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Sir John Franklin led an ill-fated 1845 expedition of two British crews that vanished while seeking a passage through the ice over the top of the world. For decades, people have searched for some trace of Franklin or his ships, the Erebus and the Terror

Canadian researchers located one of the lost ships in 2014, almost completely intact under the ice – Paul Watson writes about the search in his new book Ice Ghosts.

Check out his conversation with Steve Inskeep here.

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Hey dude, I really love your page and if you're not too busy Id like to see your interpretation of the Chocobros going Ghost Hunting? Sorry if this is really weird I just thought it'd be quite funny :) Have a great day!


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Noctis: Given that ghost hunts usually happen in the silence of the night, Noctis is barely awake for these exciting expeditions. As such, he’s usually the one who’s designated with the night-vision camera duty. Noctis basically yawns through the whole thing, and when he’s super tired his magical aura can sometimes be activated to aid him through his tired state. Resultantly he ends up freaking out anyone who is around him for the ghost hunt expedition, because his eyes are glowing purple and gold, and his skin is turning fluorescent. It really is a sight to behold- but poor Noct doesn’t do this on purpose! Seriously, it’s just because he’s tired. Don’t take him out ghost hunting- he’s not fun, he doesn’t get scared or anything. He just wants to sleep.

Prompto: This young man is pretty hilarious when you end up convincing him to go on a ghost tour with you. At first he kind of tries to flake out after agreeing, saying that he had a stomach bug or something- but he ends up being dragged out anyways simply because he doesn’t want to be ‘flakey’. Such a pro-social man, Prompto Argentum! Once you are at the dark, creepy venue, Prompto starts to show his limited bravado and begins to teach everyone present exactly how the night vision setting on his camera works. No one really cares, and poor baby Prompto knows this, but he continues on with his explanations because he needs a distraction. When he’s actually in the process of ghost hunting… gosh, this kid SCREAMS bloody murder at EVERY little creak and whistle he hears. It’s highly entertaining, but people who go with him often feel bad because at the end of the whole shindig, Prompto’s in tears and is almost always inconsolable for at least thirty minutes. Lots of cuddles need to be had- poor baby!

Gladio: This tank of a man doesn’t believe in paranormal activity. So when he ends up at a ghost tour/hunt, he pretty much rolls his eyes and stands to the side, judging everyone in the vicinity with his arms crossed across his chest. If he’s feeling active, Gladio might even conspire to make some scary noises and faces at people around just to freak them out. Gladio loves to laugh at all the scared people- that’s just how he is. However, there was this one time where Gladio had almost summoned his broadsword from sub-space when a fellow ghost hunter turned the tables on Gladio and snuck up behind him to tug on his long, brown hair. Oh, the yelp that left that huge, muscular alpha male’s mouth was the butt of everyone’s jokes for many weeks after the incident. It has been unofficially confirmed that Gladio only PRETENDS to be brave in the face of ghosts, but he is actually almost as afraid of the idea of them as Prompto. He just hides it better behind humour and being a little bit of a douche about the whole idea of ghost hunting and ghosts’ existence in general with people around him.

Ignis: Ignis doesn’t believe in ghosts, but he likes to try new things all the time. That’s how he finds himself at a dodgy ghost hunt/tour where he’s not given any equipment to ‘detect’ these paranormal spirits. Instead, the guide tells him and the others in his ghost tour group that they will be able to FEEL the ghosts around them. Ignis scoffs at first, because quite honestly, the notion is absolutely ridiculous! But then… Ignis starts to feel unexplained shivers crawling up his spine. He feels the small hairs on the back of his neck stand. He asks some fellow ‘hunters’ whether they feel it too- and they agree. Ignis begins to believe… he really does begin to believe in ghosts. That is, until he accidentally drops his glasses on the dark floor, unwittingly walks into a wall, where the curators of the ghost hunt have hidden a cassette player that plays all the creepy noises within the house. Breaking the cassette player, the house is doused in complete darkness and silence, followed by Ignis’ irritated sigh. The curator helps Ignis find his glasses, apologises profusely for wasting the royal advisor’s time as Ignis glares down at the scared you man. Ignis then makes his way towards his car, buckles himself in and… for good measure, locks the door and mutters a short cleansing prayer to the Six to protect his soul before he makes his way back home.