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lgbt podcasts that deserve more attention in my gay opinion

please let me know if you want details about the lgbt+ representation in these, and feel free to add on :D

death at a low price- my very very fave as probably most of my followers are aware of at this point. scifi/comedy about a group of dangerous queer ppl and aliens who run an interdimensional convenience store. search herbarium podcasts to find it

spines podcast- horror/mystery about a woman who has scary dangerous powers and only remembers a fucked up ritual and information about her “friends” and who tries to figure out what she is and what happened to her and whats going on with certain sketchy orginizations

inkwyrm- scifi/romcom that is basically gays in space fashion magazine version. also includes a lot of cliche gay relationship drama that i live for

freed- soft apocolypse is the best way i can describe it. its a really sweet podcast about a badass lady who makes broadcasts about her progress fixing a mountain town. later on she makes friends that help her out and theres conspiracys and a lot gets revealed about the world. also my fave

junction series-  drama/romance about 4 high school girls who try and start a podcast to find a girl who went missing but get really off track because they are all really gay for each other and have a lot of relationship drama

adventures of mechabetty- scifi/mecha/action about a scientist who turns herself into a mech w the help of her team in order to fight off an alien invasion. really lighthearted and fun

to whom it may concern- fantasy/supernatural about a mentally ill woman who gets haunted by a dangerous ghost and the group of ghosts that are trying to help protect her

oakpodcast- scifi/interactive podcast about an autistic jewish spy who gets stranded and becomes homeless and is forced to uncover the truth behind the bioweapon that she was exposed to

the girl who set out to seek a living wage- fairy tale about autistic fantasy lesbians destroying capitalism and living happily ever after

the blood crow stories- horror podcast about a college student who goes through old psych records of the passengers ofa ship that sank in the 1940s (i think??) and then realizes there is a monster feeding off everyones pain and fear. heads up that this will emotionally destroy you

Danny has his first baby and then pulls the most passive aggressive power move at the next truce Christmas party. He lets everyone have the chance to hold him, obviously only Dorathea takes him up on the offer.

Everyone knows now. The baby. Off limits.

This suuuucks cause i don’t have my scanner anymore! but it was fun anyway 

Okay but Clockwork functionally being a cryptid in the Ghost Zone tho

Danny tells one of his ghost friends that he knows the Master of Time and gets basically the same reaction someone would if they said mothman was their best friend

Ghosts make jokes about chugging contaminated ectoplasm and fighting Clockwork behind Walker’s prison at 3 am

There’s a group of ghosts dedicated to proving his existence with a bunch of ‘evidence’ like broken watches and blurry photos of purple-cloaked ghosts that are very obviously not Clockwork

There are conspiracy theory obsessed ghosts who have theories ranging from “Clockwork was a story created by Pariah Dark to keep everyone too paranoid to rebel” to “maybe the real Master of Time was the friends we made along the way” 

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Losing you || Theo Raeken Imagine

A/n: this wasn’t requested, but after watching last week episode this idea came to my mind. It’s not the best but I hope you enjoy it! Remember to request something!

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 “Okay, we’re here, now what?” Theo asked as he nervously looked around the area you three were currently at. You guys decided to distract the ghost rider so they won’t take Scott and the others.

 It was probably a suicide mission, but you knew that you needed to save Stiles. Not only him, but everyone who was taken by these monsters. You, Theo and Liam were standing outside of the hospital since Liam said he knows where we can hide from them, when they come to take us.Theo stared at Liam and he was about to answer when he suddenly had an idea. He looked at the two of us and ran back to the cop car and reached inside to turn the siren on. Theo eyes almost bulged from his head and he ran towards Liam and yanked him from the vehicle.

 “Are you crazy! They will come right here for us!” He screamed at Liam, shoving him aside so he can get in the car to turn the siren off. Liam held his arm and pulled him back so he won’t go near the vehicle.

 “That’s what we have to do, dummy.” You said to Theo. “We lure them here, where they are far away from Scott.” Theo stared at you and then back at Liam before he yanked his arms from Liam’s grip and let out a sigh. 

 “I’m not doing this for you two. If anything goes south, i’m saving myself.” Theo said through gritted teeth, staring at you. You nod your head and walked passed him to get inside. You couldn’t wait for this to be over with, so you can relax and forget any of this happened. Once inside the hospital, you looked around to see if you can find anything that can help you to prepare for what’s coming. You hear Theo bickering with Liam as they walked inside, and you rolled your eyes at them.

