ghost hunting equipment

Equipment That We Use

-Four night vision cameras mounted on tripods.
-DVR that auto records when the cameras are connected.
-Monitor to watch cameras in real time.
-one handheld, full spectrum camera. Tripod optional.
-Audio recorders
-Static Parascope. This measures static electricity in the air.
-Rempod. Measures electrical changes around it. This will go off if a living being gets close to the antenna.
-Light grid to catch any unseen shadows on camera.
-Mel-meter. Measures EMF (electro-magnetic frequencies) and temperature changes.
-Second EMF detector.
-EDI meter. Measures EMF, vibrations, and temperature.
-Ovilus. Contains a dictionary of words, that spirits can manipulate​ to communicate

Danny Phantom AU where there’s a huge ghost battle and Danny Fenton gets caught in the middle and somehow, everyone discovers that he’s a ghost…. hunter. Yeah, Danny is obviously alive and, unless there’s concrete evidence, no one’s gonna believe he’s a ghost. But they see his moves, his confidence with the ghosts, mistake his ectoblasts for a ghost weapon and people form their own conclusions: Danny and his friends are human ghost hunters. Danny isn’t sure whether to laugh or start sobbing. Tucker doesn’t have the same problem, he’s rolling on the floor.

His parents are mad for all of 5 minutes before they’ve got Danny in their arms saying how proud they are and how foolish it was for him to be going out there alone. Danny listens to their praise and love and hugs them back, burying his face in his dad’s shoulder to hide the guilt. Lancer is more upset because he sees it as a needless danger but he understands that the kids aren’t going to stop and Amity isn’t like other towns and decides to give the kids a bit of a break when it comes to balancing school and ghosts. The other kids are kind of awestruck. Ghosts used to be lame, but now that they’re a serious problem, it’s suddenly cool. The fact that their nerdy classmate apparently has been fighting them in secret, and winning, is wicked. Valerie is incredibly suspicious. Her secret gets outed too and she’s kind of lumped with the trio but she knows something is wrong but she can’t figure it out. But she will.

Danny is mostly very confused about the whole thing, extra paranoid about people discovering his secret and more than weirded out by all the attention. His parents and teachers stop giving him so much grief and, with extra accommodations, he actually does better in school and gets more sleep. He takes to carrying ghost hunting equipment on him at all times, it was awkward at first but his accuracy with ectoblasts eventually makes him skilled with Fenton weapons. The trio no longer have to hide when there’s a ghost attack and will openly fight the ghost. The ghosts themselves are also hella confused, Danny just shrugs as he fights like a human. If it’s too powerful and Danny needs his powers, he’ll run off claiming he left “something in his locker” and oh hey look Phantom showed up to save the day. It seems rather obvious but still, everyone sees what they want to see.

Eventually Danny manages to convince people that Phantom actually is a good ghost who only wants to help. He claims that he and his friends routinely fight with Phantom to save the day. It’s enough to make Jack and Maddie willing to sit down and have a civil conversation with the ghostly hero which eventually leads to a partnership with the city’s ghost hunters. Danny works hard to avoid times where he and Phantom are needed in the same place, sometimes he’ll have Sam double as him but he’s also working harder on duplication. All in all it’s a weird, ironic existence but it works out in a roundabout way. Danny still feels horribly guilty about keeping the full truth from his folks but thinks he’s in too deep to back out now. So Danny is often seen on patrol with his parents, an ectogun strapped to his back. They don’t understand why he so often looks up at the sky, as if he wished he were up there and not on the ground.

Haunted Manor

It was bound to happen, me writing a Supersons fic. I mean, Jon and Damian are just too cute to stay away from for long. So I hope you guys enjoy this little adventure I’ve cooked up. Thanks to @audreycritter​ for helping me workshop this. @komadoriwonder​ I told you I’d do something fluffy, even if I’m a little late with it. ;)

Summary: Damian and Jon go on a ghost hunt in the manor

Rating: Gen

Words: 4,700

Warnings: None

AO3 Link

A high pitched scream tore through the manor, accompanied by the heavy crashing of panicked feet on wood as Damian and Jon tore down a hallway. Their pace was one of panicked teens running from a ghostly apparition after late night tales of horror. Despite the lack of scary stories or jump scares, Damian could almost be certain of the presence of a ghostly apparition. One he didn’t want following them by Jon’s yelling.

“Silence, Kent.” Damian hissed as they slid to turn, their feet in unison pounding down the next hallway.

Jon gulped and managed to cut off his cry as the two reached the main staircase. He was glad of his new attention when Damian stumbled on one of the steps and he had to reach out and haul him back. Damian grumbled a thank you as they reach the bottom step and continued running.

Their mad dash only stopped when they’d reached the safety of the well lit living room they’d set up camp in. Jon feel onto the couch, tossing a pillow off it to meet the other ones scattered around the sleeping bags on the floor.

Titus looked up from where he’d been curled up on one of the pillows and tilted his head at Jon. Damian stepped over to scratch him behind his ears. The simple action started to calm Damian’s frayed nerves.

