ghost drifting

You know what I want?

Space mythology.

Saints of the starship and angels that take their true form as nebulae, great and fiery amorphous beings that speak the will of the Universe

Nymphs of asteroid fields and planetary rings, sylphs that fly in the tails of comets and solar wind, the gods of the galactic core

Demons that dwell in black holes and eat the hearts of dying stars, spirits of galactic battles that cause engines and shields to fail when you get too close to their graves

Ghost ships, long MIA, drifting in dark space, an inaccessible monument to those lost

Demigods, Herculean beings forged in solar fire surviving alone and unshielded in the vacuum, on an icy rock so far from a star as to never see its light

Heroes and saints ascending to their gods by dissolving into starlight and void

Just…Space mythology.

      They certainly don’t know humans.

They don’t know that Medea cried
while staring at her hands stained
with the blood of her children.

They don’t know the emptiness of Hercules
that carved a home in his chest that he carried
with him into immortality

They don’t know how Oedipus wished
he’d been born deaf and never heard
whispers of the word fate.

They don’t know that Achilles longed
to rip the divinity from his flesh if it
destroyed his destiny for greatness
and preserved his heart.

They don’t know how Helen missed
her daughter, or how she longed
for a home she never found
in Sparta or Troy.

They don’t know that Daedalus wishes
Athena had robbed him of his wits,
maybe then his son would have lived.

They don’t know the ghosts that drift around Cassandra,
who wonders if all of it could have been avoided
if only she could have loved a God.

They don’t know that Orpheus
would have traded places with Eurydice
if only to give her the gift of sunlight.
He thinks he could have charmed the dead
with his verse.

No, my dear, the Gods don’t know humans.

—  the Gods don’t know tragedy // L.H.Z

Ghost drifting with a person who’s dead and gone. The little scraps and remnants in the survivors head still sharing memories and even speaking to them at times.

Raleigh and and Herc probably having conversations with their lost family members while they sleep. Or seeing them out of the corner of their eye. That’s probably something you can’t really get over.

More art for @the-subpar-ghost ‘s Drifting Stars AU (which can be read here ) plus some background practice! It’s fun to imagine the worlds these two go to, even if they can still be dangerous ‘’’ 


Ford does what he can to take care of Mabel and keep her safe, but Mabel takes care of Ford in her own ways too :’) 

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James Fenner

The visions of US illustrator James Fenner offer glimpses into a world harboring lost kids, cunning animal spirits and ghost-like figures drifting through the night sky. Many of his works combine evocative, layered colors with abstract signs and symbols. A feeling of stillness and longing merges with a slightly menacing atmosphere. Not all can be trusted here.

James usually starts off with pencil and paper, then takes his illustrations to the next level with digital means. However, with his clever use of textures and painterly brushwork he manages to evoke the impression of a long lost children’s book rather than that of a polished, modern world.

Keep up with James on his Tumblr, Facebook or Instagram

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