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I think it’s Michelle’s birthday soon? Maybe?

Michelle, if you read this, happy (early?) birthday, you are an amazing talented person who deserves all the good things. Thank you for creating such an inspirational comic, Ava’s story means the world to me <3

Ava Ire is from avasdemon (please read it if you’re not already doing so, it’s awesome)

My Top 5 hispanic characters

I’m a Hispanic person, Latinx if you will and this month is totally my month. Between HIspanic Heritage Month, halloween, and my birthday is a pretty fun time for me. So to celebrate I wanted to make a nice good old fashioned top 5 list of hispanic comic book characters. These characters are characters that share a culture with me in some way or I just feel like they are really good. Hispanic characters sadly are vastly under represented and many of them are legacy or spin off characters of white men. That said it didn’t stop their writers from making them shine and the best news is almost everyone in this list is going to be in an ANAD book.

Anya Corazon: Spider-Girl  seems sadly cursed to be put in mediocre stuff. She is a pretty cool character with a pretty cool personality. She was actually the first hero to go the whole Twitter route with an official twitter and everything for her book. Sadly they started her latest run by fridging her dad so that was sad stuff. In Spider-verse she got to do an important thing and then they acted like she was going to be super important but sadly thanks to the Spider-gwen craze she got pushed back in favor of making Gwen the lead. Anyway she is a spunky determined hero who keeps on fighting regardless of her situation. I hope she finally gets a spot light in Web Warriors.

Robbie Reyes: Robbie would be a cinnamon roll but it’s one that’s on fire in a halloween theme that also does a bit of murder. He takes care of his brother who can’t walk, he tries to balance school, works a job, and does so much for to keep the one person left in his life happy. Then everything went to hell when the spirit of a serial killer begins allowing him to become the newest Ghost Rider. His book felt like it skipped a beat due to be canned but honest I doubt it doesn’t get announced to get another go given that Axel Alanso and Fellipe Smith both really like the character.  

Victor Mancha: Sadly our chances of seeing poor Victor in a post Secret War world is slim to none since Marvel apparently hates the runaways even though they know they are popular enough to sell issues (See Darken and Avengers Academy). Like almost every runaway Marvel Now attempted to kinda ruin his character in Avengers AI but I still love you Victor. He is the son of Ultron but also a person raised in a Hispanic household who is Hispanic. he has super cool robo powers to go along with you know being Ultrons kid.

White Tiger: Ava is so amazing not only is she one of the stronger heroes around but she is also a badass. I felt a sense of straight up Puerto Rican Pride while reading her in Young Avengers and I just picked up her solo mini series so here’s to hoping that is good. Seriously though Ava is just like a cooler Batman in terms of personality but you know not. I really really like everything I’ve read in in so far and she will be in New Avengers. 

America Chavez: If you follow me on any social media, on Comics Amino, on Tumblr, whatever you know this was going to be at the very top. America Chavez is from another dimension but much like Superman being an alien doesn’t stop him from being a poster boy for white people America Chavez is Latinx through and through with random Spanish and all (not to say that’s required I don’t do any random Spanish). She is a lesbian, a princess, an ass kicker, a real hero. She gave up everything to protect us and as far as I’m concerned she deserves to be the next superman (although that will never happen with the name Miss America or at least is much more unlikely).

Ghost Story- 17

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Chapter 17- Visitor

“I understand your caution, I do.  I want you to be comfortable with this.”

Ava frowned at her phone, shaking her head slightly and reaching over for the next pair of pants folded up and waiting on her sewing desk.  

“I appreciate it?  I just don’t even know you, let alone this other person.  Heck, I don’t even really know Diya that well, and after that whole mess…”  She trailed off, sighed, and then started folding up the cuffs of the pants, reaching for her pins.

“Perfectly understandable,” Arjun agreed, voice still calm and easy, “but Jennifer is already nearly there, she was only a few hours away when I called her this morning.  I trust her, though I realize you don’t trust me, so that means precisely jack and shit.”

“I’ve been told I do that too easily.  Trying to stop.”

“I know the feeling.  I will answer any questions you have.  It’s the least I can do, Ava.”

It didn’t help that she wanted to believe him.  He had one of those calm, friendly voices that she instinctively liked.  Unfortunately, at this point Ava knew she couldn’t trust her own instincts.  No, no way.  

She’d screwed up too much already.

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Ghost Story- 20

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Chapter 20- Progress

“You sure you don’t want him to do the back yard?  It’s a mess back there.”

Ava glanced over from her contemplation of the front yard, a little too quick, a little too frantic.  She forced her expression calm as she watched Christy peering through the fence, though she could still feel her heart pounding away.  

Seriously not a big deal.  Don’t freak out.

“Yeah, no, I think it’s all garden,” Ava replied, hoping she sounded casual, “there’s rose bushes, some plants under there somewhere.  I think I’m gonna let it sit this year, do its thing while I worry about the house.”

“Suit yourself.  Me?  I’d rather have a lawn.  Patio.  Barbecue,” Christy replied, pushing away from the fence with a shrug.

“Why is he even mowing my front lawn?  I just asked to borrow the mower.”

Christy wandered over to join her again, settling down on the bottom step with a huff of breath.  Ava passed her back her bottle of beer, and they both turned their attention to Marco industriously mowing her lawn, headphones in.

“I don’t know, he’s weird.”

“That’s your husband,” she reminded Christy, “you love him very much.”

“He’s all right,” Christy agreed, and then lifted her voice.  "Hey, idiota!  You missed a spot!“

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Ghost Story- 19

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Chapter 19- Confrontation

Ava’s work was spread out on the living room floor when he’d found the curiosity to go looking for her.

Seated on the floor, hunched forward, she was wielding a small razor knife with a disturbing intensity.  It wasn’t the first time he’d seen her like this, but he always found it a bit bizarre.

His mother sewed. She’d made holiday outfits and things for the church, he faintly recalled.  He’d been pretty young when she passed, but he remembered her sitting at her sewing machine in the back bedroom as he played on the floor.

It wasn’t quite the same thing.  Apparently sewing these days involved a lot more…glue guns and box cutters and hammers.

For once she didn’t notice him, as she carefully carved at a piece of foam, humming under her breath.  A movie was on the television, a Western he vaguely recalled.  Probably something he’d seen before, it was old enough for that.  Funny to notice how bad they looked now, when compared to the slick modern movies they’d watch.

The tap of the keyboard drew her attention, luckily without startling her.  That knife looked sharp.

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