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Episode 7: The misadventures of Wynonna Earp and Nicole ‘the drunk’ Haught.

Lets start of with the simple shall we.

First Doc and Dolls kidnap a Doctor to examine Wynonna to see how she is doing.

Too much info Wynonna.

Waverly finds out that Doc might not be the father, but no matter what she says she will stand by Wynonna when she tells him

or maybe not (fyi Wynonna chickens out on telling him)

Than Nicole turns up (thanks to a call from Waverly) looking like a guardian angel sent to look after Wynonna.

Lol, mommy-sit.

Since Nicole has to go where Wynonna’s going, Wynonna decides to go to a strip-club.

Welcome to normal life Wynonna.

Nicole learns to drink like an Earp

Drunken Wynonna would be so proud.

While trying to find out if Rev-McDeath is Wynonna’s baby’s father, Waverly calls to find out where Wynonna is

So naturally being a cop Nicole stays calm and collected when answering her

After Nicole’s phone ends up in a drink (thanks to Wynonna) Nicole and Wynonna try to get the Rev’s DNA when he comes over to drink with them.

But when everything goes Pete Tong, Nicole draws her gun (eventually)

You sure are and a better shot than Wynonna even when she is sober.

Wynonna finally complements Nicole

She sure is

Three strip-clubs later and Waverly finally turns up just in time to knock the Rev out with a car door.

Looks like Wynonna and the drunken puppy are in the dog house for now.

Side Note: thanks to Jeremy, the Three Merry Misfits are bound together because of a spell and the ghost of Bass Reeves is out to get Doc.

But luckily enough, Dolls out ranks Bass and then pardons Doc.

Control yourself lizard-man!

After releasing the Rev from the boot of Nicole’s car, he try’s to put down Wynonna by making out that he is the father and says some vile, foul despicable things about her (to which Waverly looks like she’s going to shoot him) Wynonna decides to take matters into her own hands and just shoots him.

Doc could still be the father. But still when Waverly asks “This baby, what is it?” and Wynonna says “Ours”. It’s just shows how important Waverly is to Wynonna.

After a small talk Waverly finally confides in Wynonna what she has been hiding/worrying about

Now you listen hear one bloody god damn minute, you are still Wynonna’s sister, you are the most important thing to her no matter what any DNA results might say, and you sure as hell are the Earpiest Earp to ever walk the earth, so don’t even listen to what Bobo Del-Dead said to you, at the end of the day you are still an Earp.

So all in all everything is peachy right?

or not…

Deus in Absentia

Why does nobody talk about this song? I think it’s the most diverse and beautiful one from Meliora. It’s so underrated. Not to mention the harmonies??? during the ending chorus you can hear some incredible range from Papa. Like, he gets up there

Frankly just everything about the song in general is amazing. It’s incredibly beautiful and we should talk about it more.

And they should play it live.


Motionless In White: Graveyard Shift

Released: 5/5/2017
Recorded: 2016
Length: 48:06
Label: Roadrunner
Producer: Drew Fulk

Track List:

  1. Rats
  2. Queen For Queen
  3. Necessary Evil (Feat. Jonathan Davis)
  4. Soft
  5. Untouchable
  6. Not My Type: Dead As Fuck 2
  7. The Ladder
  8. Voices
  9. LOUD (Fuck It)
  10. 570
  11. Hourglass
  12. Eternally Yours

Chris Motionless - All Vocals
Ricky Horror - Guitar
Ryan Sitkowski - Guitar
Devin “Ghost” Sola - Bass
Vinny Mauro – Drums