“I thought you said the manor wasn’t haunted.” Jon said, his words broken as he attempted to catch his breath. Neither boy was out of shape, but both still struggled to slow their racing hearts and control their heaving chests.  

“It’s not.” Damian snapped.

Titus shook his head, discharging Damian’s hand from its task, and laid back down. Damian crossed his arms and let one foot tap on the floor as his mind tried to come to terms with what had just happened. For it had happened. Damian was sure of it. What it was, he wasn’t sure of. Surrounded by the normality of the living room he was starting to wonder what it was they’d encountered.

“Well,” Jon said, absently reaching for the half-finished bowl of popcorn on the coffee table. “It sure seems that way to me.”

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After Danny’s friends and classmates die, most of them turn into ghosts. I couldn’t think of a story or ghost power for Tucker and Jazz. Maybe those two passed on.

Sam turns into a ghost because she suppressed guilt for causing Danny’s transformation. Her power revolves around samsara, ultra-recycling and the ecosystem. Samsara is a cycle of birth, suffering, death, and rebirth. She attempts to help the ecosystem (both the Ghost Zone’s and Earth’s) by recycling someone’s soul. So, Sam decides when it is time for someone to move on to the next life. Usually, her need to protect endangered species goofs up the ecosystem. She once let some purple-back gorillas live 40 years past their average lifespans. Sam is able to sense Danny from miles away because Danny’s half death is tied to Sam’s guilt. The sense is sort of unnecessary because they are usually together. She didn’t notice it until a century later.

Dash turns into a ghost because he regrets the path he took in life. He wanted something more. He doesn’t really contemplate the what because he doesn’t want to spend his second life thinking about his regrets-but he has a brain. He knows his regrets, he just won’t say them out loud. Again. Outloud, again.His dog, Pooky, somehow found him in the Ghost Zone. He’s glad for this because without Pookie, he would be surrounded by people who never grew up, like the Fentons and Paulina. Then there is the people who never got over their school experience, like the Fentons and Paulina. Dash’s powers are Pooky, his dog does what Dash asks, like Pooky is like the wayyy cuter and more obedient version of Shadow. 

Jack Fenton turns into a ghost because he wants to atone for his ignorance and stupidity. He turned his old-buddy and his only son into half-ghosts with his screwy inventions. He chased his son around with the intent to kill him, screamed actual threats like “I’ll tear you apart molecule by molecule” to an unstable 14-year-old, and he never noticed that his old-buddy crept on his children and wife until it was too late. He was the first ghost Danny personally knew. He creates “helpful” inventions for Danny with his ghost powers. He also haunts the basement Fenton Works. Don’t worry though, he harmless, but slightly annoying. He tries to give life lessons by telling stories about the good old days and his dumb mistakes. In some versions of his stories, he’ll say he guards the ghost portal. In others, he’ll ramble on about a Wisconsin Ghost.

Valerie turns into a ghost because she regretted hunting ghosts after Phantom Planet. She realized ghosts have their own issues and they weren’t personally targeting her. However, as a ghost, she still hunts ghosts who terrorize humans. She did not give up her ghost hunting equipment and she still wears a similar ghost hunting outfit. She’s obsessed with making sure ghosts and humans are on good terms. She doesn’t want anyone to end up like her.

Paulina turns into a ghost because a piece of her never got over her teenage crush on Danny Phantom. She has some similar powers to Danny, but they’re slightly changed. She only has a ghostly wail when she talks too loud, she can multiply, and she can shoot lasers from her eyes. Paulina searches for Phantom in the Ghost World. Like Sam, Paulina has a Danny radar, but hers lets her teleport to his location. However, her Danny radar only works when she thinks of Danny Fenton, not Danny Phantom. Ghost Paulina has a hard doing so, as she’s obsessed with his Phantom self. So, in a way, her radar is broken. In those times when she does find him, Sam (and sometimes Valerie) gets sooo pissed when Paulina approaches Danny. In most cases, they’ll fight. Oddly, Sam has yet to send Paulina on to the next life. 


Here’s my design for Shiro in the Voltron paranormal investigation team AU! Unlike the rest of the team, he can actually see ghosts. (He doesn’t tell Lance that some of them make faces at him while they’re filming episodes of their reality show bwahahahahaha)

You can find paranormal investigators Keith and Pidge here and here!

Hunk and Lance are here!

Allura and Coran are here!

I’m certain I wasn’t the only one who wondered where Jack and Maddie got all the money for their ghost hunting research, especially when it’s been established that they don’t get government support for that work.

Somehow, I missed this scene that explains things. They do invent things outside of just ghost hunting equipment. Heck, they have a brand name, and everything in their house seems to be made by them. Fenton this and Fenton that. And even Jazz mentioned to Connie that her parents do other things.

So I guess they work with all kinds of things, and the ghost hunting is their hobby, in a sense (though I’m certain they’re trying to get recognition for their work.)

