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Do you have any suggestions on how to make Dungeon Crawls more.. exciting or have a better atmosphere? Rather than just "The hallway extends 20ft and turns left.." I love dungeons, but as a DM it feels like my delivery is.. bland.

Lots of DMs struggle with this, and for good reason. 

Dungeons are the most mechanically straightforward aspect of the game besides combat, and the immediate shape and contents of them is more pressing to players than the atmosphere. 

But, there are some simple ways to make your dungeons more atmospheric. Here’s my proposed solutions, both a long thinky one and a fast random one:

I think that dungeons should thought about as ‘once functional spaces’. Every place in the world has a purpose for which it was built, even if it’s a weirdo crazy one. Dungeon rooms should almost always be more than just treasure, traps, and monsters. 

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For example, temples have cloisters, treasuries, storage rooms, waiting rooms, choirs, sanctuaries, apse, washing rooms, etc. Each of these rooms has specific objects and furniture inside them, as well as different acoustics. They get decorated with frescoes and murals or hanging art or sculptures. They’re cultural places. Think about them as physical spaces that people would use. 

Now imagine something happened in them, long ago. Why is this place a ‘dungeon’ and not still used? What event caused it to be abandoned? A battle? Plague? Was the place cursed? Come up with that and you can seed the rooms with small historical details: evidence of fights, skeletal remains, treasures hidden so they could be reclaimed later (but never were).

Now add the effects of time and nature. Fabric rots, metal rusts, stone erodes and crumbles. Plants and roots push stone tiles aside, and water seeps in and floods deep places. The passage of ages scours away history and purpose. Now, your once functional rooms don’t appear so functional, but their purpose can still be intuited.

Now add some new tenants. Monsters are always the first to reclaim abandoned civilized spaces: goblins make shantytowns out of old human ruins, beasts make warrens in sepulchral tombs, small dragons and basilisks favour places with statuaries and abandoned treasures. No matter the space or its original purpose, monsters move in and call it home. Sometimes multiple species of monsters…and then they fight or argue over sharing space.

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So now your dungeon has a vivid look and feel. The important bit now is to think about how that imagined space sounds and smells

With every room and hallway, imagine how its history smells. Is it acrid or pungent? Smokey or mouldy? Does it smell surprisingly pleasant? If so, that’s often a worrisome sign, because it means something sentient might already be there. 

Audio can clue players into a space faster than any other description. Wind whistling indicates access to the surface…or a much deeper cave. Dripping denotes water (you hope). Creaking could mean doors…or ghosts. Large spaces echo, and sounds warp and distort the further away they are. There’s even different kinds of silence. There’s an empty, lonely silence that comes with long dead spaces, or the claustrophobic close silence of small spaces. 

Appeal to your players senses besides sight. Describe what rooms smell, sound, and even taste or feel like. This is a surefire way to make your dungeon rooms stand out. For example:

“You enter a 20 by 20 foot square room. It’s a stuffy old parlour. Pushing the door open you immediately smell something caustic and sour, but you don’t see an immediate source. All the furniture is rotted, but some of it looks smashed. You can hear the faintest scraping of something against the wall in the adjacent room”.

If that seems like a lot to write, try something like this: Reveal each bullet point as the players inquire about them, or when they make Perception checks:

Parlour, 20 ft square room.

  • The room feels uncomfortably thick and stuffy.
  • All the furniture is rotted out. Some of it is smashed. Evidence of a fight.
  • Smells caustic and sour. The smell comes from under a tattered rug. It’s beholder puke. 50gp if collected and sold to the right buyer.
  • Scraping sounds from the cloaker in the next room.

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So maybe you already have a pretty basic dungeon and you need to make each room (or block of rooms) less boring. Here’s my handy set of sense tables:

Random Room Sensations:

For each room you want to enhance, roll four dice (a d12, a d10, a d8, and a d6). Your rolls will determine what’s up with this room. Every time you roll a result, cross it out and replace it with a new one you come up with.

Smells (1d12):

  1. Sickly sweet, like rotting fruit or wilting flowers.
  2. Musty, like old people and expired cologne.
  3. Tangy, like body odour and grime.
  4. Dusty, the choking scent of age and ghosts.
  5. Foul, like waste and death; something unholy.
  6. Crisp, like freshly cut grass or unchecked plant life.
  7. Soggy, the lingering smell of still water and flooding.
  8. Pungent, like rot and decay.
  9. Spicy, like herbs and dried ingredients, aged.
  10. Electric, a faint aroma of ozone and metals.
  11. Earthy, like fresh dirt and clay, mixed in with the copper of blood.
  12. Roll again twice, both smells clash together.

