letting side characters steal the spotlight or the scene.

There’s a lot of social commentary throughout the series that other series would shy away from. The main characters argue and disagree in some pretty horrendous ways because of this, and it’s handled fantastically.

Please watch Ghost Hunt, you’ll thank me.


Death of Allen Ross

In 1986 Allen Ross, an introverted Chicago film-maker, married Linda Greene after only having met her three days before. Linda was the leader of a new-age cult, which she named The Samaritans. It was no secret that she dabbled in the occult, and her followers were deeply attracted to this. Greene had a series of strange beliefs and was constantly paranoid. Some of her theories were that:

  • Bar-codes are evil
  • Evil can be projected into the bodies of celebrities
  • Evil can be projected into soy milk
  • Jesus Christ gave his soul to her so she could look after humanity

Linda bought an old haunted jail as a crash pad for her cult, while the couple lived in their own home. During his time with her, Allen (who was Linda’s 6th husband) became increasingly obsessed with spirituality and would “spend days in a catatonic state”. In November 1995, Allen suddenly went missing from his home. His distraught family hired private investigators and psychics, who could find no trace of him anywhere. Not surprisingly, Linda was the main suspect and she went into hiding. The controversy of Allen’s disappearance caused the cult to disband, and none of them were talking to police or FBI investigators. In 2002, Allen’s remains were found under the couple’s home. He had been buried in the basement after being struck on the head with a blunt object. As Linda was already dead, the case could not be perused further.

Recently, Ghost Adventures investigated the building were the group spent most of their time. You can watch it here.

Have your players or NPCs made enemies they really shouldn’t have? Does the party want to pretend to be ghost investigators? Well, I present the Geist Fixture, for that very purpose. It makes a location seem haunted. The more mundane the object is, the more likely it is that it will never be suspect. Happy ‘ghost’ hunting!

Basalt’s Magic Box:

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Weekly Fic Rec 25th June 2017

Fool’s Gold by @tvshows-addict
Harry is scheduled to marry Liam in 10 days, Harry’s mother hires Louis and his team to break them up.

Carry This Feeling by @a-writerwrites and @dimpled-halo
Louis is taken on as Actor Harry’s ghostwriter for his autobiography and turns Harry’s world upside down.

Though Eerie Chaos by MediaWhore @mediawhorefics
Harry moves to his parents new house after uni. He becomes interested in Old Hillsbridge Manor and its history. There is more to the manor than meets the eye and a simple photography project becomes a full blown ghost hunting investigation.

Little White Lies by xxSterre @goodmorningtoyouuniverse
Harry has been telling a few white lies to his colleagues, namely that he has a husband and a son. So what does he do on bring your child to work day? Post an ad on Craigslist of course!

Waiting On You by emma1234 @lads-laddylads
Vampire Harry is a local detective investigating a string of disappearances. Louis wants to stay as far away from vampires as possible.

Rent Me For Valentines by lxrrytbh
Louis is fed up with his family’s constant questioning about his love life so he pretends to have a boyfriend. He comes unstuck when he and his ‘boyfriend’ are invited for a family dinner.

Barefoot in Blue Jeans by @indiaalphawhiskey
Footballer Louis is trying very hard not to fall for his son’s au pair Harry.