I knew they had to have a lot of money for all the tech they use, and I’m glad I now have an idea of where that all comes from.

the signs as things vlad masters has done

aries: created clones of a kid because he wouldnt become his son

taurus: literally starts an apocalypse that lasts for a good ten days

gemini: makes a 16 year old fight her 14 year old little brother

cancer: said he wouldnt get a cat but gets a cat anyway

leo: ran for mayor because a 14 year old pranked him

virgo: uses food names as curse words

libra: attempted to steal and entire ghost portal because his exploded

scorpio: tried to kill his old college friend and marry his wife and adopt his son

sagittarius: gave a 14 year old girl ghost hunting equipment so he could spy on another 14 year old

capricorn: almost destroyed earth, twice

aquarious: made an entire shelf of books dedicated to knitting

pisces: referred to himself as daddy three times in the span of one minute

anonymous asked:

prompt: danny dealing with the revelation os his secret OR something fluffy with either the friend trio or the fenton family

Oki, I’mma work with this, Thnx! For now, have this little glob of what I can think of on the spot. Something better will follow in due time.


“Tucker, I’m telling you! The environment aside, you are ruining yourself! The only thing you digest is fat, which holds almost nothing of what is necessary for a human body to grow and keep itself healthy! A person’s diet cannot just consist of meat or any other animal product!”

“Oh yeah? And where in your oh-so-healthy diet are the proteins and iron you need to be able to form muscles and transport oxygen, huh?”

They both had used those arguments at least a hundred times before.

“I have supplements for those, and I’ve got a healthy body. I’m not missing out on anything!”

“Well, my body is just as healthy as yours, so I don’t know what you’re complaining about. And your supplements, what are those made of?”

Again, no originality there. Or anywhere, really.

“The supplements I use are provided by a brand that cares about animal life, or Earth for that matter, thank you very much.”

“You don’t know that, for all you know, that company could be lying to get people like you to buy their stuff!”

Okay, that was it.

“GUYS!” Danny yelled, jumping up for the dramatic effect. It did little to nothing, though. Him trying to break their conversation apart wasn’t anything new either. They just went on bickering.

Okay, so it was time to come up with something new. Something that would make them shut up for once, for a while, if he could have it his way. And suddenly, a light smirk danced onto our favourite halfa’s face as he thought of something.

They did not like this idea. Not at all.

They had been having their usual meat v.s. veggies fight, and Danny had been trying to break them apart, as always. Until all of a sudden, their friend had switched to his ghost half, grabbed the two by their collars, and flew them onto the roof of the tallest building in Amity Park: the bank office.

Once there, he had pocketed all their technological devices -to Tucker’s demise and Sam’s annoyance- save for ghost hunting equipment, and left them with nothing but their school books, coats, and the parting words of “You two better come up with some new, valid arguments and settle this all or I will leave you here for the rest of the weekend.”

And that was the situation they were now in. Huzzah.

Grumbling all kinds of lame insults towards Danny, Tucker sat down and began with the homework Lancer had given them for the weekend. Sam was about to say something to him when she realised they wouldn’t be progressing in their argument anyway, despite this new spin provided by their friend, so she copied his movements and opened her Math books, determined to put this time to good use.

An hour of sitting on the hard concrete later, Tucker’s voice sounded through the air, but said air was moving too violently for Sam to actually hear what he was saying.


Groaning, Tucker moved closer and repeated his words.

“Do you think our arguments are about something else than criticising each other’s diets?”

Wait what?

“You actually want to talk about it?”

He sighed. “Well, yeah. Danny has enough crap in his life without us constantly fighting over something so minor. And the guy is out there alone right now. We both know that’s he’s too stubborn to let us back him until we can prove to him we’ve reached some sort of agreement. Of course, we have a lot to deal with as well, but probably not anywhere near the amount he has go through. He shouldn’t also have to listen to our arguing from time to time.” He looked at his hands, which were playing with the hem of his pullover. “I thought, if we can work this out, it’ll get rid of at least a little bit of stress for both him and us.”

Sam mulled over his words, guilt filling her the longer she thought about it. He was right, their fighting was probably an addition to the huge list of things that were bearing down on their friend, and themselves.

“Yeah…” she mumbled. “So what do you mean by our arguments being about something else?”

He shrugged. “It was something I heard Jazz about the other day. About arguments about insignificant things actually portraying a bigger problems that’s playing a role between two or more people. The example she used was about a couple, where one person wanted to fill the living room with bookshelves, and the other wanted to keep it open, like the rest of the house. They argued about it, but through the lines it was actually about the book person not having enough of their own space in the house and the other person not being tolerant enough for it, or something like that.”

There was a short pause.

“So you’re saying that maybe… I’m calling out on something else I don’t approve of about you or about or friendship by calling out on your addiction to meat?”

“I guess so.”

Shifting so she could cross her legs and lean her elbows on her knees, Sam looked Tucker in the eyes. “So what don’t we approve of each other? I mean I’m not fan of Techno stuff and you’re not fan of my goth stuff, but I thought we’d gotten past that?”

