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Talia Al Ghul - The First Lady Supervillain on Arrow

Last night I asked @slowcookedvig about her opinion of Talia Al Ghul about her thoughts on Oliver and Talia; specifically about a speculation she made earlier about how Oliver might sleep with Talia in the early shirtless scene (5.11/12) she had made prior to 5.11.  This was her reply:

Talia seemed dangerous, mysteriously knowledgeable, and… powerful? I’m having trouble putting the description into words. But she didn’t seemed sexualized, in the way that powerful women often are portrayed. She seemed dangerous like a male Bond villain can be. So although I think she could plausibly have a secret son with Robert Queen (or actually be Shado’s mother), she seems like her motives are more than sex or procreation. What her motives are… I don’t know. I think she’s left the League, maybe long long ago; she doesn’t give the feel of loyalty like Nyssa did when we first met her.

She goes on to explain in her post about TV and the sexualisation of women; which is very insightful and a recommended read.

10 hours later I decide to follow that trail of brilliant thought.  What if Talia is Shado’s mother? What does that mean for Oliver Queen?  How was Talia possibly effected by the sinking of the Gambit and the presence of Oliver Queen on Lian Yu.

Season One:  We know Yao Fai was her student; so why not extend that thought and take it further that she could be Shado’s mother. In season one Fryers captures Oliver and company; Yao Fei slips Oliver a knife but Oliver was only able to free himself, Shado and Slade; leaving Yao Fei shot in the head by Fryers after recording a video confession.

Talia loss: 1 her student and possible father of her daughters

Season Two: Flashbacks: Shado is shot in the head by Ivo but we know that Slade has always blamed Oliver for choosing Sara.  End of Season two, we know Sara is left on the island by with Anatoly and others.  We also know that some time during season 3 Nyssa travels to Lian Yu and rescues a dying Sara from there.  Sara tells Nyssa her story of Shado and Ivo.  Nyssa realises that this was her niece and her father and sends message to Talia.

Talia Loss: 2 Yao Fei, Shado

Season Three: Flashbacks: Oliver meets Mei, Shado’s twin in Hong Kong while on the run from Argus.  She helps him and we never see her again.  Oliver  later in a fight drops the vial containing the Alpha-Omega virus and many people die expect for him; Tatsu, Maseo and Sherive and his men because they were inoculate with a vaccine that didn’t work on Akio and he died.  Lets extend that thought; Akios babysitter died in her apartment by virus that day.  What if Mei died too?  Option one: Talia comes to claim her daughters body to find Maseo taking care of the remains of his son Akio; and he tells her the story of his loss.  Later Talia suggests he join the LOA. Option two: Maseo finds the LOA on his own and tells Ras the story of why he is here when he brings him the Alpha-Omega vile; and Talia finds out:  In real time, Oliver is declared heir to the demon; so for a while he becomes untouchable, later he marries Nyssa and kills Ras Al Ghoul; Talia’s father and hands the ring to MM

Talia Loss: 4 Yao Fei, Shado, Mei, Ra’s. Her LOA Legacy

Season Four: In real time Oliver hands leadership of LOA back to Nyssa; who disbands the LOA

Talia Loss: The entire LOA legacy.

Talia Al Ghul is the woman behind the puppet that is Prometheus.  If it was not physically unmatchable and the height difference I would say Talia is Prometheus.  They may yet reveal her to be.

Season Five: Flashbacks, Talia searches for Oliver because she wants her revenge; through Sara and Maseo she knows everything about Oliver. As soon as he appears on her radar in Russia, she comes in to set her game in play. She didn’t do her homework; she had very specific intel. She had a plan to train Oliver; to help him embrace his monster; to set him up on a journey of blood and tears.  She doesn’t want simple revenge.  She want him to experience deep loss like she did.

Team Talia:

Now how does this relate to Claybourn’s son?  You know my theory: Adrian Chase is Claybourn’s son.  Doris Chase is his mother.  Claybourn had denied his son his legacy; Oliver had killed Claybourn.  Adrian seeks revenge.  His mother or wife introduces him to her friend Talia because he is seeking to be trained. Or Talia seeks Adrian out because he is a man with a vendetta against Oliver Queen and trains him to later become Prometheus.  Yet in this case Prometheus is only a pawn in the chess game Talia is playing.

