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Sir John Franklin led an ill-fated 1845 expedition of two British crews that vanished while seeking a passage through the ice over the top of the world. For decades, people have searched for some trace of Franklin or his ships, the Erebus and the Terror

Canadian researchers located one of the lost ships in 2014, almost completely intact under the ice – Paul Watson writes about the search in his new book Ice Ghosts.

Check out his conversation with Steve Inskeep here.

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hey! I saw your other tv/movie recs and I was wondering if you could do some recs for nonfiction tv shows? or like documentaries or anything? thanks!

ahhh i’m so glad you asked this because I realised I forgot to put some Key Shows

Ghost Hunters

Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson travel the country investigating anything from notoriously haunted locations to small personal hauntings. While they’re believers in the paranormal, they take it super seriously and go into investigations with the plan to debunk a lot of claims.The Ghost Hunting Show (sorry not sorry Ghost Adventures)

Key episodes:

  • Eastern State Penitentiary (1x05 and 2x03)
  • Northern State Hospital (3x13)

Destination Truth

Josh Gates (explorer/investigator/most amazing human ever) travels the world in search of supernatural beings. He does some ghost hunting, but I would say it’s mostly cryptids! Josh is hilarious, and he’s super passionate about traveling and finding evidence which is refreshing. 

Key episodes:

  • Island of the Dolls (3x02 - you think Shane and Ryan had some scares? no no no. they’re at the bottom of the fear scale. Destination Truth is the scale. fuck everything about this episode)
  • Haunted Forest (3x01)

Expedition Unknown

Josh Gates is back, baby! This time he travels the world looking into the biggest mysteries and legends. It’s like Unsolved where it’s kind of silly and hilarious, but also takes solving the mysteries seriously!

Key episodes:

  • Amelia Earheart (1x01)
  • Secrets of the Nazca (1x10 - the opposite of the BFU ancient aliens ep in that it proves just how many “mysteries” are because ancient peoples were just really fucking smart)
  • Cloning the Woolly Mammoth/Journey to the Ice Age (3x05-06)

“Years ago, I used to be friends with a girl that claimed to have a ‘sixth sense’ and was very involved with the supernatural. She would go out ghost hunting, and apparently had these ‘visions’ and whatnot… Honestly, she was known to be quite an exaggerator so I never really took her seriously.

One night she asked if she wouldn’t mind if I spent the night with her, because she was having trouble sleeping in her house. Her parents were going to be away that weekend so she was feeling even more anxious than usual. I didn’t have any problem with it, so I came over and our night when about as it usually did.

We went to bed late in her bedroom, she in bed and myself in a sleeping bag on the floor. We had just finished watching some TV and turned it off. We fell asleep no problem.

Now, you know when you have a bad dream, and you wake up SO suddenly, like your eyelids were just ripped open and you are in a cold sweat? I woke up like that at 3:10 AM, because I thought I had heard a scream. It was the strangest awakening I ever had, because I wasn’t sure if I heard the scream in a dream, or in real life…it sounded like nothing I ever heard before. Then I noticed the TV was on, and there was just static. Creepiness ensues. I heard Andrea up and about too; she was getting up to turn the TV off…. For some reason I didn’t say anything, I just pretended to still be asleep.

For the next 20 minutes, I was hearing noises. Everywhere. Mostly ‘tapping’ sounds like on the walls, or it sounded like someone was walking downstairs. At this point I was feeling more terrified than I had ever felt because we were the only people in the house. I couldn’t pin point the noises in any general location because they seemed like they were happening in different places at the same time. I tried to calm myself down, and eventually I just fell back asleep.

I woke up early in the morning because I had to go to work, so I left before Andrea woke. I got to the UPS Store (the boring job I had at the time) and since it was Saturday and it was terribly slow that day, I spent a lot of time on Facebook. I noticed she had a recent status saying something along the lines of ‘I had terrible sleep last night, I couldn’t stop hearing weird noises in my house.’ I decided to call her up and ask what she heard. We hadn’t spoke to each other about anything that happened in the middle of the night, so I told her I was hearing noises as well.

Then she said, ‘I woke up at 3:10 AM because I heard a scream.’

Basically, that did it for me. To this day I can’t explain anything. She thinks something followed her home from one of her ghost hunting expeditions. Sometimes I think she may have been messing with me, but I don’t know how she could have pulled that off honestly.”

By: nadiajeann (What creepy story have you never been able fully to explain?)

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heith &/or hance, cryptid/ghost hunters au??

[sent for the 5+ AU headcanons meme]

OKAY THIS TOOK A LONG TIME. I’m probably doing this wrong by dropping the numbers altogether but uh. It got so long. I went with Heith & hopefully this is not too terrible D:

So Keith is obviously the ghost hunting enthusiast here? He’s all into this shit since forever and during college years he becomes known as That Guy who can tell the scariest ghost stories without even flinching. He gives off the impression that he’s just fearless, when in reality he’s mostly just well read with less real experience…

Well ofc he wants to go and make use of all this ghost hunting knowledge, so when he hears that there’s an abandoned government facility w ~ominous history~ within driving distance, he decides that this is it. He’s gonna borrow a camera and go see what the fuss is about. Maybe he’ll even catch something supernatural on video! He fleetingly thinks that maybe he should ask someone to go with him but… they’d just get in his way, right?