“I don’t think this is about our interests,” Tucker mused, “but about our personalities. Something that we can’t stand about the other and complain about the metaphor of food?”

Sam snorted at that. “You want to call meat a metaphor?”

“Hey, you know what I mean!”

“Okay, okay.” She ran through memories of their fights, looking for something she could connect to them. Tucker seemed to do the same.

After some time of silence and personal brainstorming, Tucker was again the first one to speak up.

“I think… what I don’t really like is your negative attitude towards anything that is even a bit off compared to your morals. I know you have perfectly reasonable arguments to be like that,” he added quickly before she could react, “but sometimes I think you take it a bit to far. Like, something only has to be mainstream and it takes a lot of convincing from me and Danny to get you to try it out. I know you are and want to be an individual, but individuality doesn’t mean you automatically have to dislike everything that is popular, ya know. Some things are popular because they are good.”

He studied her reaction as she took in what he had just said, his shoulders a little tense, probably nervous for her reaction. And her first reaction had been to snap something back, but when she thought about it, he was right. Again.

She had been taking it too far lately. It had taken the two boys a week to join them in watching Code Black, a hospital series she had immediately dismissed as another overly dramatised office drama, but had turned out to be incredibly intriguing, even if it was filled with drama. And maybe she had been too strict in her lecturing on the strain daily behaviour can put on the environment. Some things couldn’t be helped right now, so she might as well give her friends a break on it and focus on things that could be righted.

Tucker was still looking at her, trying to read her expression. She couldn’t help the chuckle at his anxious face. “Relax, Tuck. I’m not going to harm you over some honesty. And you’re right anyway.”

His shoulders almost immediately fell into their usual relaxed position. “Really?”

“Yeah. I mean, I realise I did lose myself these past few weeks. Man, I must’ve been a menace to put up with.”

He snickered at her comment. “Nah, don’t forget us men are tough. We can handle a strong, somewhat wayward woman like you.” Then he sobered up. “Your turn.”

Her turn. “Okay… What I find annoying… is that you seem to run away from things. And by that I don’t mean in battle, you can handle yourself just as well as I can, but you seem to shy away from having to deal with things you don’t like. You don’t like vegetables and you prefer meat, but you know that you’re really missing out on important nutrients. But you push that thought away and try to pretend it’s not there and will go away on its own. And that’s only a minor example. When something you don’t like pops up, and you will have to deal with it, you solve your problems by trying to forget them, procrastinating doing what needs to be done, and often making the solution a lot more work than it would’ve been would you have dealt with it when it came up.”

She watched him cringe a little, knowing that she hit a spot he hated talking about -which exactly proved her point, didn’t it-, but he nodded anyway.

“That’s me alright. Man, talking about this sucks.”

“I know, it feels like we’re turning into techno and goth versions of Jazz.”


Oookay that’s where I’m cutting this off for now. This was only meant to be a drabble to get something started, but holy hell this took me an hour… I need to practise a LOT more…

Forgive any mistakes I made, I’m too tired to check this again. Also, the bookshelf example isn’t my own, though I can’t remember where I found it (or if it was in Dutch or English for that matter). I put Code Black in there as an example cuz MAN I LOVE THAT SERIES, IT’S SO FREAKING GOOD.

I’ll be finishing this on my fanfiction account, where I’ll have rewritten this part and added a finale to it. I’ll post about it when it’s done, thought I’m having a busy time at school so be patient! Thanks for the prompt!

The Woman of Many Faces

This was actually one of the harder analyses for me to start, because with Maddie, I’m not sure where to start. She seems to be a simple woman who reacts to each situation as it comes to her, but the fact is, Maddie’s demeanor completely changes depending on what role she’s playing. There’s mother Maddie, wife Maddie, scientist Maddie, ghost hunter Maddie, and even each of those can be different depending on what situation she’s dealing with.

When you also consider that each of these roles are equally important to her, how am I supposed to decide where to start talking about her first? I’m still not entirely sure, but I’m gonna give it a shot. Hopefully this won’t end up as too much of a mess.

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The Hofferson House, Est 1850, Ch 1

Hiccup Haddock, an independent ghost hunter, has moved into his first house: a Civil War era Victorian on the edge of town. It wasn’t just the low price, crown molding, or hardwood floors that caught his eye. The owners claimed the house to be terribly haunted. Ghost Hunter AU. Modern AU. Hiccstrid.


A thump from upstairs caused Hiccup to pause. He looked up from his notebook, but saw nothing out of the ordinary. No one stood in the doorway, or spoke. He listened harder, but he heard nothing. Above him, the dainty light fixture moved, ever so slightly.

Hiccup set his notebook onto the desk, and reached for one of the boxes he’d brought with him in the move. He’d made sure to bring his ghost-hunting equipment. He didn’t hold it past his dad to throw it out while he wasn’t looking.

Hiccup set the EVP recorder on the desk, and dug out his thermal imaging camera. He put two new batteries into the camera, clipped the EVP recorder to his shirt’s pocket and headed upstairs to where the thump had come from: the room directly above the first floor parlor, which happened to also be Astrid Hofferson bedroom, the room where she supposedly hung herself.

