ghost ian

Modern Baseball asks
  • Tears over Beers: Are you currently in love?
  • @Chl03k: Do you believe in online relationships?
  • See ya, Sucker: Do you have a 'hangout' spot in your town that you frequent?
  • Fine, Great: Are you addicted to social media?
  • Rock Bottom: Describe your perfect day-in
  • Apartment: Where did you meet your former/current partner?
  • Going to Bed Now: Are any of your friends social media/phone addicted?
  • Your Graduation: Do you still think about a certain someone from three years ago?
  • The Thrash Particle: Do you feel like your relationship has to be secretive?
  • Holy Ghost: Have you experienced a death in the family?
  • Mass: Whats the farthest you've been from your home/home state?
  • It's Cold Out Here: Have you ever been rejected?
  • The Waterboy Returns: Have you ever been caught in a downward spiral?
  • Jake Ewald: Do you tend to pick up new habits/talents easily?
  • Brendan Lukens: Who do you think impacts you the most?
  • Sean Huber: Are you in a band?
  • Ian Farmer: What are three things you'd consider 'nerdy' about yourself?

At this point literally everyone in the building is shitfaced drunk and goofy and doing shit they’re ordinarily not predisposed to.

… how does that work?

You’re even drinking a heart drink without fear of the consequences.  You rebel, you.

Hi Andrei!  :D

…. Masha thought this would be an epic time to start telling a fucking ghost story, so the lights went out.  I thought about turning them back on and did in one instance but… Idk.  Light wasn’t TOO terrible completely dark.  xD


Trailer: What do you know? [Derek, Stiles, Sheriff, Cora, Claudia Stilinski]

When Derek comes back to Beacon Hills to his mother’s funeral he finds out that his sister, Cora, is ill as well. In hospital hall Derek meets the Sheriff and his quiet son, who doesn’t say a word until Derek asks.

Or: AU, in which Stiles is a psychic~

A/n: So yeah I’ve been asked like 20 times to make something like ‘Sleepwalking’ once again so here you go. :) Happy holidays!