Sounds (1d10):

  1. Claustrophobic silence.
  2. Deep, echoing silence.
  3. Low moaning or groaning.
  4. Creaking of wood in the distance.
  5. Faint, maddeningly indistinct whispering.
  6. Faint, maddeningly indistinct whispering in a language you don’t know.
  7. Metal scraping against metal, rhythmically.
  8. Dripping of some kind of liquid onto stone.
  9. Dripping of some kind of liquid into more liquid.
  10. Roll again twice, both sounds are present.

Touch Sensations (1d8):

  1. Dryness on the skin, chapped lips and dry eyes.
  2. Cold dampness, water beads on metal items.
  3. Humidity, clothes become hot and heavy, metal feels colder.
  4. Dry heat, throats become parched, skin itches.
  5. Pressure change, ears pop and noises distort.
  6. Static tingling, hair stands up on end, goosebumps.
  7. Unholy chill, shivers, goosebumps, a sense of unease.
  8. The feeling of being watched, an uncomfortable presence.

Kinds of Darkness, if applicable (1d6):

  1. Grey, distant darkness that yields to lantern light.
  2. Cloying, smothering darkness that seems to draw close to you.
  3. Eerie still darkness that feels like it holds endless monsters.
  4. Calm, still darkness that invites restfulness.
  5. Flickering, shifting darkness where the room seems to be moving.
  6. Impenetrable darkness that makes darkvision endowed races feel at uneasy.

I hope all this helps make your dungeons a little less boring. The dungeon tables in the back of the 5e Dungeon Master’s Guide from @dndwizards is also helpful in this regard. 

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I had resigned myself to everyone being dead by the end but somehow I wasn’t prepared for them to lose her. 

Aisles [M]

Aisle Two

Summary: Jungkook was your best friend. You held onto his secrets. And he knew all of yours. Except for one. One that would change your friendship forever. You were in love with him.

Pairing: Reader x Jungkook

Genre: bestfriend!au, college!au, angst, smut

Word Count: 6,772

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Aisle One Aisle Two Aisle Three

Your apartment was like a ghost town. The emptiness echoed every time you stepped foot in the sad space. His shoes were missing by the front door. Your keys were never on the side table. There was evidence that people lived there. Ramen packets in the trash. Used coffee cups on the sink. But no one had really been around for two weeks.

Two weeks. This was the longest you had gone without speaking to Hoseok, yet alone seeing him. The fight at Yoongi’s was the worst you ever had. His sharp tongue dug wounds that even stitches couldn’t heal. He had been keeping himself occupied at Yoongi’s or the dance studio. Your heart sank into your chest anytime you came home and heard the washing machine running, only to find that the person who was wearing them was nowhere to be found.

A small part of you enjoyed the quiet. You were able to spread all your materials out on the coffee table. Bags of chips and half empty iced lattes were littered in between stacks of highlighted notes. He wasn’t there to yell at you when you fell asleep face first on your microbiology homework, the lines of the pages leaving imprints on your cheeks.

You did miss him. The two of you had been friends for years. But this time it was not your turn to say sorry. If Hoseok wanted things to go back to normal, he would have to swallow his large amount of pride and apologize.

But you had never heard Hoseok apologize in his life. 

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still cant believe i’ll die not knowing what ghost/echo lily evans, the Queen of Sass who brought us sick burns like “I wouldn’t go out with you if it was a choice between you and the giant squid” and “I’d wash your pants if I were you, Snivellus” said to voldemort in that graveyard. no wonder he stayed in hiding for a full year

Only Echoes

My ex’s ghost begins to haunt my apartment a week after the break up. I spot him sitting in our the breakfast nook, sunlight falling like dust through his torso to the rumpled rug in front of the small table. He’s staring out the window, parts of him fading in and out of view.

“No,” I say, grabbing the counter in case my suddenly weak legs betray me. “No.”  

He turns and smiles at me with the weight of the world in his eyes.

I grab my cell phone from the pocket of my sweatpants and call him. One ring. Two rings. Three. 


My hand tightens around the edge of the counter until I can hear my bones scraping together. “You ass. You don’t get to do this to me. Make it go away.”

He’s silent for a long moment. Then he sighs. “My ghost?”

Yes,” I say. “Get rid of it.”

“You know that’s not how this works,” he says.

“I’m the one who’s supposed to haunt you,” I say. “You broke up with me. That’s how this is supposed to go. So stop.”