Why don’t we have an au where Danny was fixing the portal when it turned on?

Danny’s not stupid, and he grew up with very enthusiastic inventor parents. In canon he learned a gorilla’s language just from watching it for an extra credit assignment. It’s not too much of a stretch to make him mechanically inclined, is it?

Think about it. Danny becomes half ghost while working with his parents’ most dangerous invention. Danny actually fixes the Fenton Thermos to get it to work instead of using his aura to charge it or whatever he did in the show. Danny secretly tweaking his parents’ inventions so that they aren’t dangerous to him or have a different effect than intended. Danny eventually making his own ghost hunting equipment.

And, of course, he’s still failing school because he’s too busy with ghosts to attend or do his homework.

Hell House - Part 2

Word Count: 2327

Pairing: Eventual DeanxReader

Warnings: mentions of hanging, slit writs, language.

A/N: Not completely happy with this but at least it’s out

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Series Rewrite Masterlist

Sitting outside the library waiting for Sam was boring you. You were sitting on the stairs outside with Dean for at least an hour, but Sam still hadn’t come out yet.  “Hey…how’s your leg doin’ anyway?” Dean asked.

“Huh?” You replied, as you processed what he said. “Oh, it’s fine. The stitches you did held up nice.”

“Can I see?” You lifted your leg and laid it across his lap. He gently pushed your pant leg up and out of the way so he could get a good look at the stitches. He nodded. “Looks good. Probably gonna scar though.” You shrugged.

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Danny and Valerie Friendship

So, stay with me here, but, imagine… Danny and Valerie friendship shenanigans after the inevitable heart to heart they would have after Valerie found out about Danny’s secret.  Personally, I’m not a huge fan of Danny/Valerie, too much baggage, and words said, and general angst for me. 


-Danny and Valerie flying around making fun of pedestrians above the clouds while everyone else has no idea. To the everyone else, looking awe inspiring, as they are probably discussing some important ghost issue, but really, they’re discussing how awful Mr. Lancer looked in that cheerleading outfit that one time.

-Danny not knowing why Valerie is so off even after they had an understanding, so he asks Jazz to listen to her. At first Valerie is tight-lipped and stubborn, refusing to admit what’s wrong, but after a smile, reassurance, and story or two from the red head, she jopens up, starts a story, and suddenly she just can’t stop talking. Jazz listening to Valerie as she bursts out her frustrations, her life, her conflicts, her slight crush still on Danny, and just generally how guilty she is for hurting one of her only friends, and how the hell did he ever forgive her for trying to kill him and breaking up with him to kill him.  Jazz nodding and asking questions and reassuring her and basically becoming the emotional outlet she needs for all the crap she’s gone through.

-Once Valerie realizes that Cujo is just an adorable little puppy with his ferociousness only coming out  when he feels threatened/ someone he cares about being threatened (like some halfas she knows), she starts sending Cujo to randomly run after Danny in the middle of class. Like they’re in gym, and Valerie is leaning against the wall watching as Danny is proving that yes, his super reflexes do pass over into dodgeball, please stop making me show off my powers, the girl just loudly whistles and cackles when Cujo pulls Danny away from the game to only the little pup knows where. Everyone else is so confused, as Val laughs and Danny keeps yelling at the little mutt to put him down and gosh dang it Valerie! This is the third time this week- CUJO STOP! 

-Danny being the best wing man for Tucker, and just bragging about how much he knows about tech and her suits, and general ghost hunting equipment, and Valerie knows what he’s doing (because Danny is very obvious) but she can’t help but be intrigued anyway because, does he really know how to make that? Show me! And Danny just has this shit eating grin this entire time. 

 -Sam getting mad at Danny, and the halfa, not really knowing who to go to, asks Valerie, because, hey, she’s a girl. She can understand how girl’s minds work… right? And Valerie is mixed being laughing and face palming over the boy’s obviousness.

-Valerie having issues with not having female friends, so Danny with all his brilliant ideas, suggests she and Sam go out to do something together. Valerie at first, is like, are you crazy?! We’ll kill each other in five minutes. But she starts seeing this as an attempt to prove to the goth that yes, she is over Danny, but also that this is the perfect opportunity to embarrass him as much as possible behind his back. Somehow Val and Sam make it to the mall alive without killing each other, and in a twist of fate, the two end up bonding over smoothies, stories of their boys, and their mutual glee over Paulina’s credit card getting maxed out.

-Valerie becoming the older sister to Dani as Danny becomes the overprotective brother. In the middle of the fight, if Dani gets hurt, there will be hell to may from both of them if their little sister even gets so much as a scratch. The two making a terrifying duo as the poor, unsuspecting ghost gets the crap beaten out of him. Afterwards, Danny acts like the mom of the two and looks for any and all injuries while muttering about I knew this was a bad idea to bring her out here. All the while Val glares at the crowd and area around her threateningly like, come out, and judge us. I dare you. How about another ghost, I’ve been itching to see what how much damage ‘high’ does. And Dani’s there like, guys, I’m okay. It was just a scratch. Stop it, you’re making a scene. But the two are having none of it,  and the clone just sighs but smiles at finally having a big brother and sister that actually cares for her.  

