ghost humping

  • Jon: You don't really believe all that stuff do you?
  • Arya: Definitely Jon! We are linked with our wolves! It's so much more than a human/animal bond - It runs deep. I mean, since getting Nymeria back I can sense when she wants to hunt and feel the need to let off a bit of steam myself. Whenever I'm feeling low, she mopes about with me before I even realise how sad I am, and when I'm hungry she acts like she could devour a whole stag herself! She likes who I like, she growls at people I hate...
  • Jon: I dunno...I guess it's similar with me and Gho-
  • Sansa *shouting from her chambers*: JOOOOON!!!! GHOST IS HUMPING MY LEG AGAIN!!!!

“I Had No Idea - Part 1”

Chibs Telford x Reader
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PROMPT: Chibs imagine where he throws a fit because he thinks you’re sleeping with a coworker of yours. Problem is you’re not his girlfriend & it causes a huge fight between you two - ends with hot possessive make up sex and you end up his girl.


You were staring out into the shop from inside your office at Teller-Morrow Automotive Repair. One of the mechanics, Lowell, noticed you were looking and stood behind Chibs with a quart of oil, holding it down at his crotch like a penis and ghost-humping Chibs from behind, getting really into character.
Chibs hadn’t noticed and you were red-faced from trying to hold in your laughter. You couldn’t stand it anymore and you burst into a giggle fit, “Oh my gosh, Lowell, you are crazy!” you shouted with tears of laughter rolling down your cheeks.
Chibs, who was actually using his time to work, turned his attention to you spotting Lowell out of his periphery and jumping around to catch him in the act.
“Oy! Get outta ‘ere wi’ that!” he bellowed and Lowell started laughing along with you, walking over to you and doubling over with his forearm on your shoulder, still chuckling.
Chibs rolled his eyes and scoffed, going back to work.
“What a grump!” you shouted at him and he looked back at you, narrowing his eyes and scowling at you. You raised your eyebrows, clearly someone had ruined the good mood he seemed to have earlier today.
“Get back to work you two!” Clay’s voice boomed through the building causing the both of you to jump. Clay walked up to you, clapping you on the shoulder and laughing, “Did I scare ya sweetheart?” he smiled his big Clay Morrow smile.
“Nearly gave me a heart attack,” you reasoned, “I think I’m not feeling so well,” you joked pretending to almost faint.
“Hey, we ain’t one of those fancy jobs, we don’t have workers comp!” he teased as he began to walk to Chibs, wrapping his arm around the Scottish man’s shoulders, forcing him to walk alongside him back to the clubhouse. 

You settled back at your desk and continued inputting the work order information on the cars that were brought in today and closing out the work orders that had been completed.
The garage was slammed and usually on days like this Gemma would show up to lighten your load, but she had been so busy at Jax’s house getting things ready for the baby that you were on your own. In order to get a head start on tomorrow you decided to stay after work an hour or so to get some tickets out for the guys to start on when they arrived to work, which was usually earlier than you.
The garage was all closed up and Lowell came in your office to tell you bye, giving you a hug and traipsing off to head home as Chibs watched from the picnic tables by the clubhouse.

It was dark, save for your little office light and a street lamp outside. The sun had set and you were buried in your work so deep that you didn’t notice it was nearly 9PM. You also didn’t notice, through your open office door, the figure stomping across the lot towards you.

“What th'fuck was tha’ today?!” Chibs demanded, startling you from your work-induced daze causing you to look at him confused.

“Wuh…..what?” you stammered, looking at the anger in his eyes as he stared at you, trying desperately to figure out what he was talking about so you could answer him and get him off your back.
He was always so pleasant with you, sitting with you when he had nothing else to do and offering his assistance, even running out to get lunch for you whenever you weren’t able to leave. You couldn’t for the life of you figure out why he was so upset with you.

“You an’ th’ junkie,” he glared at you.

“He has a name, Chibs,” you furrowed your brows at him, “You mean when he was joking with you?” you asked.

“No…(Y/N)…NOT when he was jokin’ wi’ me. When he was hangin’ on ye and huggin’ ye. He’s been doin’ it for weeks now an’ I’m sick o’ it.” he huffed.

“Where……is this coming from Filip?” you questioned, bewildered.

“You can’ be talkin’ me up one week an’ flirtin’ wi’ me an’ then turn aroun’ an’ flirt with him th'next!” he scowled again, “Yer sleepin’ with him ain’t ye?!” he was now pacing back and forth in the tiny office you occupied.

Once you realized that he genuinely believed you were not only leading him on, but also sleeping with your friend who, no offense to him, was not even in your league, you got angry.

You slammed your pen down on the desk which caused him to stop pacing and turn towards you. You stood up and stepped to him until you were almost chest-to-chest and glared straight into his eyes.

“You listen here Filip Telford!” you pointed right at his nose, your sudden rage taking him by surprise as you were normally a cheerful person, “FIRST! He and I are JUST FRIENDS. I am NOT having sex with Lowell Harland, Jr!!! Second of all, you have NO RIGHT to stand here and yell at me about who I am or am not having sex with! You aren’t my sex buddy, you aren’t my boyfriend, and you damn sure aren’t my old man!!!” you concluded your rant and lowered your hand, taking a deep breath and huffing it out, still holding his gaze as his brows lowered and the anger and surprise in his expression were replaced with something you hadn’t seen before.

As soon as you found yourself wondering what that look meant, you had your answer as Chibs stepped to you, cupping the sides of your face and pushing his lips against yours. You gasped from the surprise and your body stiffened, but he was undeterred, continuing to kiss you until you relaxed in his grip and allowed yourself to kiss him back, your lips fitting perfectly with his. He ran his tongue along your bottom lip and you allowed him access as he wrapped his arms around your waist, pulling you flush against him which caused a squeak to force its way out of your throat.

He pulled away, locking eyes with you, “You ok, lass?” he questioned.

“I-…. I had no idea you liked me,” you looked at him, wide eyed.

He smirked, lifting his hand to tuck your hair behind your ear, “I do like ye, lass…” he trailed off, “I’ve liked ye for a long time you just never noticed me,” he spoke softly, looking down at his boots.

Suddenly all those times you shared with Chibs came rushing back to your memory. Him sitting with you at work keeping you company, offering to help you even though he was shit at doing paperwork, bringing you food, all of those were acts of affection to Chibs.
You placed your hand on his chest, rubbing your thumb over the 'Redwood’ patch on his kutte and he looked back up at you.

“I like you too, Chibby,” you grinned, reaching both arms around his neck, playing with his hair.
He closed his eyes and breathed deeply, letting out a big sigh of relief before pressing his lips to yours once again. He held you by the waist and lifted you to sit you up on your desk, palms down against the desktop as he leaned into you, deepening the kiss and causing you to grab him tighter and open your legs to keep from falling back and he settled in between, moaning against your lips.

“Fuck…..” he whispered against your lips as he exhaled, “Lemme take ye home, lass….”

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Is there a ghost dry humping me right now?” is a metaphysical question.

How would I know if a ghost is dry humping me right now?” is an epistemological question.