Team Evil has two players so far: Talia and Adrian

@oliverfel4 had speculated early on that Oliver maybe facing several enemies this year. I think she is right. 

Sledgehammer: the Felicity fan girl who knew about her Ghost Fox Goddess hack name; presenting her with Pandoras files; might have some relation to Cooper; OR could just be Evil Tech support.  But I do think she knows so much; that she is Felicity’s nemesis or the sister of Brie Larvan; who was sent to prison by Felicity twice (once in season 3 of Arrow/season 1 of Flash and  a second time in season 4 on Arrow).  Last we knew Brie wanted the chip that Felicity had in her back because she was dying of spinal cancer.  So Sledgehammer has a grudge to grind with Felicity and Oliver especially if Brie died.

Team Evil has three members now: Talia, Adrian; Brie’s sister.

Team Evil might grow; there could be an old enemy of John Diggle in there; we don’t know; still 12 episodes to go. 

But that is my theory.  You read  it here folks.  You are welcome to use it; quote it refer to it.  But please do honor and credit the thought. Plagiarism is not just word for word.  One does not have to be a professional member of a society to recognise originality of thought and credit people for their ideas. I am not naming names or shouting accusations.  You know who you are. 

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Witch's Carpet Refresher

I noticed certain rooms like our bedroom and the living room are prone to “ bad vibe build up” and one of the ways I clear negative energy is by making my own carpet refresher. I sprinkle on, leave it for 15 to 20 minutes and then I vacuum it up.
I definitely notice a difference in the air of my room and feel clear calm and collected.

What you’ll need

Sea Salt

Dried Sage

Dried Rosemary

Black Peppercorns

*Angelica Root powder is optional, I use it because we have a haunted apartment and our ghosts get bad attitudes sometimes.

Ashes ( *optional) not recommended for white carpet.

just mix them in a bowl and sprinkle them about, if peppercorns are too much for your vacuum you can use cracked pepper instead. You can totally make it your own. I made a blend for when I crossed over a spirit that was pestering my roommate.

  • Insurance agent: So let's see here, you go through at least FIVE vehicles in just so many weeks.
  • Kai: Well, line of battle and-
  • Insurance agent: Your defenses have been EASILY broken through by either hacking or ghost magic.
  • Cole: Hey don't blame us for ghost magic, that shit's serious.
  • Insurance agent: AND-you allow a ten year old to join you on dangerous adventures.
  • Lloyd: Hey, I'm an adult...physically at least.
  • Insurance agent: WELL-your uninsurable, thank you for protecting our weird magical continent but never call my office again.
  • Wu: Would it help if I said its your destiny to insure us?
  • Insurance agent: No it would not.

Jaunty whistling filled the small space, accompanying the sounds of the Ghost hacking the control panel.

“Will you stop?”

The whistling died out and the Guardian crossed their arms. “You have to admit it went well with your hacking.”

“I will admit nothing other than the fact that I can’t concentrate on this firewall with you making so much noise. Do you have any idea how complex this encryption is?”

“More difficult than the–”

“It was a rhetorical question,” the Ghost snapped.

The Guardian tsked and shifted around so they could lean a shoulder into the wall by the console and look at their Ghost. A brief glower was the only acknowledgement they got. They bumped a finger into the end of one of the Ghost’s tines with a soft “boop” and it shifted away.

“Stop that.”

“Aww, come on, Monday. You can’t be grumpy forever.”

“I’m not grumpy. I’m just the only one on this team with any sense.”

“You’re stressed and grumpy. You just need to take a break and enjoy the little things.”

“I have rezzed you six times today and it’s not even noon. Now be quiet so I can finish this hack and we can get out of here, hopefully with a minimum of death and violent mutilation.”

Silence lasted for about ten seconds before the Guardian smiled softly and gently poked their Ghost again.

“Looks like someone’s got a bad case of the Mondays.”