-Valerie after a misunderstanding and hiccup or two with the Fentons, actually starts enjoying them and their craziness and how much they seem to love and care for everyone. Danny, not knowing if she’s just messing with him, or if she’s genuine, and if it’s genuine, he has to wonder in his taste in friends because how, despite how everyone knows how embarrassing his parents are, they are still somehow the cool ones. Tucker, Sam, and Valerie just shaking their heads at the halfa’s confusion because it’s hard to understand how welcoming the Fentons feel in comparison to their own houses until you feel it for yourself. Danny realizing he is entirely screwed because now he’s up against, his girl friend, ex-girl friend/new best female friend, and best friend he’s known since he was five, and how did he think putting them all in a room together was a good idea?

- Danny  not being good at PR. At all. He stutters too much and he gets tired of all the attention way too quickly. Sam doesn’t care about it, and if it were up to her, she would just flip off all the cameras. Tucker for all his “Too Fine”-ness, can not actually talk to the press if his life depended on it. Valerie, being an Ex-A-lister and all around good faker when it comes to attitudes, gives Team Phantom a crash course on what to, and not to do in front of the press, so yes, Danny you are not allowed to turn invisible in the middle of a conference or fall through the floor because their questions make you dead tired. Who’s the people expert around here, huh?

- Valerie becoming the missing piece that Team Phantom didn’t know they needed, all the while not messing with established boundaries/relationships, but creating new ones instead that last a life time. 


blacknovelist55  asked:

DP, Dani, Accident

(Not totally happy with the quality level of the writing, but I’m trying to keep these prompts quick and low-edit. In any case, here you go. Hope you enjoy it!)


“Mom! What are you doing?”

Danny stood at the door to his room, watching open-mouthed as his mom opened his drawers and rummaged through his stuff. This couldn’t be happening. You just don’t do that to your teenage son. It’s in the parent manual. It’s one of those immutable laws of the universe the boring old physics teacher went on and on about.

“Just a little spring cleaning, honey,” Maddie said, not even looking up, apparently unaware of the universe-shattering principles of parent-snooping. She peeled up layers of muddy jeans from behind the dresser and tossed them in a laundry basket. “I know you’re working extra hard on finals this week, so I won’t make you do it yourself, but this room is getting to be a hazard.”

Finals were the last thing on Danny’s mind. He’d been late getting home today, distracted and worried–not because of ghost attacks, for a change, but because of Danielle.

He edged into the room, heart thudding, eyes sweeping past Mom as she continued to excavate the contents of the dresser. Strange, sickly-sweet smells wafted out of the half-filled laundry basket. He stared at the bed, stripped bare of sheets. He swallowed hard. Maybe she hadn’t gotten around to cleaning under it yet. Maybe.

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Chores - DP

Illogically, this is based on a true story from today. 

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“The lab isn’t clean.”

Danny didn’t look up from his book when his father spoke.  With less than two weeks of school left – and eight months of procrastinating on this English assignment behind him – Danny no longer had the time to spare to give his father the look that comment deserved.  “So?”

“Cleaning the lab is your-“

“Mom forbade me from ever cleaning the lab again.”  Danny squinted down at the text in his book, eventually gave up understanding the sentence with a shrug, and deigned to look up at his dad.

The man was standing in front of him, arms crossed, a pout on his face.  “But if you don’t do it, I have to.”

With a shrug, Danny said, “Take it up with Mom.  I would if I could, but I can’t.”  It was one of the small blessings that came from his parents cottoning on that he was part ghost and that being around unfinished and untested ghost hunting equipment wasn’t always the safest thing in the world: he no longer had to clean the lab.

He went back to his book, attempting to tackle the next set of lines.  Despite having listened to his teacher ramble on about Shakespeare for weeks, Danny didn’t have a clue how to interpret this.

“You can’t just shirk from all your chores because it’s not safe,” his father said, his voice almost whining.  “Do you know who has to do them if you don’t?  Me!”

