ghost drips

PD101S2 EP.5 Ghost Prank Hidden Camera Spoiler

The ghost is a female ghost with blood dripping from the mouth. The boys will be talking to their reflection in the mirror (as seen in the preview) and the ghost will come out from behind. But since season one had hidden cameras, some of the boys this season probably knew about it so it wouldn’t be as fun.

Kids who screamed: Kim Taemin, Joo Haknyeon, Choi Minki, Yoo Hoesung
Kids who cried: Yoon Jisung, Lee Woojin, Park Woojin, Ha Sungwoon
Kids who weren’t scared: Ong Seongwoo, Lai Guanlin, Park Jihoon, Hwang Minhyun, and Im Youngmin

translation credits: @imyoungmine / @cherishjihoon

Good Girl (smut)

Found this in my plethora of smuts I wrote a while ago but never posted


Shawn’s wet lips dragged down the skin of your stomach, the tip of his tongue ghosting over your flesh. Shivers were sent down your spine as his teeth gently sunk into your right hip, creating goosebumps on your completely exposed skin. 

His index fingers dipped into the sides of your lace panties, the only item of clothing that was left on your body. He stared up at you through his lashes as he sucked on the skin just above your waist band, finding a sensitive spot you never knew you had. 

He slowly pulled down your panties, discarding them onto the carpeted floor of the hotel room. His plump lips connected to the inside of your thigh as he gently spread your legs apart, laying in between them. Small whimpers escaped from your lips as he nipped on the skin, making his was towards your center. He reached up to take your breast into his right hand, palming at it with just the right pressure. He took your nipple between his index finger and thumb, rolling the sensitive bud between them.

“Does that feel good?” he asked, a low and lustful tone filling his voice.

“Mhmn,” you moaned in response, biting your lip as he continued sucking on your thighs and playing with your breasts.

“Tell me how good it feels,” he hummed, dragging his tongue up your thigh, his lips ghosting over your dripping wet core. 

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How is it possible for someone to be so supportive and so damaging all at once?
I used to sleep at your house when it was too loud inside my own head for me to sleep at my own
Now I wake in a cold sweat in a college dorm room and the ghost of you drips, saline, from my skin.
You were the poison and the antidote and I guzzled them both down
as eager to kill myself as I was to get better.
I remember the way your words poured acid over anyone who dared to express their humanity through art.
I remember being confused at how you could write me the most beautiful poems,
but laughed at the song lyrics I loved because they made me think of you.
“So edgy.” “So brooding.”
Woe unto those who relied on vague lyrics to get them to sleep at night!
Death to the poets who wrote anything at all before they had fully mastered the craft!
It took months of you being gone from my life for me to enjoy myself without feeling stupid
Still even now all it takes is the slightest word from anyone, the smallest change in tone,
And doubt is all I know.
A mere taste of the self-professed insanity I used to mainline
Have you ever told someone your version of events,
what you were sure was the truth,
only to have them say you were crazy?
For the rest of your life you are never entirely sure of anything.
Your autobiography is reduced to a disjointed series of maybes.
I used to wish like hell that there was a pill I could take that would reattach me to reality,
some chemical way to ensure the accuracy of my memory.
I have no idea what happened anymore.
Sometimes I’m not sure I even know what’s happening now.
And the worst of it is I can hear your voice even as I write this poem.
“It’s good,” you’d say, “but a bit too angsty.”

Daenerys: *looks at gold dragon* I’ll name you Viserion after my late brother Viserys because I hope you won’t be as weak as he was.

Viserys’ ghost: *arms crossed and dripping with molten gold*
Viserys ghost: …Bitch…

No More Teasing

Characters: Lucifer x Reader, Dean, Sam, Cas
Words: 1088
This is the second part to Tongue Lashing  
Warning: Smut with the devil

Originally posted by castiel-for-king

          You were lying on your back with your head on Lucifer’s thigh. He was still determined to tease you. Having heated make out sessions was his favorite thing, but as soon as it was getting too heated, he would stop, leaving you wanting and frustrated.

           “Come here,” Lucifer said, motioning for you to sit up.

           You shook your head, “Not again.”

           “What do you mean, not again?” he asked, tilting his head to the side, “Are you tired of me already?”

           “I’m tired of you teasing me so much,” you said, still not moving your head from where it was positioned on his thigh.