The hack stopped and Monday stared at the console for a moment before turning, ever so slowly, to glare at the Guardian. Beneath their helmet, the Guardian’s smile only grew.

“I am going to kill you.”

The Guardian snorted in laughter, as they had the past dozen or so times Monday had declared that, and pushed off the wall to step back from the console. Monday held the glare a second longer before going back to the hack.

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em-exceeds-change-zearu  asked:

question. them SOL CEOs seem to be worrying not about Akira almost losing Ignis to the enemy, but that he's seen too much. they need to get rid of him before he pries more into the situation. what if they try to go farther than just firing him and dispose of Akira completely. Say, trapping him permanently in some corner of the VRAINS network to be deleted or something. Cue Akira being unable to get back into his body, but using that to snoop around VRAINS, maybe help Playmaker and Ema and Aoi...

basically becoming a sort of network ghost hacking ally that tries to watch over Aoi without her knowing because if she knows what happens to him, SOL Tech might get her too. trying to keep a delicate balance with Ema because she knows it’s him and while she does take his jobs it’s already established that she has no problem with selling him out to SOL if they want the info. And giving backdoors and other ways into SOL to Playmaker and Kusanagi, to help them find the truth SOL Tech is hiding

Originally posted by yourreactiongifs

Yes. If there was any chance of him keeping his job before, it’s gone now. 

I think what they’re worried about, specifically, is that he heard about the Incident from 10 Years Ago. Now he not only knows that Playmaker was involved in it, but that the KoH blame SOL for what happened. That they now want to get rid of Akira asap means they have to be guilty on some level, we just don’t know the particulars yet.

The language that they use is interesting, though.

Knight: “It’s dangerous to keep him in his current position. Before he becomes too curious…”

Yes, Akira is most likely going to be fired outright. But the wording here is a bit ambiguous. Knight specifically says it’s dangerous to keep Akira in his current position, leaving room for the possibility that he may be demoted instead. If this happened, he probably wouldn’t have the same resources and privileges, but he’d still be there. And it’s not like being demoted is going to quell any potential curiosity; if anything, the timing might make him even more curious. He still might be able to find out more about The Incident, maybe even damage them from the inside. 

But if they fire him, he’s free—they aren’t going to be able to keep an eye on him anymore, and he still might try to investigate what happened from the outside. So what can the SOL bosses do to totally neutralize their former Security Manager?

They can do as you said: trap him in Link Vrains. 

Because what’s the worst that could happen? They’d be locking away someone who wouldn’t be missed, save for one person. And what could Aoi Zaizen possibly do to rescue her brother? 

Well, plenty, but I’ll get back to that in a bit. As for what Akira could do, assuming he isn’t in a similar position as Blue Angel was and is tech saavy enough? Then he could (hell, would) use his new position to combat SOL. Because if he didn’t feel this way before, being locked away for “knowing too much” is guaranteed to make him curious. And mad as hell. 

In this scenario, you’re implying that he’d basically have free reign in Link Vrains—or at the very least, would be able to influence it. Idk if SOL would allow him to have that much power, which is why I feel like if he’s to exert any influence at all, he’d either have to hack his way through or have someone do that for him. 

And if he isn’t a hacker himself, Ema would be the perfect candidate to help him; she didn’t have any problems selling Akira out, but that doesn’t mean she’s loyal to the Chess Piece Bosses. So he’s ‘freed’, in a sense. He digs up whatever dirt he can find on SOL; he relays whatever he finds not to Ema (because again, dubious loyalties) but to Shoichi. He opens up back doors so they can investigate SOL themselves. And when Playmaker’s in a jam and Shoichi can’t help, Akira does. 

Getting back to Aoi, of course Akira wouldn’t want her getting involved. Doesn’t mean she wouldn’t. If something like this were to happen, Akira would either randomly fall into a coma or straight up disappear. Either way, she’s going to know something’s wrong—and considering what just happened to her, she’ll have reason to suspect foul play.