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Danny Phantom Episode Guide M!A Master List
  • ((Thanks to askdannyjamesfenton for help with some of the ideas!))
  • Phantom Planet : You're the world's only hope! A worldwide catastrophe is coming everyone's way, and your character is the only one who can stop it! Catch is, you have to convince everyone else to go along with your plan!
  • D-Stabilized : You have become genetically unstable/deathly ill. It's a race against the clock to find a cure! Can a cure be found, or will your character dissolve/die?
  • Claw of the Wild : Muse turns in a beast at night like a werewolf.
  • Frightmare : Your Character has found themselves suddenly able to enter into people's dreams. It's up to them if they simply want to observe, or attempt to wake people up via a nightmare.
  • Boxed Up Fury : Pandora's Box has been opened, and now everything is in chaos! Now your character has to work to set it all right!
  • Livin’ Large : Your character suddenly found themselves gaining a windfall of money.
  • Girls Night Out : Muse treats everyone as if they have swapped the opposite gender, whether they have or not…
  • Forever Phantom : You have a doppelganger that's been running around with your face, causing all sorts of trouble! Now you have to go track them down to prove your innocent!
  • Torrent of Terror : Your character now can affect the weather. Problem is, it's controlled by their emotions!
  • Urban Jungle : Your character has gained all sorts of plant based abilities! The catch? The obsession to use them to destroy civilization and return the world to nature!
  • Infinite Realms : Muse is chasing someone for something important constantly.
  • Eye for an Eye : Prank war time! Your character feels the urge to go around pranking everyone.
  • Kindred Spirits : Attack of the clones! Suddenly, there's clones of your character everywhere, and the clones are out to get them! What do they do?
  • Double Cross My Heart : Muse is insanely jealous and on the war path to anyone trying to take away their love life.
  • Reality Trip : Your character has gained an item that grants the ability to bend reality to their will!
  • Masters of All Time : Your character has just been sent into the past. Do they leave things as they are, or go fiddling with time?
  • King Tuck : Your character has just found out they're descended from royalty!
  • Beauty Marked : Muse desperately tries to look sexy in front of everyone.
  • Micromanagement : Your character has been shrunk!
  • Flirting With Disaster : Muse literally flirts with an enemy out to kill them.
  • Secret Weapons : Muse has family member that wants to kill them.
  • The Fright Before Christmas : Your character must now speak in nothing but rhyme.
  • The Ultimate Enemy : Your character has been turned into an evil, older version of themselves.
  • Fenton Menace : Your character keeps being attacked/pestered by a person only they can see!
  • Identity Crisis : Your character suddenly has a split personality... and each personality has its own body!
  • Reign Storm : Your character has inadvertently unleashed the ultimate evil! How will they set things right again?
  • Pirate Radio : Muse acts like a pirate
  • Doctor’s Disorders : Your character has been having some rather odd, ghost-like symptoms.
  • Memory Blank : Your character has suddenly become afflicted with amnesia! Everyone is now a stranger to you!
  • Control Freaks : Your character's become hypnotized, and must now obey the commands of everyone else!
  • Million Dollar Ghost : Surprise! Your character has made the most wanted list, and there's a bounty on their head! Anyone's free to try and collect!
  • Life Lessons : Your character has found themselves suddenly responsible for a small child. How do they cope?
  • Lucky in Love : Your character has been possessed by a ghost out to make their Significant Other jealous by flirting with everyone else in sight!
  • Maternal Instincts : Muse desperately wants bonding time but no one will give it to them unless Muse forces them with something the other cannot resist
  • Fright Knight : Your character has been given the ability to make people live out their worst nightmare!
  • Public Enemies : Your character has been made public enemy number one, and everyone is out for their hide.
  • 13 : Your character has been cursed with a string of unusually bad luck!
  • Teacher of the Year : Your character has been transported into Cyberspace, and can only travel from place to place via technology/the internet.
  • Fanning the Flames : Your character now has the ability to enthrall people with the power of their voice!
  • Shades of Gray : Your character has been given ghost hunting equipment from a mysterious benefactor! Do you put it to good use, or do you decide it's not for you?
  • My Brother’s Keeper : For no reason at all, your character seems angry and depressed all the time!
  • Prisoners of Love : Your character is worried they have angered the person dearest to their heart. What lengths will they go to, to make it up to them?
  • Bitter Reunions : Muse has urge to kill someone and make their child the muse’s own. 
  • What You Want : Your character has gained the ability to grant wishes, but the wishes always end up turning out somehow wrong. Be careful what you wish for, indeed!
  • Splitting Images : Your character has been forced to swap bodies with the muse who sent this meme!
  • Attack of the Killer Garage Sale : Your character has come into possession of haunted paraphernalia! Do they keep it? Get rid of it? Try and exorcise it?
  • One of a Kind : A great hunter has appeared, and he's out for your character's pelt! Do they flee, or do they fight back?
  • Parental Bonding : A cursed necklace has been attached to your character's body, and they can't get it off on their own! Every time they get angry, they turn into a vengeful dragon! Lasts until someone can remove the necklace from you.
  • Mystery Meat : Your character has been granted Ghost Powers! Problem is, they can't control them! For the duration of the M!A, Your character will find themselves randomly sinking through floors, going invisible, and randomly transforming between a human side, and a ghost side.
  • what she says: im fine
  • what she means: how does the fenton family afford all that expensive ghost hunting equipment? how do they even afford food? both the fenton parents seem to be full-time ghost hunters, despite the fact that they never actually catch any and anyway, even if they did, how would they earn a living off of it???? can they even afford food? how did they manage to raise two kids??? why is jazz regarded as the ridiculous one when she's obviously the only sane one? how did she and danny not die in infancy honestly how??? how do the fentons earn a living? it doesn't make sense

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He knocked on the office door before turning the handle and quietly peeking his head in.

