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I Don’t Know or Prologue

The Opera or The First Symphony

Subway or… Subway…

Sonya Alone or Starchild

Hero or Natalya

Loop or The Photograph

The Astronomer or Pierre

The Telescope or The Ball 

The Prelude or Family Meeting

Prayer or Vespers

Sunday Morning or Lights Out

No One Else or Tango Dancer

Balaga or Ho-Ho

The Great Comet Of 1812 or Mountains/The Second Piano Concerto

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I actually followed you for the Clone!Shiro comic with badass Coran but I’m starting to get the urge to rewatch Danny Phantom now. Also your art is 👌👌👌

Cheers and yessss I love the first episode esp with Jack accusing Jazz being a ghost, fav parts~



you are my bruise, don’t you know that?

So one of the things I imagine happening after Danny got his ghost powers is that he’s much more light on his feet, and so his family hardly ever hears him when he comes up or down the stairs, and often times scares his mom or dad or Jazz when they don’t realize he’s there until he talks because he’s behind them, and they sometimes tell him he’s like a ghost in the house and its funny because of how true it is even tho they don’t know it, and yea


L: Oh wow, good idea I’ll ask her tomorrow

H: Fantastic, now go the heck to sleep!

Ghost rangers au part 1

((To give this a little context Keith and Lance have been classroom rivals for almost three years of college now. one day Keith just stops coming to class and it’s driving lance insane because no one knows why))


uhhhhhhhhhhhh yes (kinda a redraw :DDD)


designs with actual color for the previous comic

still cant draw swords still cant draw wings what am I doing

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PLease write all the soft hannigram forEVER

Nothing says ‘soft hannigram’ like… fisting?

Stuck halfway between a laugh and a belly low groan, Will chokes. He inhales through his nose.

“More.” He says.

“I only have my thumb left.” Hannibal says. His thumb pressing against the fleshy part of Will’s inner thigh. A little reminder. A little hello. His four fingers and his knuckles rubbing and stretching the inside of Will open.

It’s not like last time. 

Will is not hesitant now. He had a solid month of obsessing over the what if of last time. What if he had said yes. What if Hannibal had pushed him regardless of what he had said. What if Will had let Hannibal crawl and shove his way inside of his body. No cut. No knife. Split him open with his bare hands.

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Papa IV Theory

Okay,, holy shit.

For those few who have no idea what’s going on today at Ghost’s show during Monstrance Clock Papa iii was pulled offstage, presumably being arrested, and papa 0 walked out, spoke in italian basically introducing himself and welcoming the middleages apparently? (I just read a rough translation) Anyways, i have a theory for papa iv.

Let’s be honest, there is no way Papa 0 is the new Papa iv, the evil grandad could hardly breathe and stand onstage, his time as a preforming pope is up.

Typically when they introduce a new Papa it’s after their hiatus and the first show they play in Linköping, Sweden in a smaller venue. I have a feeling that Papa 0 will come onstage, possibly say a few things, then give the Papacy to Papa iv who will be introduced that night and preform with his ghouls.

Now who is Papa iv? Who knows. As much as i love the theory that it would be Papa ii, i kind of doubt it. I think they’ll be introducing a younger, yet more serious Papa. Maybe he acts more like Papa ii? Possibly even more cruel than he was? I have no idea.

All i know is that i am so ready for this new era and to see what Tortalinie Filibuster has in store for us.