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Wow people really seem to hate it when characters are changed from the source material

Oh wait, that’s only if the character is changed to anything other than a white straight person… cause we desperately need more straight white people represented in media. 

You would think that people so clearly invested in comic characters would have retained some of the messages comics have been telling for years, like equality, respect, fairness, compassion, unity, friendship and standing up for others just to name a few. but instead i’m sure they’ll just continue spouting this utter garbage. 

The original manga, written by Masamune Shirow, was published in 1989 by Kodansha, which licensed it for Mamoru Oshii’s seminal 1995 anime feature, a number of Japanese spinoff films and anime series, and most recently for the Hollywood live-action version.

“Looking at her career so far, I think Scarlett Johansson is well cast,” Sam Yoshiba, director of the international business division at Kodansha’s Tokyo headquarters, tells The Hollywood Reporter. “She has the cyberpunk feel. And we never imagined it would be a Japanese actress in the first place.”

Scarlett Johansson in ‘Ghost in the Shell’: Japanese Industry, Fans Surprised by “Whitewashing” Outrage



i can’t believe ppl are out here saying 'the guy who works for kodansha’s international division, based on a century of asian americans being shut out of good roles in hollywood, very diplomatically said they never expected a japanese actress’ as if this is supposed to be authorial intent



like i know mamoru oshii also said he was fine with it, but OSHII DIDN’T CREATE THE CHARACTER EITHER, OOPS

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While making inherently-Chinese/Japanese/etc. stories made for Western television (ex. Mulan=Chinese or Ghosts In The Shell=Japanese), what is, in your opinion, the correct way to cast? Do you believe in the validity of casting East/Southeast Asian actors as specifically Chinese or Japanese? As an Asian person myself, I am constantly torn in between wanting representation for all Asian ethnicities and slightly offended when western media sees a, for example, Korean actress interchangeable (1/3)

Hey sib!

Sorry for the late reply but I had to think about all your asks lol. Anyhow, for “American adaptations” of anime like Ghost in the Shell, I think they should star a Japanese American woman. For American animations like Mulan, I think they should star a Chinese American woman. Basically for any kind of American creation (or recreation) that centers around Asian people, cultures, or stories, they should always star an Asian American that accurately represents the leading character.

So with that said, I don’t like how Hollywood and other western media act like all Asian people are interchangeable too. As much as I would like to see Southeast Asians represented, we can’t have a Southeast Asian person playing a East Asian character or even a Korean person playing a Chinese character. They’re pretty much saying that all Asian people are the same while erasing the diversity that exists among us. So much for “diversity” right?

(pt 2/3) with a Chinese character. I would also like to hear your opinion on the casting of hapas for these same roles. LikeI’m super excited to see Henry Golding get roles on screen and I love Ross Butler and would be thrilled to see him as Li Shang in the Mulan movie (entirely fan-supported), but cannot help but feel as if a full-Chinese actor would be robbed by having them cast. While I would never want to put a barrier on how ‘Asian enough’ someone is, I do think that some mixed Asians have

Just for terminology clarification, hapa is a Hawaiian term for mixed people so it’s not actually correct to use it in this context even though most people probably would. For people like Henry, I think it would be more suitable to use Eurasian (?) and for those like Ross, I don’t know to be honest lol. White-mixed Asian American is too long but that’s what I’d normally use. Anyhow, this topic is a discussion for actual mixed folks.

But I do agree with you here. It’s not that Eurasian folks or white-mixed Asian Americans aren’t Asian enough, it’s just the probable cause that for some, their whiteness has given them an unfair advantage over “full-Chinese” actors. There are tons of folks who have tried to break into the mainstream but then suddenly, someone we don’t really know gets a leading role and is considered to be some breakthrough when we already had others trying for years. I personally think whiteness has an unfair advantage in the mainstream.

(pt 3/3) that some mixed Asians have a significantly different experience and also, while they do experience hardships, do get more roles and have a slight advantage. I respect your opinion and this blog and would really like to hear what you have to say on this topic as to more fully educate myself and form an opinion. I felt if I should ask someone who is at the very least probably more informed on racial issues in the Asian community than I. Keep doing the good work!