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“MAY THE FOURTH BE WITH YOU” MEME [12/20] - a team/trio/group: THE GHOST CREW

It was a simple story. About a boy who was lost, and a girl who was broken. They fought alongside a survivor, a war veteran, and a fallen knight. I led them into battle against an evil so terrible it tried to black out the stars. We fought for each other. We fought for those who could not.


Since a few of you have been asking me recently about relationships within the AU I decided to finally finish these relationship charts that I’ve been working on.

These cover the current relationships that are important to the AU (read current as “subject to change very soon”). I tried to make this as simple as possible so hopefully this is readable and makes sense with how I set it up.


Moony has given me three separate prompts for how Danny met the league. Some are more complete than others but you get the idea. (I changed them a bit, sorry Moony)

For @messedupmoon and @dannyphantom-justiceleauge

1. Dani

A child’s scream pierced the cold and foggy Gotham air. Batman averted his course. Protecting a life was more important than any jewels.

He landed on the roof just in time to see the dark haired girl collapses, the men in white surrounding her. The Dark Knight leaped, landing on the first. The others fell, as guardian shadows attacked.

In the time it took, the girl had backed to the alley wall. She, with small cuts and numerous burns, looked up at him. Her mud covered face stared in a mix of fear wonder, and hope. However, Batman was far more worried about the streaks of radioactive green.

“Are you alright?” The fear left her eyes at those words: she would let him help her.

“I’m okay, but Danny, they took him!”

She was right to trust him, for the Batman not only helped, but set in motion the course of events that would change many lives for the better.

2. ANGST!! Why did I agree to this

The order was given, he had no choice but to obey. The guards had fallen, and the red stained loot went in the bag. Three more, three more shops and he was done, for the night. He couldn’t see, couldn’t think, couldn’t even breathe, only feel, only know what his body was doing. He fought for control, gained no ground, and prayed the targets were empty, for he had no choice. Kill any who stand in your way.


The Flash arrived first and was taken down first. He’d tried to grab the creature, only to run straight through him. The red-eyed-being threw him and launched a bolt of green flame. While the fire did little, the momentum sent him flying into the wall. The sickening crunch of bone echoed in his skull.

Wonder Woman, Manhunter, Superman, even the Batman and Robin fought, none could beat him. Their only strength was numbers, against the overpowered teen, they were lucky no more deaths had occurred. Then luck ran out.

The room’s temperature dropped, the walls and floor turned to ice, its source stilled as freezing chains bound their wrists. For every link broken, one triple in size and strength replaced it. They were trapped.


If he freed them, they would again be in his way. He had no choice.


Their enemy had made a mistake. He’d forgotten the Flash, who’d mostly recovered from the concussion induced dase― mostly. Running wasn’t the best idea, running on ice was a worse idea. That left talking. So he talked, spewed out every ‘stop the villain from killing everyone’ speak he could think of.


It was like listening to someone when you’re underwater. You can’t understand a word they’re saying but the sound of it gives you something to focus on, a way to know where the surface lies. Now, breathing air, Danny could try to fight.


The Flash nearly laughed when the demon child turned to him, glowing red eyes flicked green. Success! The feeling was short lived. The red bled back in, and they were focused on him. Forgetting his lack of coordination, the Flash ran fell flat on his back. The boy floated towards him.  Spikes of ice were raised high, and shot, aimed at the speedster.


He knew what was happening, all from a glimps when the red had faded. No. Danny couldn’t let himself, but how? They were in his way? He fought hard, and gained another moment’s control.


The shards flew backwards, slamming into the ghost-boy’s chest. Shock flowed through the team, as their bonds began to melt. Impaled in multiple places the phantom slumped to the ground, breaking dead silence, the green-eyed child whispered, “Save me.”

Before they flicked back to red.

3. Royalty

The Ghost King sat on his throne, only to crumble awkwardly to the ground as the summoning was completed.

There had been a brief moment where the child had looked regal, but now― sitting with his leg folded at an uncomfortable angle and staring confused at the League― he didn’t.

“What?” he exclaimed, sounding more like an exasperated teen being called by a parent, than supreme ruler of a spirit realm.

“This is the Ghost King?” Batman sent a pointed glance at Constantine.

