ghost expedition


Top image via Hulton Archive/Getty Images

Sir John Franklin led an ill-fated 1845 expedition of two British crews that vanished while seeking a passage through the ice over the top of the world. For decades, people have searched for some trace of Franklin or his ships, the Erebus and the Terror

Canadian researchers located one of the lost ships in 2014, almost completely intact under the ice – Paul Watson writes about the search in his new book Ice Ghosts.

Check out his conversation with Steve Inskeep here.

– Petra


Just as Spring has sprung, wouldn’t you know it, the book that has us captivated at the moment is a chilly tale of Arctic exploration, Ice Ghosts: The Epic Hunt for the Lost Franklin Expedition by Pulitzer Prize-winner Paul Watson. Franklin’s ill-fated 1845 expedition, consisting of two ships and 129 crew members, disappeared completely, leading to what has been called “the most extensive, expensive, perverse, and ill-starred … manhunt in history.” In fact, it was only in this decade that the remains of Franklin’s two ships, the HMS Erebus and the HMS Terror, were discovered.