And sure, Akira would try to stop her. As would Playmaker, probably. And maybe even Ema, if Akira pays her enough to intervene. But YGO Girl Syndrome aside, would they really be able to stop her? Aoi loves her brother more than anyone else, and love can make you do crazy shit. Just ask Akira, he literally tortured a guy.

I mean, in this whole thing there wouldn’t be anyone specifically trying to save Akira, except Aoi/Blue Angel. She’d be the only one in it to rescue The Ghost of Link Vrains. At least at first, she’d be targeting SOL for personal reasons—just like Yusaku is targeting the KoH for what they did to him. It’s a role that right now, only she could realistically fill.

In any case, I’d be 500% down for something like this happening, because it would keep Akira relevant and expose SOL’s shadiness—because if they’re willing to imprison an otherwise loyal employee over a very vague piece of info he overheard, then imagine what they’d do to their enemies. 


Before the Battle of New York, Steve found the old files of his comrades from the war. ‘DECEASED’ the dreadful faced-red stamp he kept seeing across all of them. All of them but one. The ache in his heart transformed into the shocking hope of the prospect to see her again. Peggy was still alive. Still alive. The words didn’t exactly registered in his brain but his eyes were already scanning the document to find an current address. There was none. Nothing since 1958. No MIA mentioned, no transfer. It’s like she vanished. Fury came along to offer him a mission the following day.

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anonymous asked:

what are your favorite EDM songs?

