ghost advenures

He Go Boom

This is Zac Bagans, of Ghost Adventures, busting his ass over and over again for your and my amusement. I happen to be watching Ghost Adventures as I always do on Friday nights when I’m home (which is often). This came up. I lol’d much. 

Do you know what else came up when I Googled his named, incorrectly spelled I might add?

Lucy Hale. 

Of Pretty Little Liars.

Apparently not all Google searches go back to porn, but rather Pretty Little Liars. Not that I’m complaining. I <3 PLL. But what the hell do those two even have in common?

Random Google searches will keep me busy. Actually, no, I think I’m going to watch the drunk episode of Glee.Then I’ll fall into a horrible drunken induced sleep with Ghost Adventures on and horrific Glee-Pretty-Little-Liars-Ghost-Adventures crossover dreams that will haunt me in my waking hours. 

That’s the worst part of having such an overactive mind: the dreams.

almaericson  asked:

Can you help me out? I need tips on good ghost advenures bligs, or blogs related to other paranormal blogs for that matter. I'm kinda struggling to find any😅 thanks in advance!😎

I like the blogs unexplained-events and bundyspooks… but I feel like everyone already knows about them. I don’t find much for paranormal on here but on youtube I like Kendal Rae, Shane Dawson’s conspiracy theories, and I biiiinge watch Lazy Masquerade