“Yeah, s’up?” The ‘Duh’ evident in the royal’s voice, as he floated to a standing position. “If it’s the Box Ghost…”

The group struggled to believe what they witnessed. Constantine keeled before the boy, explaining the tower’s haunting. Before them stood a child, whose annoyance was fading to boredom, yet also there stood a king. Thin black armor glinted in the light of a flaming crown of ice. His cape fluttered in the tower’s nonexistent breeze, adding to the aura of power that dripped from him. The room was transfixed, until like shattering glass the fiend haunting the hero’s base screamed.

“BEWARE!” The monarch threw his hands in the air― “YOU’VE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!”― and the League again saw a child.

Lost Fics

Originally posted by sun-kissesme

This is where we are putting fics that we haven’t had a chance to look for or have and have come up with nothing. So if you know any of these, feel free to message us or use the ask box. We may not catch it if you use the ‘reply’ function. Thanks!!!

after the Nogitsune, where stiles is still recovering and he pretty much sets up residence on Derek’s couch, who doesn’t seem to mind. And there is something about Derek just one day noticing that it permanently smells like him in the corner of the couch..


stiles being pushed out of the pack, running away, and getting sick because he was abandoned before Derek realizes what he’s done and goes after him.


Stiles and Derek are about to get it on but Derek looses control and gives Stiles the Alpha bite. Stiles freaks out over the whole thing, shunning Derek and later learns that Derek did it instinctively to protect his mate.


during a pack meeting at the hale house scott wanted allison to be a part of the pack but stiles snapped at him and told him no because he and the others weren’t comfortable with her yet


Laura and Stiles were like bros, and Derek initially didn’t like Stiles but naturally that didn’t last. During the summer Stiles goes away for a while and comes back all bamf (I think he has tattoos??) and he has magic and he may or may not exhaust himself too quickly so they all find out.


The sheriff is dead, killed by some werewolf. Stiles is taken in by the remaining Hale pack. Peter is the Alpha and Derek is his beta. At first Stiles hates werewolves and Derek but slowly they fall in love. Peter killed the sheriff and Laura.  And he was also behind the killing of Dereks parentes I think. I remember that Stiles helps Derek during his heat in this and that in the end Derek kills Peter and it Sterek endgame.  Derek is a beta and older then Stiles. Derek is a bit shy . Slow build Sterek and I don’t remember if it’s a one shot or not but it’s complete


Sterek one, and the only thing I remember is that there is a quote repeating in the fic, and one of them read it in a magazine or a book - how you fall in love with people once you see them how they act when no-one is looking


Stiles teaches himself how to use a sword by using a stick and YouTube videos. I am pretty sure it’s sterek and I know he does use an actual sword at some point in the fic…. also, I think he has magic


Sterek? Scott, allison, mr argent call a pack meeting in the argent basement (to talk about alphas?) and pov stiles arrives last and has a panic attack, Derek’s pack comfort him and guard him and derek gets angry and like yells ‘what did you do to him?!??’ And declares stiles part of his pack.


Stiles and Scott moved to NY where Scott is bitten, Stiles starts having magic.


stiles was largely ignored by he group of people at home so his half sister who he has never met brings Claudia back as a ghost and forces the group to watch stiles through visions and won’t let them contact him 


So many more after the cut! So many. Help if you can. But please don’t respond on this post. message us or ask us. 

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im watching fucking… ghost hunter shows bc my life is a mess but i can’t stop thinking (and laughting) about like gansey and co. being on one 

imagine like some ghost hunter group want to talk to ppl in henrietta about findings etc and they find gansey and they love him bc the ENTIRE TIME gansey is talking there are CRAZY EVP readings and chilly air and the cameras fucking up and flaring and the crew is totally freaked out the entire time  but like its just noah, sitting behind gansey and saying stupid shit and howling

“maybe i have my own personal ghost i never knew about,” says gansey in his best gentleman’s voice

imagine gansey is walking them down the monmouth stairs and noah just tosses a fucking book at them. they are THRILLED.

blue cant stop laughing while she tries to talk about her moms business because noah keeps making faces and climbing onto gansey’s back and gansey is just.. trying to look unaffected by it

adam freaks the crew out too much for them to talk to him for very long at all like they are literally more comfortable with ghosts than this boys unsettling expression 

when they ask ronan he tells them to eat shit and looks right at noah while he says ghosts aren’t real

noah’s laughter is caught on tape and ronans bit actually ends up being the highlight of the show