Some really good house tracks off my iTunes

  • Alesso & Dirty South - City Of Dreams 
  • AlunaGeorge - You Know You Like It (Tchami Remix) 
  • Alvaro & Joey Dale - Ready For Action 
  • Armin Van Buuren - Love Never Came Ft. Richard Bedford (W&W vs Armin van Buuren Remix)
  • Armin Van Buuren Ft. Trevor Guthrie - This Is What It Feels Like (W&W Remix) 
  • Arston, Nicky Romero, Fredde Le Grand - Zodiac Sparks [Animal Riot Edit]
  • Arty - When I See You (Alesso Remix) 
  • Arty Feat. Chris James - Together We Are (Original Mix) 
  • Audien - Leaving you Ft. Michael S 
  • AVICII - Dear Boy  (Original) 
  • AVICII - You Make Me (Throttle Remix) 
  • AVICII feat. Linnea Henriksson - Hope There’s Someone
  • Banks - Warm Water (Snakehips Remix) 
  • Bassjackers - Crackin (Original Mix) 
  • Bingo Players - Buzzcut
  • Bingo Players - Out Of My Mind (Original Mix) 
  • Bingo Players - Rattle 
  • Blasterjaxx - Fifteen (Hardwell Edit)
  • Blasterjaxx - Mystica
  • Blasterjaxx & Billy The Kit - Loud & Proud (Original Mix) 
  • Borgeous - Invincible 
  • Calvin Harris & Alesso Feat. Hurts - Under Control (Original Mix)
  • Claudia Cazacu & Matt Williams ft. Brian Molko - Deal With God (Original Mix)
  • Coldplay - Midnight (Marcus Schossow Remix)
  • Coone - Our Fairytale ft. Chris Madin (Theme of Tomorrow 2013) 
  • Dabin - Ghost Hack
  • Dada Life - Born To Rage
  • Dash Berlin - Jar of Hearts (feat. Christina Novelli) (Club Mix)
  • Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike vs DVBBS & Borgeous  - Stampede (Original Mix) 
  • Dimitri Vegas, Like Mike vs Sander Van Doom - Project T (Original Mix) 
  • Dimitri Vegasi & Like Mike - CHATTAHOOCHEE (Tomorrowland 2013 Anthem) (Original Mix) 
  • Dirty South - Until The End (feat. Joe Gil) [ ONE OF MY FAVORITE TRACKS!!! ] 
  • Estiva - Dinodrums (Original Mix) 
  • Example - Say Nothing (Hardwell & Dannic Remix) 
  • Farplane - We Laugh We Dance We Cry (Blaxx Remix)
  • Fatboy Slim & Riva Star - Eat Sleep Rave Repeat (Calvin Harris Remix)
  • Fedde Le Grand & DI-RECT - Where We Belong
  • Gesaffelstein - Hellifornia [ALEPH]
  • Gesaffelstein - Hate Or Glory [ALEPH] 
  • Gesaffelstein - Belgium 
  • Goodwill & Hook N Sling - Take You Higher (Club Mix) 
  • Green Velvet - Flash (Nicky Romero Remix)
  • GTA - Bola
  • GTA - The Crowd
  • GTA & Henrix & Digital Lab - Hit It! (Original Mix) 
  • Hardwell - Apollo 
  • Hardwell - Dare You Ft. Matthew Koma (Tiësto vs. twoloud Remix) 
  • Hardwell & Dyro ft. Bright Lights - Never Say Goodbye
  • Hardwell & W&W - Jumper
  • Hook N Sling & Chris Willis - Magnet (Original Mix)
  • Ilan Bluestone - Spheres (Original Mix)
  • Isbells - Reunite (Niklas Thal Edit)
  • Ivan Gough & Jebu - Kukatu (Original Mix) 
  • Jayden Parx & Unknown Kids - Snare Machine
  • Jeremy Olander vs Kent - Petroleum (Original Mix)
  • Jewelz & Scott Sparks Feat. Quilla - Unless We Forget
  • Joe Garston Ft. Andrew Farr - Happy Ending (Froxic Remix)
  • JoeySuki & Kill The Buzz - Life Is Calling
  • John Dish - Homme 
  • Junkie Kid - Claps Up (Original Mix) 
  • Kaskade - Atmosphere (Extended Mix) 
  • Kaskade - 4 AM (Adam K and Soha Mix)
  • Kill FM ft. Leah Hayes - Lies (Original Mix) 
  • Major Lazer - Jet Blue Jet (P.A.F.F. Remix) 
  • Major Lazer - Lose Yourself (feat. RDX & Moska)
  • Martin Volt & Quentin State  - Ruins Ft. Jonny Rose (Original Mix) 
  • Mercer - Turn It Up (Tchami Remix) 
  • Nari, Milani and Maurizio Gubellin - Up (Cristian Marchi Remix) [ also another fave ]
  • Nigel Good - Come Home (LTN Remix) [ Another fave ] 
  • Niklas Thal - Ein Einziger Moment
  • Noel Sanger - One More Time (Solarity Vocal Mix) [ Fave ] 
  • Oliver Heldens - Gecko (Original Mix) 
  • Omnia Feat. Everything By Electricity - Bones (Original Mix) 
  • Passion Pit - Let Your Love Grow Tall (Maor Levi’s Starlight Mix) 
  • Preon - Smoke Ft. Carly Lind (Original Mix)
  • Rigby - Earth Meets Water (Vida Remix)
  • Sander van Doorn - Right Here Right Now (Neon) 
  • Sander van Doorn, Dubvision vs Mako feat. Mariana Bell - Into The Light (Original Mix) 
  • Sebastian Ingrosso & Tommy Trash - Reload 
  • Shanahan & OutOfSync feat. Vegas - All Over (Original Mix)  [ Another fave ] 
  • Showtek Feat. We Are Loud! & Sonny Wilson - Booyah (Original Mix) 
  • Snow Patrol - Chasing Cars (Gazzo Remix) [ Another fave ] 
  • Thomas Newson & John Dish - Kalavela (Original Mix) 
  • Tiesto - Red Lights (Original Mix) 
  • Tritonal & Paris Blohm Ft. Sterling Fox - Colors
  • Tube & Berger, Juliet Sikora - Set it off (Original mix) 
  • Wolfpack vs Ale Mora - H.A.M. (Original Mix) [ this one goes so hard ] 
  • Vicetone - Chasing Time ft. Daniel Gidlund (Original Mix) 
  • 4 Strings - This Heart Is Yours Ft. Neev Kennedy (Original Mix)
  • Andrew Bayer - Once Lydian (Original Mix) [ a fave ] 

these ones are trance I think (I enjoy these the most): 

