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The first 5 minutes of “Ghost In The Shell”

If you're still on the fence about seeing the live action adaptation of “Ghost In The Shell”, here’s the first 5 minutes of the film. 

Okay I really need to fucking rant about the Death Note Netflix movie. And just the rampant whitewashing of Asian characters.
I’ve seen so many people tell Asians to give it a chance because of who’s writing and directing it. No. Why should we?
From the Dragon Ball movie to The Last Airbender, to Ghost in the Shell, we’re tired of the whitewashing of Asian characters.
The characters in Death Note literally have Asian names. Their names are so Japanese that it’s written in kanji on their character profiles. They live in Japan. There is no excuse for directors to make them white.
I’ve seen people defend the casting by claiming that the characters are “drawn white” because of light hair color or lighter eye colors. As if dyeing hair isn’t a thing, colored contacts aren’t a thing, as if genetics aren’t only restricted to some groups? Like literally, I have light brown eyes and I’m not white. Yet white people think light brown eyes belong to only white people, so it makes sense to them that Light Yagami is casted as a white man. Like what the fuck, are white people really this stupid, ignorant?
Like why can’t we keep them as Asian?
Yet white people are so quick to boycott movies like the most recent Annie, because she was black.
White people literally just want every fucking character they can think of.
It’s racist, it’s hypocrisy, it’s selfish, it’s so fucking stupid.
Like WHERE is my Asian representation?
Oh yeah. You want to know what Asian representation in American media is?
It’s NBC purchasing a pitch for a supposed comedy about Filipino mail-order brides. Because you know, sex-trafficking and the sexual fetishization of Asian women is the kind of representation we need.
We want our Asian characters to remain Asian.
Why the fuck is it so hard to understand that, white America?

Anyway. I hope it flops. I hope Ghost in the Shell flops. I hope every single piece of whitewashed media flops. Fuck you and your casual racism, telling me and other Asians to calm down over whitewashing.
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My current WiP inspired by Ghost in the Shell main character - Motoko Kusanagi :)

I am completing her outfit atm, and leaving her wig to dry, but she will be ready for adoption soon! And, yes, I feel like Scarlett Johansson is a great choice for this role :P

BTW - I finally found yarn, that gives almost 7 inches long wefts after brushing <3 <3 <3

been-here-all-along  asked:

hi, i know you're a futurism/dystopia/cyberpunk blog but in case you didn't know, the new ghost in the shell movie is whitewashed

Is this how whitewashing looks like?

Jokes aside, I love Shirow’s work so I know almost all there is to know about GitS, and I’ve been following the development of this movie since the beginning, so yeah, I’ve heard everything people said about it. But with this thing in particular I disagree. I also don’t care about Boma and Ishikawa being black. I don’t care about the race of the actors, I’m more concerned about the writing.

in the live action ghost in the shell movie is it just kusanagi being played by a white person or did they go full on death note and everyone is a white

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I wanna watch the proper animated Ghost in the Shell movie tonight before bed, should I do the original one from 95 or the remaster rerelease