Stop or come back.

But he doesn’t say anything else before he hangs up.

I turn to scream at his ghost but, like him, it’s gone.


“He’s one of those,” my sister says knowingly. She sounds far away and tiny over the computer’s speakers. “You better be careful. Sometimes they don’t leave.”

I consider my cup of cocoa. She’s holding a matching cup half a world away so that they’re connected. I wonder if she’s foregone her usual shot of baileys this time. “What do I do then?”

“Try to move on anyway,” she says. Behind her something peeks around the kitchen doorway and is gone before I can make out who. My sister’s been drinking for a decade and hasn’t once talked about quitting.

“Right,” I say and imagine the poor quality of the speakers hides the hollowness in my voice.

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Olan Rogers:

I’ve posted about this amazing man once or twice but I wanted to make an official textpost as a shoutout to him. He’s a comedian with videos on YouTube of stories and sketches. His stories are what hooked me, though. They’re hilarious and fun and amazing! His videos are like Pringles. Once one pops, one just can’t stop. When you watch one, you binge! “Just one more” is a lie. And he’s not too difficult to look at, if you know what I mean.

His most popular video is called Ghost In The Stalls. This gif is from the video…

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I suggest these stories: 

Ghost In The Stalls, Echoes Through The Wall, Christmas Time Boy (live story), The Comeback Kid, The Package Delivery, The Bad Apple, A Thief In The Night, The Popcorn King, The Snack Thief, It’s In The Genes, Eyes For You, The Fear Awakened, The Batman Birthday, An Odd Day To Die, Death Is A Quiet Wave, Midnight Claw, Chuck E. Cheese, Stand By Me, and last but certainly not least, The Crumb That Fell.

His Channel Link: [x]

I’ve had something like this in my head for a while now and wanted to finish it before october ended but was too late due to irl busyness. The general idea was basically ‘what if these stand-alone halloween-esque characters that I’ve been drawing alot of lately, not only existed in the same universe but sorta knew each other enough to hang out or something every now and then?’ Halfway through this I got winded and I was gonna just leave it black and white making it look like a mock storyboard panel or something, but I decided to go ahead and color it anyway after a short break.

anyways here is the text for the “environmental/setting/art direction/WhaTEVER YOU CALL IT” redesign for my danny phantom rewrite a few months back 

I actually made numerous sketches in August to demonstrate this because i was originally going to accompany the text with visual examples of each spooky component I wanted to incorporate, since it was inspired by jayrockin’s amazing ghost physics post, which I suggest you check out yourself …but i found out quickly that was too ambitious and I didn’t have the stamina for that. However, I’ll still accompany a few rough sketches. It was good practice for me to try to bring about my ideas for the art direction of a show. 

Keep in mind this was my personal taste to fit my personal preferred narrative (i wanted it to be a bit more spookier/dramatic, to truly go along the plot)

“A fun spooky essay by Diddly!!

I’ve seen a lot of people redesigning the characters, which is awesome, but I haven’t seen a lot about redesigning the environment

It can still have that cartoony look that’s reminiscent of the original style of the show, but just incorporate the environment differently. How the characters look is one thing, but in animation you also have to think about how the characters move, behave, and sound like. Timing is extremely important in an animated series, and that goes along with how much drama/suspense is produced

They can still look cartoony as heck with exaggerated proportions but it’s the way they’re animated that really shows what kind of world they live in.”

“A good example of this is Gravity falls. It has a simple cartoony style for its characters but they still do a good job at showcasing horror by how it’s animated: ”

I’m talking about wider range of facial expressions, intense close-up shots, silhouettes and shadows junk!! MAKE IT SPOOKY. CAPTURE THAT FEAR! I want to feel SHIVERS when i see these characters! ((it wouldve made more sense if i had finished illustrations to show this))

((the document was pretty unorganized, but here were some key aspects))

👻imagine if all the ghosts antagonists had their own leitmotif/boss battle themes, like in Steven Universe. that would truly bring about the memorability of their character and immediately tell the audience what their personality is like. It’s no wonder Ember is one of the most memorable ghosts, she has her own song”

👻 “ Soundtrack and movement and setting: everything has to work together to build up that good ol’ suspense! I want it to feel like there truly is something sinister around.”

👻 “spooky and eerie background noises? whispers in the background?
make the ghosts have echo-y faded voices? and damn right i want to hear creepy circus music or creepy children singing in the background!!!”

