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Did I ever tell you how much I love drawing Zacharie

Red Looks Good on You


Characters: Valerie Gray, Dash Baxter, Paulina, Mikey, Danny Fenton, a brief mention of Star

Ship: Gray Ghost

Note: No identity reveal yet.

Warnings: Some minor swearing

Valerie was starting to have mixed feelings about Casper High’s Spirit Week. 

The first few days had cool themes such as twinning or sports. She’d rocked those days between twinning with Star and wearing her old karate uniform (”Yes, Kwan, karate is a sport. I will fight you on this!”). 

It was the theme of superheroes that caused her mixed feelings.

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I wish I was an alien and a dinosaur to get a blow kiss … (this brilliant idea was from ghost–fox text post !).

HEY, WOULD YOU LOOK AT THAT, It’s Klutztale chara-

She doesn’t kill mannn, she just is in love with knives and harasses everyone-

Okay, I see ideas of Winged!Dirk floating around but how about this. What about Winged/Guardian Angel!Todd for a young Svlad (aka young Dirk)?

Whether assigned as his guardian or somehow lost his way and stumbled his way down to Earth, Todd somehow finds himself as the guardrian angel of one young Svlad Cjelli, either before or during his times of Blackwing.

Still working on the ideas for this one, but have a few scenes that keep popping up in my mind.

One mostly involving Svlad, when he is able to see Todd, aweing at his wings. A pair of wings that are probably not really seen as all that majestic or grand compared to other angels, but to Svlad they were the most beautiful pair of wings he ever saw.

Where then he would probably whisper how he wished he had a pair just like that, so that he could soar through the skies and actually escape from where he was and well, be something.

But Todd would probably either give a small shake of his head, or so, before telling Svlad that he doesn’t need wings like his to be something. That Svlad already had a pair, that were strong and radiant, and all he had to do was spread them wide and then he could fly.

Or something along those lines.
Don’t know, just having a lot of feels for this mini AU idea XD