“Mr. Lancer?”

The man at the desk turned his gaze toward the voice, peering over his reading glasses to see his most enigmatic student standing meekly in the doorway yet again.  He sighed.

“Yes, Mr. Fenton?”

Danny hesitated, trying to decide whether that was an invitation or not, before clambering into the room, shutting the door behind him and taking a seat across from his teacher. 

“Um, you may have noticed that I didn’t quite…turn in my assignment today,” he offered, his voice shaky.  He cleared his throat and finally made eye contact.

Lancer took off his glasses, blinking slowly.  “Yes, Mr. Fenton.  I did notice.  And, unfortunately, I can’t accept late assignments for this.  It’s been a year-long project, and I’m afraid it accounts for a rather large portion of your final grade.”

His voice was ominous but sympathetic, warning Danny of his impending failure. 

“Right,” Danny replied, his voice wavering again.  “But I just…I have some things, and I just wanted to ask you about the others.”

Lancer watched in amusement as his pupil reached into his messy backpack.  Watched the frustration cross his face as he tossed needless papers to the side before finally stumbling across the ones he’d been after.  He pulled out two sheets of crumpled up paper, handing them to his teacher with slightly trembling hands.

“The top one” he explained, “is for five hours of volunteer work at the Amity Park library.  Jazz took me, and so the signature is hers.  I hope that’s okay.  I mean, she was in charge of the activity, and it said to have a signature from whoever was in charge, so…”

Mr. Lancer nodded.  “And she is eighteen, so as a legal adult, her signature is indeed valid.  Good work on that, then; but you’re still about twenty hours short of the minimum with this.”

Danny nodded, swallowing down his nerves as he grabbed the paper and placed the other one on top.  He watched Lancer’s face carefully as he read.  His instructor raised an eyebrow, his complexion growing slightly paler. 

“So,” Danny started, wringing his hands, “I know it’s kind of weird.  And it wasn’t an officially organized volunteering event or anything.  But I found a way to help people.  And I think that’s what matters, right?”

Hope rang in his voice as Mr. Lancer looked back up from the paper.

“Danny Phantom?”

The signature on the paper was written in a familiar messy scrawl that made Lancer almost want to scream at the boy.

Danny nodded, smiling a little despite his nerves.  “Yeah.  I was helping him—er, I have been helping him a lot recently—and that takes up a lot of my time.

“I mean…a lot of my time,” his voice seemed to dip lower as he turned to look thoughtfully into space.  “You know how my parents are ghost hunters, so they have all this ghost hunting equipment.  And ghosts are always around, and he is always fighting them, so I help him sometimes.  And I feel like that’s kind of like volunteering.  And the assignment was to get a certain number of volunteer hours in your community.  So…maybe it’s not exactly what you were looking for, but it’s still volunteering, right?”

His eyes held a sort of desperation in them, and Lancer set his lips in a thin line as he looked back.

“From a certain viewpoint, Danny…yes.  But—”

“No,” Danny interrupted.  “Please don’t say ‘but.’  Mr. Lancer, I tried really hard to go to all those after school functions and to go to the library more often to volunteer, but I…I couldn’t.  I kept getting distracted by ghosts and people needing me—er, people needing Danny Phantom, who I helped occasionally,” he blushed, flustered.  “I really wanted to get this done.  I tried, I really did!  But I couldn’t.”

His eyes were glistening with unshed tears of frustration as he tried to coherently explain himself.  His fists were clenched, and he looked like he might explode with pent up emotion at any moment. 

Lancer sighed, placing the papers on his desk.

“Danny, I appreciate your efforts.  I truly do.  But the School Board is not going to accept the signature of a teenage ghost as your advisor for a volunteer function,” he said softly.

He watched his pupil’s heart drop, his eyes squeezed shut as he let his chin fall to his chest.  His shoulders sagged heavily, and he released an unsteady breath. 

“Better call my parents, then,” he mumbled.  “I’m sure you have their number on speed dial by now.”

Lancer regarded his pupil sympathetically before his eyes widened with a sudden and obvious realization.  A slow smile crept across his face as he grabbed a pen from his desk drawer. 

“The Board won’t accept Danny Phantom’s signature,” he said, “but they will accept mine.”

Danny’s head shot up, a look of surprise on his face as he met the jovial countenance of his teacher.  Lancer had the pen in hand as he pulled out a blank form and started writing on it, a look of pride encompassing his features. 

“You would…but why?”  Danny asked in awe, his eyes following the crazed scribbles of his instructor.

Lancer gave a short laugh.  “Like you said, Danny, your work is helping others with no objective for personal gain.  Not even for your own grade did you sacrifice the needs of others.  And that,” he said, putting the final flair on his signature, “is what volunteering is all about.”

Danny blinked at him.

“I’ll vouch for Danny Phantom any day,” Lancer said, shoving Danny’s two forms into the pile of others students’ on his desk.  “Which means I’d likewise vouch for you.”

He winked and watched a tentative smile form on Danny’s face.