ghost face

We definitely agree that the makeup that they wear in Asia is very different from when they are outside of Asia. You can clearly see the ghost face that they have when there is flash photography when they are at events in Asia, while at events outside of Asia they look very natural and blended well to their skintone.

Although, we disagree from saying “all of them” are brown. Some members can be considered brown but we don’t think all of them are. For us, we consider brown as more as a tan skintone / darker than tan kind of color which we wouldn’t associate for someone like Yoongi or Jimin. 

And we don’t think they have the same stylists that go with them everywhere. At the very least not when they go outside of Asia. Cause I would feel like people’s style regardless of the medium would be very hard to change and would be more consistent in their work. So maybe they have different sets of makeup staff that accompany them depending where they go. But if they did actually have the same makeup stylist with them wherever and they did fix their style, I feel like that is very idk… messed up? 

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