The thing is, it’s not so easy to keep people from tagging along when they hear why you need to borrow a camera from them and it’s to go fricking ghost hunting. The moment Pidge hears about his plans, she’s counting herself in. And since it’s her camera and Keith needs it, he grudgingly agrees to take her with him. Well. When he arrives to their meeting point (Pidge said she’d get them a ride, which he took to mean she had a car to borrow…), he finds Pidge leaning against a banged up old van–with Lance and Hunk, because the ride she meant is Hunk’s van lol.

So the whole gang goes ghost hunting. Hunk and Lance know Pidge from shared classes, but Keith has never really hung out with them before, so at first their constant banter kind of irritates him. But hey he’s getting what he wants, so he bears with them as Pidge and Lance quarrel over music for the drive. He notices Hunk eyeing him occasionally through the rearview mirror, and when they arrive near the facility, Hunk is the one who he ends up walking with.

Except when Hunk strikes up conversation with him, it becomes clear that he’s somewhat of a scaredy cat. Keith is a little impressed that he even came on this trip as the dude seems scared of a lot of things (including ghosts and dark places and alien abductions). But he seems–nice? And cute. And Keith weirdly enjoys his rambling as they trek closer to the abandoned building while Pidge and Lance follow behind them.

Keith’s totally prepared for breaking in if necessary, but they end up finding a hole in the fence that runs around the facility and manage to slip through. It’s a few hours until sunset and the place truly looks haunted in the autumn light. Pidge starts the camera as they get closer, while Lance tries to take charge of the operation. Keith is not impressed, but whatever–while Lance makes a show for the camera, Keith can focus on doing his own thing.

The building is massive and has clearly been abandoned for a while. Empty rooms, ransacked offices, graffiti and broken glass. It should be pretty creepy, but Keith isn’t scared. He’s curious, and he’s got a knife–so he wanders around away from the others.

Until he realizes that oops, he’s a bit lost. He’s somehow ended down to basement level and ok this place is starting to look a hella lot creepier. It looks like… a lab of some sort? Has there’s been experiments done here? And it’s quite a lot darker there, even with Keith’s flashlight, and for the first time he thinks about going to find the others.

So he heads back for the stairs when the air suddenly chills. His skin erupts in goosebumps and his teeth start chattering, his heart beat drowning out all other sounds. He starts climbing up the stairs two at a time because fuck fuck fuck this is not normal–and then the door on top of the stairs slams shut.

Ok, Keith doesn’t scream. He doesn’t, but maybe he makes a sound that’s close to a whimper and almost drops his flashlight as he runs up the stairs to yank at the door. He half expects it to stay shut but–

It opens to reveal Lance’s stupidly grinning face. “Yo Mullet, didya pee your pants?” he asks between bursts of laughter because Keith’s face is worth it.

“I’m gonna kill you,” he grumbles back, heat flushing to his face when he realizes Pidge is right there with her camera and so is Hunk. He wasn’t scared, okay?

He’s just about to cross the doorway and punch Lance when something grabs the back of his coat. He’s yanked back with undeniable force, and this time he does shout, terror taking over his brain as he realizes he’s gonna fall. All he can see are the shocked faces of Lance, and Pidge, and–

It’s Hunk whose reflexes work the fastest. The moment he sees Keith’s eyes fly wide, he’s moving forward, rushing past the others to catch his hand. For one terrible moment Keith feels himself caught between two forces, one behind him and one in front, but it’s Hunk who prevails, yanking him to his arms. “What–” He can’t even finish the question but he can’t stop himself from turning around to look back.

There’s nothing behind him expect darkness.

“We need to get away from here. Now.

Hunk’s voice is hard, tight with fear when he grabs Keith and pulls him with him. They all but run out of the building, and it’s not until they’re striding through the overgrown yard that Keith realizes they’re still holding hands. He thanks Hunk, feeling weirdly reluctant to let go of his hand; Hunk just feels so… safe.

They make it all the way to the fence before something else unexpected happens: there’s a car waiting on the other side, with a guy not much older than them in a guard’s uniform standing by the opening. “Let me guess–you guys wanted to see some ghosts?” He lets out a sigh and shakes his head, giving them a vexed look from under his white tuft of a fringe. “Every goddamn weekend…”

They all look at each other. Should they show this guy the video? There really ARE ghosts here, and they got the proof, but… Pidge shakes her head. She later explains that if they’d shown the guy they had a camera (which she had immediately hidden once she saw the car), he’d most likely had them delete everything they shot, and what a loss would that have been. So they take the scolding from this poor tired guard without a word, and drive back to the dorms.


Keith’s ghost attack video is a smash hit on Youtube, and thus they can count their ghost hunting expedition a Great Success. But what’s even more of a success is Keith and Hunk’s first date to a cozy little restaurant that is definitely NOT haunted… but even if it was, Keith wouldn’t mind–he’s safe with Hunk, even if he is a scaredy cat.