           “Yeah? Can’t take it?” he asked, looking down at you.

           “Don’t want to,” you replied.

           “You’re spunky.”

           “Yep. You’ll learn that even more if I’m stuck here very long,” you said, sitting up and putting your back against the cage a little further down from him.

           “You get cranky when you’re frustrated.”

           You shot him a look, “Well, if you wouldn’t frustrate me so much, I wouldn’t be so cranky.”

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“Running Away”

A fic I’ve had on the backburner for a long time ever since @thickerthanectoplasm destroyed me with clone angst. 

Valerie doesn’t know how long she lays in bed waiting for her alarm to go off. She didn’t know how much sleep she’d gotten, if any. Last night she’d gotten back from hunting -alone- spoke maybe three words to her dad and locked her door before falling into bed and stayed there until she had to slap her alarm quiet before it could let out a second blare.

Going through the morning routine helped. First she showers with the apartment’s lukewarm water, brushes her hair and teeth, stands in front of her closed closet before deciding to pick out an outfit from her dresser, instead. Breakfast is cereal she eats maybe three entire bites from, then she goes to the roof and suits up so she can ride her glider above the commuters circulating sluggishly through the streets on her way to school.

Danny isn’t in Homeroom. Tucker dutifully raises his hand and explains that he was “really sick” to Lancer, who shakes his head while marking his clipboard.

For the rest of class, Valerie ignores the itch on the back of her neck where Manson is glaring three seats behind her.

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My Sweetheart

Request: Can I have a Dean x reader where the reader is pregnant, and she has really bad hormones Dean always tries to help her by getting her off, but they don’t actually do it cause he’s scared he might hurt her. She is able to convince him it’ll be fine? – @mrsdeanwinchester16

Pairings: AU!Dean x Reader

Warnings: swearing, detailed smut, bad pregnancy hormones, pregnancy sex

Word Count: 1975 

About to be dad Dean is a babe. And I worked on my smut, making it more detailed than how I write it :))

(gifs not mine, credits to owners)

Dean’s POV

My dearest wife, (y/n), has been pregnant for 6 months and she has complained, nonstop, that all her clothes don’t fit. When she started showing, we already went ahead and bought maternity clothes for her and she chose to wear my clothes for when she sleeps, not that I minded it, in fact, I loved seeing her in my clothes, makes me fall in love for her more.

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chibichise  asked:

So I totally already spent my budget on clothes/accessories today, but I just realized you have tshirts, AND I CAN'T HELP MYSELF I HAVE TO BUY TOO KAWAII. MY HEART. HOW COULD YOU? -touch touch-

hahaha aww I’m sorry but thank you so much Im happy you like my shirts  <3
There’s actually a sale for them on the site! I’m celebrating hitting 13k followers on instagram !!

Rinse and Repeat

Pairing: Jillian Holtzmann x reader

Rating: Teen/13+

Summary: You just want to eat your cereal.  Holtzmann just wants to share the slime.

Read on A03

Your spoonful of cereal halts halfway through the journey to your mouth as you hear a distinct, yet somewhat muffled, “don’t you dare” before there’s a set of footsteps charging up the stairs. There’s also a quiet shriek that’s tinted with laughter. You decide that you’re not going to bother with being concerned about that. The footsteps seem a little more pressing.

Patty races by the open arch that serves as the doorway. There’s a brief scuffling sound, and then she pops her head back in to peer at your prone form. “You better move, baby,” she says. “Fair warning.” She’s pelting up the next set of stairs before you can even fully lift your head off the couch cushions.

“What the hell?” you mutter, dropping your spoonful back into the bowl that’s resting your chest. Someone else is coming up the stairs—from the pattern of the footfalls, they’re skipping—so you put the bowl on the table (on top of one of the coasters, because you’re on your way to memorizing Erin’s speech about condensation on the table and soon it might infiltrate your dreams). You’ve just pushed yourself up onto your elbows when Holtzmann appears in the doorway.

She is absolutely dripping with ghost slime.

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100 Kink List 36. Against the Wall

Pairing: Dean and Impala!Reader

Request: I had this genius idea. Can you write a story where the impala (the reader) gets turned into a human and she’s bad ass looking and such (tattoos and piercing). She meets Sam and Dean, Dean has the hots for human!impala. Lots of smut. lghockey

Warnings: smut, impala!reader

Words: 1939

Note: enjoy! 

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