👻 Have the ghosts move/animated in ways that seem suspenseful or mysterious. Make them feel like ghosts, add more flow into their movements! Make them feel a little less human………..

👻 Dont just stop at the ghosts though, the setting of Amity park in general should feel a little unsettling …

👻 If I were to redesign the show to incorporate a spookier, more ghost-like environment, it takes is spookier lighting and shading for the environment to completely change. (i loved those neon colors, but be smart with color choice when you can!)

👻Dramatic contrasting lighting? Flickering lights? Have the characters shaded in a way that really showcases the mood? More wispier, transparent ghosts? 👻 for all the ghosts who have firey glowy hair, make their hair look all nice and glowy (have it resemble fire a bit more), with relative lighting and all that. it would be so much prettier and spookier. in addition, have their eyes glow whenever possible!

👻 Play with some common ghost trope characters perhaps? It’d be nice to just take full advantage of that fine paranormal activity and do some interesting interpretations on previous horror tropes, but in a unique animated format.

All these things could easily and completely change the atmosphere of a cartoon! And I love that. The cool thing about animated things is that you can draw out some things that you can’t necessarily reproduce in live action horror. TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THAT!

It’s more than just redesigning the characters and rewriting the plot, it’s about redesigning the whole heckin environment! Go full out!
You might not agree with me on all these points but I just wanted to share my ideas on how to more effectively incorporate an environment about ghosts in a cartoon. 

My animation skills are pretty limited and I’m no pro, but just imagine: animation is a really neat medium to do go about such an interesting setting like ghosts, you can make it so much more dramatic in so many ways!

I kept a tag of really cool spooky fanart I reblogged, in case you want to better understand what I’m talking about, go take a look at it. 

thanks for reading this! ill post more if I can :^)


Hello Bats ‘n’ Cats! Here’s a list of 31 spooky songs I’ve collected to jam to on the most wonderful time of the year; Halloween!

Enjoy them, if you dare!

The Witch Doctor - The Hit Crew

Spooky Scary Skeletons - Andrew Gold

Monster Mash - Bobby Pickett

The Addams Family Theme Song

Ghostbusters Theme Song

Thriller - Michael Jackson

Werewolves Of London - Warren Zevon

Love Potion No. 9 - The Clovers

Strange Magic - Electric Light Orchestra

Little Red Riding Hood - Sam the Sham and the Pharaohs

I Put A Spell On You - Screamin’ Jay Hawkins

Witchy Woman - The Eagles

This Is Halloween - The Nightmare Before Christmas

Remains Of The Day - Corpse Bride

Here Comes The Boogeyman - Henry Hall

The Creature From The Tub - Andrew Gold

Don’t Scream It’s Only Halloween - Andrew Gold

Gimme A Smile - Andrew Gold and Greg Prestopino

People Are Strange - Echo and the Bunnymen

Vampires - Godsmack 

V Is For Vampire - Powerman 5000

Living Dead Girl - Rob Zombie

Dragula - Rob Zombie

Ghuleh Zombie Queen - Ghost B.C

Why Won’t You Die - Korn

Love You To Death - Type O Negative

Ghost - Mystery Skulls

Labyrinth - Oomph!

Graveyard Queen - Zombie Ghost Train

Nosferatu - Blue Oyster Cult

Don’t Fear The Reaper - Blue Oyster Cult

The Bunker’s quiet but for the sound of Dean’s and Sam’s footsteps that Cas follows. He keeps his distance, lingers behind when Dean reaches for the chair.

“We’ll get her back,” Cas assures faintly, though he should be the last one to speak. It’s all his fault, achingly, fully. It’s him who deserves to be stuck in Lucifer’s nightmare world, not Mary.

He gets no reply, not from Dean, not from Sam. What could they say? We can’t. We will. The world be damned.

Dean pours three — four fingers of whiskey into his glass. With a glance, offers one to Sam, but Sam refuses. He doesn’t comment on Dean’s choice of coping tactic, either. There’s no offer for Cas, Dean puts the bottle down and takes a sip; he knows — Cas is guilty.

Cas froze.

Cas did nothing while his mother fought Lucifer and dragged him back into his hell of a world.

Cas let the portal close behind her, let Dean drop to his knees, broken. He’s never seen Dean so broken.

It all happened so damn fast.

Sam clears his throat. “We’ll figure it out,” he promises, moving a chair out for himself.

Dean snorts, an ugly, mocking sound. “Which part?”

Sam opens his mouth to reply, hesitates. A slow draw of breath, head hung low, not daring to look at Dean. “Mom.”

