ghost hunting with girls aloud

Yvette: Its a chair, in a corridor.

Cheryl: You’re not serious.

Yvette: I thought what we could do..

Cheryl: Is sit in it.. you can piss right off.. you sit in it? and i’ll film ya!

Yvette: No, you’ve gotta experience this.

Cheryl: You sit in it then.

Yvette: I’ll do with you.

Cheryl: I wanna experience you sitting in the chair. That’s what I wanna experience.

Kimba: Theres no way I’m sitting in there.

Cheryl: I admire, your enthusiasm, highly, but believe you me, i am not sitting in there.

*Cuts scenes and they’re both (Chez+Kimba) sitting in the chair!:L 

  • Cheryl: 'i dont understand why this squire is so.. anal.'
  • Sarah: 'dont wind him up! he doent want it'
  • Kimba: 'i just think he's not happy'
  • Sarah: 'he doesnt want us here! im telling you now!'
  • Yvette: 'he just doesnt have any respect for women'
  • Cheryl: 'well no, come on, if you're here just TAP THE FUCKING TABLE!' *BANGG!*
  • Sarah: 'CHERYL, YOU FUCKER!'
  • They run out screaming, oh Cheryl, haha!♥♥