ghost estate

Haunted Woods Headcanons
  • Ghost real estate exists. 
  • Rich ghost pets reside in tombs.
  • Poor ghosts pets usually reside in potters fields (unmarked grave sites).
  • Dia De Los Muertos celebrations, just please imagine these. Families reuniting, singing and laughing, good food and good company.
  • The Haunted Woods is where people go to disappear. Like, forever disappear.
  • Knowing this, and having been in a bad state of mind themselves, many of the residents of the Haunted Woods look out for travelers and console them. They offer people places to rest, shoulders to cry on, people to talk to. Etc. The population of ghost pets is decreasing. 
  • Zombie pets don’t eat brains that much. Otherwise the Brain Tree would be obliterated. It’s more of an inside joke. 
  • Edna is known to steal meowclops from those who are just trading them for the avatar. She also takes in strays. Meowclops are her favorite petpet, but she’ll care for any petpet. 
  • Ilere is a protector of the forest. Lawful neutral, I suppose. Don’t touch her plants, and you don’t get hurt.
  • Sophie and Edna meet up from time to time. They exchange spells and have meowclops playdates. Sophie considers Edna a bit of a mentor and Edna considers Sophie a bit of a daughter. Neither will admit this.
  • No one messes with Neovia. Everyone, even the most malicious monsters, agree that those people have been through enough.
  • That being said, they still visit. In disguise, though. They don’t want to scare anyone. They just really like the food there.
  • Halloween is a fun time for everyone. It’s a huge celebration. More often than not, the deceased will pay their families visits. This is where spooky food comes from. It’s kinda hard to cook when you’re dead and have weird ingredients, but it’s become tradition. 
I am not well at all
but I go out into hinterlands
like a firecracker
I follow the intellectual piper
into any old mountain
like a rat or a child
& when I go in
I stay in for as long
as I can hold my breath
I come out ten years later
older & wiser
unable to stand the light
with a compromised
immune system
& a bad chest
I am not well at all
—  William Wall, “Behind a Hospital Somewhere in Italy," Ghost Estate.