“Oh.” Dean nods. “That I know.” He takes a long sip and sets the glass down with a loud clank. “We’re getting mom out, I don’t care what it takes.”

For a moment, tension in Sam’s shoulders forebodes defiance, a rightful one. One Cas has no strength for. All he can muster is a sad smile. It’s a huge mistake, a horrible and dumb one. And made out of love — the kind of mistakes the Winchesters never once shied from.

Cas couldn’t stop them if he tried. Even if every part of him rages against the very thought of letting Lucifer out, of giving him that chance once again. Like they did last night. For one bright, painful, terrifying moment he was back in this world.

And then he wasn’t.

And Dean was left kneeling in the dirt, unresponsive.

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“Welcome to Live 5 in 5. We have some startling stuff for you in this update. APPD just released this video image from one of the APU security cameras. This was recorded just three days ago, folks. They’ve worked their magic, and you can plainly see what it is. Now folks, I want to clarify this is not a joke of any kind, we’re a little late for Halloween here. This appears to be an image of a pink ghost, it looks like a little girl. But definitely a real ghost caught on camera. Now if that doesn’t beat all, Betty, I don’t know what does.”

The picture changed back to the thin balding man in his crisp dark gray pinstripe suit, white shirt and burgundy tie. His wide-eyed pale face and ruddy complexion matched his clothes. 

“I’m glad I wasn’t there. Ghosts scare me.” Betty chortled appropriately to her co-anchor’s comment. 

The screen panned out showing both anchors. Betty, an attractive, buxom brunette smiled as she faced the camera. Tom surreptitiously viewed her ample cleavage, unaware the camera was catching him taking a peek.

Any other night the four of them would’ve had a bet on whether the camera caught him or not.  

He coughed and straightened himself in his chair noticing the camera position. “AP law enforcement is looking into the situation, if our viewers have any information they’d like you to give’m a call. Let’s see if we can help APPD figure this out, folks.” 

“Thanks, Tom. Up next, weather with Tucker Bryant. He’ll tell us if the long term forecast is going to give us a white Christmas. We’ll be back after this.”

The four of them stared at the screen. 

Kai muted the TV. “Is there any chance she’d…”

Both Tso and Nora shook their heads. Tso spoke softly, “That was Carol, Cara Dregg’s little cousin.”

“I’ll be in the library.” Kai stood up. 

Drake turned the TV off. 

They all walked back together. There were a lot of books and scrolls that needed reading and catalogued. 

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hopes for hands of time

Pixal gets her own body back - i mean i love that they are together all the time but i still feel it would be healthy for them to have actual physical contact

Zane gets his original and/or a more human like body again (but this is the least likely to happen as we have already seen some sets)- i feel like the creators just dropped the whole ‘human’ thing. yes Zane accepted that he was a robot, but his personality and power source made him more then that, and he was the closets thing a robot could be to human. the creators have forgotten that there was a WHOLE DANG COMIC created with the plot of Zane wanting to be truly human, and experience true emotions

Zane meets Echo in the main timeline- i feel like it would be very interesting, and that they would have a lot to talk about, maybe dr. Julien left a recorded message for the explaining things

Skylor gets her powers of amber back- i cant imagine having an amazing ability, only to have it permanently taken by her own father. i feel like we should at least have her talk about it a bit, maybe with nya, who for the longest time didnt even have powers.

Nya stays Samurai X- ok so i feel like Nya loses some of her independence when she becomes a ninja, i know she would be pushing herself harder as a ninja, but i still would like her to be a samurai, and inspire other girls to be independent, maybe even have an apprentice to be the next Samurai X

GARMADON COMES BACK- this one needs no explanation

Seliel makes an appearance maybe?- she is from one of the official comics


Jay confronts his parents about being adopted in this timeline- and meets his alive biological father

maybe some Kai and Nya sibling bonding- this one will for sure happen because some of the sets have some …. people in them

Kai failing horribly with his flirtation skills

we find out exactly how much Zane remembers from before becoming the titanium ninja - and why he is so sassy all the time

Cole interacting with his father more like seriously did his dad even know he was a ghost

Cole being afraid of water and other things like forgetting he’s not a ghost anymore- like walking through walls, like he tries to and gets confused when he doesn’t go through them for a it before he remembers, really appreciating hugs and physical things. gets really clingy but in a literal sense and wants to FEEL EVERYTHING LIKE GRASS AND CATS AND PLAY WITH THE OTHERS’ HAIR AND JUNK. avoids water completely for the first few days, no showers, really stinks.