  • Andy Moor & Betsie Larkin - Love Again (LTN Remix) (Andy Moor - Breaking The Silence, Vol. 3) [ ANOTHER FAVE!!!!!!!!!! ] 
  • Armin Van Buuren - Forever Is Ours (Solarstone Pure Mix) 
  • Armin Van Buuren - Turn This Love Around ft. NERVO (Toby Hedges Remix) 
  • ARS - Wonderwork (LTN Remix) 
  • Coldplay - See You Soon (Simon Patterson Remix) 
  • Dash Berlin - Better Half Of Me  ft. Jonathan Mendelsohn
  • Dash Berlin - Go It Alone ( Club Mix ) 
  • Dash Berlin - Go It Alone (Andrew Rayel Remix) 
  • Dash Berlin & Alexander Popov - Steal You Away  ft. Jonathan Mendelsohn (Club Mix) 
  • Depeche Mode  - Peace (Dash Berlin Remix)
  • EDX - Szeplo (Arston Remix)
  • EnMass - So Please (Alexander Popov Remix) 
  • Ferry Corsten feat. Betsie Larkin - Not Coming Down (Dash Berlin 4AM Mix)
  • Jan Martin Feat.  Hysteria - There’s You (LTN Remix)
  • Markus Schulz  - Fireworks Ft. Paul Aiden & Klauss Goulart 
  • Ronski Speed ft. Emma Hewitt- Lasting Light (2K14 Club Mix)
  • Tomas Heredia - Memories Of You 
  • Simon O’Shine - Wuthering Heights 
  • System F - Out Of The Blue (Original Extended) 

let me put some hardstyle: 

  • Coone - 150 BPM Ft. Jim Ferren
  • Dash Berlin - Till The Sky Falls Down (Isaac Remix) 
  • Brennan Heart & Jonathan Mendelsohn - Imaginary 
  • DVBBS & Borgeous - Tsunami (Jay Cosmic Remix) 
  • Frontliner - I’m the Melody Man 
  • Frontliner - Tuning Into You Ft. Seraina
  • Hard Driver - Nature Of Blue
  • Noisecontrollers & Pavelow - Quatre Mains 
  • The Prophet - R3tro 
  • Wasted Penguinz - Anxiety
  • Wildstylez - Back to History (Intents Theme 2013)
  • Rigby - Earth Meets Water (Wildstylez Remix)
  • Wildstylez - Timeless (Full)
  • Yellow Claw ft. Rochelle  - Shotgun (LNY TNZ Remix)
  • Zedd - Spectrum (Headhunterz Edit) 

How about trap? ( I have very few ): 

  • Carvar & Clock - Flare (UFO! Remix)
  • Apashe - Black Gold 
  • Cults - Bad Things (Alex Young Remix) 
  • Empire of the Sun - We Are The People (Yinyues Remix)
  • GTA - The Crowd (Ookay Remix) 
  • Hardwell - Apollo (Psychic Type Remix)
  • Henry Krinkle - Stay (Trapback Remix) 
  • Jakwob  - Detox 
  • Insity  - Higher Than Higher
  • KLP - Down South (Just A Gent Remix) 
  • Knuckle Children x Reise  - The Battle
  • Miguel - Do You… (Cashmere Cat Remix)
  • Milo & Otis - Goin Down
  • Pelican Fly 006 - Mister Tweeks Ice Cream (Richelle Remix) [ this was played in Rick Owens S/S 2013 ‘Island’ Womens show ] 
  • RL Grime - Because of U 
  • Shlohmo - The Way U Do (RL Grime Remix) 
  • Showtek  - We Like To Party (Slander & NGHTMRE Festival Trap Edit)
  • Showtek Feat. We Are Loud! & Sonny Wilson  - Booyah (Party Favor’s ‘Festival Trap’ Remix) 
  • Smookie Illson x Knuckle Children - Out of My Mind 
  • THUGLI - Weyvee
  • What So Not - Touched 
  • Yellow Claw & Yung Felix  - You Make Me
  • Van Toth - Trap For Me (Original Mix) [ more like move for me from Kaskade & Deadmau5 ] 

wow I hope I didn’t forget anything!!!!!