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Cheer Up Post #5545 - Creepy Edition

actually-richard-speight would like a post featuring creepy things. Here you go!

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@amarelibertius​ submits: 

Danny taking a job in construction after high school to help repair all the property he constantly damages. has weird hours and pays well. Danny’s torn between guilt that he’s making work for himself and relief that he can at the very least make up for it.

caught in a cycle of accidentally breaking streets he just fixed.

tiny Danny, surprising his coworkers with how strong he is. Danny slowly getting more visibly muscular and having a valid excuse for it. still pretending to be clumsy so his coworkers don’t question his injuries. people joking that he’s more of a hazard than the ghosts are.

Danny steadily getting really good at crafts and using his growing knowledge of construction and architecture as an advantage in ghost fighting. Danny eventually fighting an architect ghost, that brings buildings to life. Danny just sighing in the wake of the ordeal cause he knows he has to fix all this.

Danny sometimes being strait up lazy and sticking around to use his powers to fix things up after fights. because now that he knows what he’s doing, it’s so much easier than just leaving everything a disaster and having to fix things as a human later. but he can never get as much done as he wants cause ghost hunters. the rest of amity is like ‘hey let him work.’

working on an engineering degree cause it can contribute to his trade and get him in the door of some space program. even if he doesn’t get to space, he can help make rocket ships and help other people get to space (low-key might sneak onto a space shuttle when no one’s looking)

Danny pursuing his dreams in a different way and achieving some amount of satisfaction in doing it. his parents are really proud of him, because even if it isn’t ghosts, he’s still making a difference and his prospects seem better.

Danny still being 100% tired

just construction worker Danny!

“Danny pursuing his dreams in a different way” ur killing me dude

Through the branches of the weeping willows that hung down over the river, flowing like green curtains, Ciri saw a palace. She had never seen anything like it. As if it were not made of marble and alabaster, but of white lace – so delicate and light that it seemed ethereal, as if they were not buildings, but the ghosts of buildings. Ciri expected that at any moment the wind would blow and the palaces would disappear along with the rising river mist. But when the wind blew, the mist disappeared and moved the willow branches and wrinkled the river, but the palaces remained. Just more beautiful.

Ciri looked raptly at the wispy hanging terraces and balconies, the bridges  over the river which were hung with festoons of ivy, the stairs, balustrades, the arcades and cloisters, the columns, the domes, and the slender asparagus-like towers.

Tir Na Lia,’ Avallac’h said quietly.


The Abandoned Sanzhi UFO houses, New Taipei City, Taiwan The Sanzhi UFO houses were futuristic pod-shaped buildings built in 1978 which were then abandoned a couple of years later. They were (and still remain) a great area of interest worldwide due to their architecture and the mysterious and tragic deaths that occurred during their construction. The buildings were fully demolished in 2010 and the site is now being converted into a seaside resort and water-park.


Downtown Monowi, Nebraska by Larry Syverson
Via Flickr:
Monowi is a ghost town in Boyd County, Nebraska. It is located on State Highway 12 in the northern part of the state. The town was settled in 1902. According to the 2010 census, it has a population of one person. It is the only incorporated municipality in the United States with such a population.

I’ve put it off long enough. If I want to get through this episode, I’m gonna have to address the elephant in the room at some point. So here I go. Finally talking about Dan.

I strongly recommend reading this post first, because this is technically a part 2. I’m just talking about Danny’s ghost half this time. Some things might not make sense if you start here.

With that said, here we go.

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akimib  asked:

I've never requested anything before >_< but.... Do you think maybe you could eek out a hc or mini-fic of RFA+minor trio with an MC that is super into the spoops. I'm talking rituals found on reddit, the ouija and exploring abandoned buildings (ghost hunting, if you will. lol) I'm down with whatever you might decide :) Thank you in advance, if you choose to do this! If not, thanks for considering!

A/N: *bows with a flourish* I AM QUITE HONOURED TO BE YOUR FIRST, MY LOVE~

this is late and i am sorry but spook time is all the time~ I will do my best here~

(also boy oh boy im glad you mentioned rituals because i grew up witchy and alongside the normal halloween activities every now and again there’s the Samhain celebrations full of different rituals and spells and i am hYPE, thats the direction i’ll take since i have another request im working on regarding the ouji so it may not be /all/ spooky, but i will throw some in there since you did ask for spoop!!! im sorry, i really hope thats okay;;;;; ;A; if not, i can always take this and re-write some for those I didn’t make scary!)

WARNINGS: I did mention blood once within this, but there’s nothing too big, but just in case you don’t enjoy a little prick to the finger, please don’t keep reading!

/it’s a little long so I’ll place it under a cut!/


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