Yep, I think so too. It also depends as well though because while there are some white-mixed Asian Americans who may have “beneficial features” as @solacekames pointed out, there are others who may not have such features which wouldn’t grant any privilege. So some do definitely have an advantage while others may not.

Sorry for the length but thanks for the respect and all! :D I wouldn’t consider myself more informed on racial issues in the Asian (American) community than you or anyone else though. I don’t know how to explain it but I just like to read a lot and especially like to talk a lot of crap lmao.

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FAVORITE CHARACTERS: HMMM. Well, these aren’t sims characters, but…
1) Sherlock Holmes (book version, though I like most iterations of him on the screen as well).
2) Jean-Luc Picard (from ST:TNG)
3) Spock (from Original Trek)
4) Master Harper Robinton (from Anne McCaffrey’s Pern books)
5) Leroy Jethro Gibbs (NCIS TV show)
6) Bobby Singer (Supernatural TV show)
I think that’s probably enough for y’all to realize there’s a pattern here. I always go for the sensible character who is wiser than most of the others. xD

DREAM JOB: I think my dream job has always been to be a personal assistant for some busy person who needs help keeping their life organized and scheduled.


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What anime would you recommend for someone who wants to watch something good?

It’s a bit tricky question, because my tastes are very random, and I prefer manga over anime in general. So take my recommendation with a grain of salt.

My personal top favourites: anything directed by Satoshi Kon; anything directed by Sayo Yamamoto; JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures 1-4 adaptations are not half-bad too. 

If you want some absurd mindless fun: Ping-Pong Club, Detroit Metal City, Cromartie High School

If you want Giant Robots: Gurren Lagann, Gundam (08th MS Team; Turn A Gundam; 1st season of 00 Gundam), Code Geass

If you want Magical girls: Kill-la-Kill, Utena, Madoka, Princess Tutu

If you want breathtaking artsy stuff: Mind Game, Tekkonkinkreet, Mushishi

If you want thriller/mystery: Mononoke, Ghost in the shell TV, Kaiji.

“jesus christ, hyung!”

seokjin just chuckles, doesn’t even look down at the hand clutching his thigh. yoongi is sitting straight beside him on his bed, eyes wide with worry. they’re watching the preview of the second episode of law of the jungle where, just seconds ago, seokjin wowed the rest of cast with a spinning jump into the ocean.

“you could’ve slipped and hit your head,” yoongi mutters darkly, removing his hand from seokjin’s thigh and placing it on his chest.

“but i didn’t, did i? and besides, i looked cool, so relax.” seokjin pulls him back to his chest, arms enveloping yoongi’s tiny frame. “i’m not some damsel in distress, you know.”

yoongi pouts but leans his head back on his roommate’s shoulders anyway. looking up at seokjin, he complains, “if you’re going to pull any more shit like that, i’m not gonna watch it. you’re going to give me a heart attack.”

seokjin turns to him with a glint in his eye. “hey, if anything even remotely scary is going to happen, i’ll distract you, okay?” he assures yoongi, lips ghosting the shell of yoongi’s ear. yoongi visibly shudders. he’s facing the television again, where seokjin is screaming while one of the cast wrangles a snake, and he frowns.

“the rest of the episode looks dangerous.” he’s trying very hard to focus on the show and not on the light, feathery kisses peppering his neck. “what, are you going to distract me the whole time?”

yoongi can feel the smile forming on seokjin’s lips as seokjin moves from his neck to his jaw. 


Ghost in the Shell's 25th Anniversary plans underway

Even though Ghost in the Shell’s actual anniversary isn’t until May, Japan’s already celebrating with 4 (so far) different projects:

  • Ghost in the Shell Arise border:less project: A collection of five short movies which will premiere on March 28.
  • E-book release of the original Ghost in the Shell manga,
    simultaneous June 20 release with: Ghost in the Shell Arise ~Sleepless Eye~ #3, Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex ~The Laughing Man~ #1, Ghost in the Shell S.A.C Tachikomatic Days #6-7
  • Ghost in the Shell art exhibition with original art and design illustrations.
  • Ghost in the Shell Arise music event, celebrating the 25th anniversaries of both the Space Shower TV station and Ghost in the Shell.

More info here!