ghost estate

*Me, as a teen, when my family moved into the new house that the old lady died in*

*Real estate agent* “So, you’re having this room?”

*Me* “Seems so, yeah.”

*awkward pause* 

*Me, excited* “Oh, fuck. She died in here, didn’t she?”

*Real estate agent rolling her eyes* “Yes, but she was 96. She had a nice life.It was very peaceful.”

*Me* “Oh! I’ve never been haunted before. This is going to be amazing! Those goth chicks at school will be totally jealous!”

*gets myself sufficiently ready to be haunted*

But nothing ever happened, to my eternal disappointment. Like, some spiders showed up once in a while and we had to redecorate because the wallpaper was beige and unpleasant.  Other than that? 

Man, I watched all those horror films for nothing. 

Haunted House For Sale in Mineral Wells, Texas — Cheap!

A haunted one-bedroom unit in a six-story mansion once owned by Joan Rivers just came back on the market for $4.25 million … and the ghost isn’t even Joan!

Well, bargain haunted house seekers, your search may be over. A small haunted house in Mineral Wells, Texas, is up for sale for only $125,000. It already has a recognized name – the “Haunted Hill House” — a website, nine ghosts and a good location close to the Baker Hotel, another infamous haunted building.

The Haunted Hill House is furnished – in fact, the ghosts don’t want anything removed – and is already a popular rest spot where tourists pay up to $200 a night to stay. What are you waiting for?

OK, perhaps you heard that the property is only appraised at $26,000. Maybe a little history will change your mind. The two-story 2,800-square-foot structure has three bedrooms and two full bathrooms on a two acre lot. It was built in 1890 by Fanny Yeager Kyle who lived there until she died in 1924. Some time after that, the house was turned into a brothel and that’s the source of many of the ghosts. People staying at the home have reported the ghost of a young boy believed to have been a prostitute’s handicapped child who died there. Another frequent visitor is the spirit of a man who fell in the well (the brothel didn’t have a collie to run for help). Becky Foley, the real estate agent representing the house, says there are cold spots, strange sounds, more ghosts and reports of guests being scratched and bitten. Despite all of those things … It’s really just an old house that needs a little TLC.

However, it may not be a good idea to fix it up. The current owners say that paranormal experts who confirm the house is haunted have warned that disturbing the décor or any of the furnishings could cause the spirits to bite harder, throw more objects or worse. They suggest keeping it as a tourist attraction and Paranormal Research Center. Mineral Wells officials would probably like that too since they’re trying to attract more visitors (of the non-ghost variety) to the area. As Becky Foley puts it:

Alleged ghost venues and the paranormal does bring in megabucks.

Gothic Ireland

-Every Farmer has that one tree or group of trees on their land. Right in the middle of prime a prime grazing or crop field that they don’t dare chop down or even approach.
If you watch carefully you’ll catch them crossing themselves everytime they lay eyes on it.
-Murky, silty waters where children catch minnows 
conceal three foot pike with mouths full of vicious needles.
-Deep dark forests where Oak and Ash still remember the howl of wolves and the roar of bears. They fed giant sloths and watched the last Irish Elk die. They watched humans arrive and steal their once mighty empire, but they know that they can afford to bide their time.
-The Atlantic ocean hammers on rocks that look like the teeth and bones of a vast giants’ graveyard as the westerly wind howls and sprays like a rabid dog.
-Rooks pass messages in their raucous language. There’s one watching every field, every estate, every town. Posted like sentries. 
They follow every large group of humans, remembering the ancient wars and hoping those times of plenty will return.
-Tumbledown stone cottages, unmortared, thatch long since rotted away. The inhabitants starved to death decades ago, but the hungry land makes a feast of their home.
-Abandoned Ghost Estates stand as memorials  to the Celtic Tiger long since shot, stuffed and mounted. Ironically they’re the only places where the houses aren’t guaranteed to be haunted.

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Hi my sopemate, can i do 13 and 42 with our man yoongi? 💕

Sure thing, dear 😘

Pairing: Min YoongixReader
Genre: fluff
Words: 830

“It’s pitch black in here and I can see you’re blushing.” + “I’m scared and I don’t want to be alone.”

[I tried my best to make it less than 500 words and failed… haha]

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Cool air seeped in from the window, sending a chill down your spine. Instinctively, you hugged the soft comforter tightly around you. It was a cold, rainy Halloween this year - nothing unusual for the end of October. The harsh wind howled and whipped the decorations outside against the siding of your apartment building. It was tradition for you and your best friend to spend Halloween watching scary movies each year. Unfortunately you were left alone this year because your friend was studying abroad. Despite missing your other half, you carried on with tradition, renting several horror movies at the recommendation of Jimin and Jungkook.

Watch Dead Silence, they said. It’ll be fun, they said. Well, they neglected to tell you not to watch it by yourself, much less in total darkness with only the sounds of the movie and the howling wind as background noise.

Perhaps it was a bad idea to leave the lights off.

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Haunted Woods Headcanons
  • Ghost real estate exists. 
  • Rich ghost pets reside in tombs.
  • Poor ghosts pets usually reside in potters fields (unmarked grave sites).
  • Dia De Los Muertos celebrations, just please imagine these. Families reuniting, singing and laughing, good food and good company.
  • The Haunted Woods is where people go to disappear. Like, forever disappear.
  • Knowing this, and having been in a bad state of mind themselves, many of the residents of the Haunted Woods look out for travelers and console them. They offer people places to rest, shoulders to cry on, people to talk to. Etc. The population of ghost pets is decreasing. 
  • Zombie pets don’t eat brains that much. Otherwise the Brain Tree would be obliterated. It’s more of an inside joke. 
  • Edna is known to steal meowclops from those who are just trading them for the avatar. She also takes in strays. Meowclops are her favorite petpet, but she’ll care for any petpet. 
  • Ilere is a protector of the forest. Lawful neutral, I suppose. Don’t touch her plants, and you don’t get hurt.
  • Sophie and Edna meet up from time to time. They exchange spells and have meowclops playdates. Sophie considers Edna a bit of a mentor and Edna considers Sophie a bit of a daughter. Neither will admit this.
  • No one messes with Neovia. Everyone, even the most malicious monsters, agree that those people have been through enough.
  • That being said, they still visit. In disguise, though. They don’t want to scare anyone. They just really like the food there.
  • Halloween is a fun time for everyone. It’s a huge celebration. More often than not, the deceased will pay their families visits. This is where spooky food comes from. It’s kinda hard to cook when you’re dead and have weird ingredients, but it’s become tradition.